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    1. But here, the Instinct said she could always withdraw her consent, any violent move he tried to make would leave him paralyzed

    2. Our understanding of the human stress response has been based on the "fight-or-flight" model, which states that when confronted with a stressful situation, humans either will respond with aggressive behavior or will withdraw

    3. They meet fellow-devotees and withdraw from an interest in worldly matters, except those of the family and close relations

    4. Smiling to myself, I withdraw into the lounge and try to concentrate on the documentary

    5. Those who can train themselves to be sufficiently one-pointed can withdraw their thoughts at any time and in any place to a centre within themselves, and achieve oneness with the chosen objective

    6. Therefore, we will do no more than see that our breathing is quiet and regular, and will then withdraw our thoughts from the body altogether and begin the work of concentration

    7. It had been hard visiting Abery before but Joris hadn’t been there and she’d been able to withdraw into herself to some extent … and the European trip had been hectic, demanding her full attention … and in London afterwards she’d been occupied in achieving Joris’s purpose … and the trip across had kept her mind busy, first with JJ and then Iain … and even coming back, being at The Centre and travelling on the wasteg … that too had been manageable … but now … with no purpose to drive her, no solitude to enfold her and no Joris but only the shadow of his memory imprinted in JJ’s face and voice … she felt naked, vulnerable and viciously exposed to the scouring of her grief

    8. I withdraw into the shadows to allow them a little privacy as they make up for the time he has been away

    9. 'Through the prayers I have named you in the pact with Athena so to withdraw would leave you in a mindless state and recovery is er, unknown

    10. ' By this time my hand was in places impossible to withdraw from for

    11. After a moment's silence, the captain's of both sides, seeing that their men had lost the spirit of the fight, ordered their soldiers to withdraw, and the battle was averted

    12. She had to find a bank and withdraw a copper from her account

    13. ” Johnson noticed that young Roman did not withdraw

    14. "Excuse me-" she tried to change the subject and withdraw before the tension she could feel growing in Jim's body, actually did get loose

    15. At those times he will withdraw his presence and call us to come deeper

    16. (Hosea 5:15) This is one of the hardest seasons for a lover of God to go through, but at times, God will withdraw his presence from our lives

    17. Whatever part of it was paid below the natural rate, the persons whose interest it affected would immediately feel the loss, and would immediately withdraw either so much land or no much labour, or so much stock, from being employed about it, that the quantity brought to market would soon be no more than sufficient to supply the effectual demand

    18. I needed to find a bank to withdraw

    19. For his own interest and safety, therefore, he might find it necessary, in this very perilous situation, to go on for some time, endeavouring, however, to withdraw gradually, and, upon that account, making every day greater and greater difficulties about discounting, in order to force these projectors by degrees to have recourse, either to other bankers, or to other methods of raising money : so as that he himself might, as soon as possible, get out of the circle

    20. Some moderate and gradual relaxation of the laws which give to Great Britain the exclusive trade to the colonies, till it is rendered in a great measure free, seems to be the only expedient which can, in all future times, deliver her from this danger ; which can enable her, or even force her, to withdraw some part of her capital from this overgrown employment, and to turn it, though with less profit, towards other employments; and which, by gradually diminishing one branch of her industry, and gradually increasing all the rest, can, by degrees, restore all the different branches of it to that natural, healthful, and proper proportion, which perfect liberty necessarily establishes, and which perfect liberty can alone preserve

    21. In this extraordinary case, the public interest requires that some stock should be withdrawn from those employments which, in ordinary cases, are more advantageous, and turned towards one which, in ordinary cases, is less advantageous to the public; and, in this extraordinary case, the natural interests and inclinations of men coincide as exactly with the public interests as in all other ordinary cases, and lead them to withdraw stock from the near, and to turn it towards the distant employments

    22. Each member, however, may, upon proper warning, withdraw from the copartnery, and demand payment from them of his share of the common stock

    23. “Can we at least get back to Callisto station to pick up the marines if they need to withdraw?” asked Yamada

    24. It now looked like we as well as the Manchester’s were in danger of being isolated without any support and so the only option was to withdraw in good order so that instead of gaining eight miles we had gained about one if we were lucky

    25. forces fought back and forced Lee to withdraw

    26. We will send out a warning to withdraw from Coalition borders or face the consequence of our military offensive

    27. buildings to withdraw the money

    28. The theory is that the Military can buy time (unfortunate word choice) for the fat politicians to sort their nonsense out so that the Military may withdraw

    29. An international court case followed which South Africa actually won but still the UN adopted a resolution calling for South Africa to withdraw and hold fair elections on the one man one vote principle

    30. On the way back to his car, Spencer took my hand and linked his fingers between mine, I didn’t withdraw my hand

    31. " I say again, if you need hundreds or thousands of troops to stabilise one country you lost the war already and would be better off to withdraw them as a lost cause and go home

    32. Whatever the world said, South Africa spend billions on infrastructure in Namibia and was not about to withdraw just because of world opinion

    33. My (uncertain) position on Stem Cell research is that it could lead to medical discoveries that may otherwise provide comfort and relief to the suffering although where such designs to exceed their intended purpose, however, counter (moral) arguments would necessarily compel me to withdraw my conditional support of programs of potential benefit to Humankind

    34. He sighed, wondering what his old friend might be up to these days, and why, after all this time, he’d suddenly decided to withdraw a large amount of cash from the account

    35. to withdraw the citizens of the United States from all further participation in those violations of human rights which have been so long continued on the unoffending inhabitants of Africa, and which the morality, the reputation, and the best interests of our country, have long been eager to proscribe

    36. I was filled with a sudden fear of loss as he began to withdraw back into his bedroom, as dangerous as it was irrational

    37. “We’d better withdraw while we can,” Cleve’s quiet and confident voice, sounded at his ear in suggestion

    38. It is certain Robert Kennedy would withdraw US troops from Vietnam

    39. Yet whether the North agreed to withdraw or not, an election would only confirm what most observers already knew

    40. Kennedy, pressed by his own base, would have little choice to withdraw US troops

    41. The Compromise included an agreement to no longer enforce Black civil rights and withdraw US troops from the south

    42. And, what was he supposed to do about Frazer? He was coming by to collect a payment on the loan and Brian had just been about to go to the bank to withdraw the cash for him

    43. withdraw, attack others and attack the self (Shultz, 2006)

    44. The German armies were forced to withdraw across the Marne

    45. “Is he hoping I’ll withdraw my complaint if I accept his apology?”

    46. He indicated his intent to withdraw for the evening as he quickly grabbed the hands of Nisaba and Ea, pulling them to their feet

    47. When he had finished, Colling reminded them of the risk involved, both to themselves and their families and friends, and offered them to chance to withdraw

    48. I learned today, from Cape Town that because I tried to withdraw cash too early, without realising it, my card has now been invalidated at ATM’s

    49. The individual in Chile can pass that account on to his heirs and can even withdraw some if

    50. the courage to close it down- and the most effective way to accomplish this goal would be to withdraw

    1. The withdrawing of the mind-consciousness from the periphery of the body, so that the avenues of outer perception and contact (the five senses) are stilled, and the consciousness is no longer outgoing

    2. Pretty steady for a while as well, but then there was no activity for a long stretch and in the last 3 months she, or someone, has been withdrawing a couple of thousand at a time

    3. ’ She said, withdrawing into the hall clearly believing that Jake’s ‘in a moment’ means soon

    4. ‘I know – several times during that period, I nearly went crazy and when you started withdrawing from me … well … you see, Jo, and I don’t think I’ve ever told you this before … right from when I was a boy all I’ve ever wanted out of life is to be able to work with my music and to have a family … and by that I mean a woman I love and who loves me and, possibly, children

    5. doctors informed Betty that they were withdrawing

    6. ‘Will they really eat it?’ she asked, withdrawing her hand quickly at his warning

    7. “There’s no way you could have known,” she sighed while withdrawing her hand gently from under his

    8. Such an insult could lead to him withdrawing

    9. sat back, withdrawing from the conference and was transported

    10. Withdrawing from the objective

    11. withdrawing her hand a little

    12. The far greater part of the bank money, or of the credits upon the books of the bank, is supposed to have been created, for these many years past, by such deposits, which the dealers in bullion are continually both making and withdrawing

    13. Were it possible, as perhaps it is not, to establish this intercourse universally, and all at once ; were it possible to turn all at once the whole farming stock of the kingdom to its proper business, the cultivation of land, withdrawing it from every other employment into which any part of it may be at present diverted; and were it possible, in order to support and assist, upon occasion, the operations of this great stock, to provide all at once another stock almost equally great; it is not, perhaps, very easy to imagine how great, how extensive, and how sudden, would be the improvement which this change of circumstances would alone produce upon the whole face of the country

    14. But the foreign trade of every country naturally increases in proportion to its wealth, its surplus produce in proportion to its whole produce; and Great Britain having engrossed to herself almost the whole of what may be called the foreign trade of the colonies, and her capital not having increased in the same proportion as the extent of that trade, she could not carry it on without continually withdrawing from other branches of trade some part of the capital which had before been employed in them, as well as withholding from them a great deal more which would otherwise have gone to them

    15. The mercantile capital of Great Britain, though very great, yet not being infinite, and though greatly increased since the act of navigation, yet not being increased in the same proportion as the colony trade, that trade could not possibly be carried on without withdrawing some part of that capital from other branches of trade, nor consequently without some decay of those other branches

    16. deficit in a bank account caused by withdrawing more money than is paid in

    17. He closed his eyes, braced himself and pulled it, quickly withdrawing his hand

    18. necessary; and by withdrawing any part of this necessary quantity, the farmer is not likely to be more able to pay either the rent or the tax

    19. Then Shelagh had gone noticeably quieter, as if withdrawing into herself, and thinking deeply

    20. They had each gone their own ways; avoiding each other for a while; hurt, disappointed, withdrawing, rebuilding, and finally compromising

    21. The Spaniards were burning the small towns and withdrawing into Santiago

    22. They also removed one quarter of the Rhodesian fighting forces by withdrawing the SAP COIN units overnight to South Africa

    23. (Macro Level) Excessive (government) spending and higher tax rates negatively impact long-term economic growth by withdrawing

    24. She froze, withdrawing the key from the cheese immediately, wrapping it in the fabric of the back of her dress, trying with only minimal movements to wipe any cheese remnants off the key

    25. Kay’s heart sank in panic as Galeron brought the large iron grate closed, separating her from Reese, carefully withdrawing the key from his pouch and sealing the lock from within with a loud CLICK

    26. ‖ Such carefree attitudes conveyed by teachers and school administrators oftentimes serve as self-fulfilling prophecies; whose (passive) acceptance continues to (willingly) lend its moral support to sexual tolerance; notwithstanding the waving of white flags seeking to override parental authority by withdrawing the support of schools that consider it their public duty to ―properly‖ instruct their (own) children

    27. Withdrawing a short distance, he set his mind to the problem

    28. Withdrawing from her incessant stare, he lowered himself and received as his reward a radiant smile

    29. It swept past, barely missing the front of her nightgown before withdrawing with a sibilant hiss

    30. Withdrawing his hand, Thomas asked “What do

    31. The smiles of farewell all around told him that Homulkar had been relieved that Zoran had been the one to suggest withdrawing for the night

    32. stop funding it and withdrawing from it and the UN

    33. ” he continued, unfazed, withdrawing his

    34. He was worried that she was withdrawing into herself

    35. “Let her go,” whispered her husband, putting his hand on hers and withdrawing

    36. He reported that the western Ordu had crossed in force around midmorning and had chased a force of the enemy they could see withdrawing before them

    37. He slipped across the river and determined that they were withdrawing farther south

    38. Most of our tumen began withdrawing north

    39. For if we have commands and engage in withdrawing from idols and instructing others how much more ought a soul already knowing God not to perish

    40. At length he felt her withdrawing and he was forced to leave her

    41. Eventually he found himself unlocking his safe and withdrawing the bottle of equarius

    42. But, by withdrawing care she knew we

    43. often menacing, but withdrawing before a determined effort of the will

    44. Hours had passed and it seemed they were winning, as the Mohawk were now withdrawing,

    45. "Yes, I heard General Rhimes telling my father that they are slowly withdrawing troops because the Allies have taken Paris and they have crossed into Germany

    46. Withdrawing his arm from

    47. Withdrawing a finger dripping with honey, Jarek licked it then shouted down, ‘Delicious

    48. A soft wail escaped Chloe’s lips and Stephen’s growl was audible as he arched his back and clenched his buttocks for several long seconds before subsiding, kissing Chloe, carefully withdrawing, then rolling onto his back

    49. Withdrawing the glass, she decided to let him be for the time being

    50. Withdrawing the plastic overshoes and gloves from my other pocket, I put

    1. Having attained to physical comfort, relaxation, and having withdrawn ourselves from the body consciousness, we next note our breathing and ascertain whether it is quiet, even and rhythmic

    2. danced on the head of a pin withdrawn from splinter grenades

    3. had withdrawn, a multitude being in that place

    4. In the meanwhile, the witch had withdrawn to a corner and was enjoying herself to the fullest, as I was getting more and more desperate

    5. For his part he became completely withdrawn and Luray had gone back to Zhlindu

    6. We’d never been particularly close, mother and I, she’d been too withdrawn within herself … from my adult perspective, I can now see that she had never come to terms with the truth about my father

    7. Luray was rather withdrawn the whole time, she went off by herself foraging for great lengths of time both days, not quite out of sight, but far enough that they could not converse

    8. while its impotent, withdrawn claws

    9. Of course that had ended on such a sour note that the offer would probably be withdrawn and she was pretty sure she knew what Alan would say

    10. If it were true … whatever must he be thinking? If it is not true, why was he so withdrawn all the way back?

    11. If they found teachers Tdeshi had in the past, what would they learn? They would probably learn more about how driven she was and more about how she was withdrawn from society

    12. Ozzie looked completely all in – withdrawn and almost in a trance, his gaze kept going back to the section of floor where Chas had breathed his last

    13. ” She had withdrawn into herself as she said that

    14. Part of what had before been employed in other trades, is necessarily withdrawn from them, and turned into some of the new and more profitable ones

    15. One of them, and frequently the largest, is, in the first place, destined for replacing a capital, or for renewing the provisions, materials, and finished work, which had been withdrawn from a capital ; the other for constituting a revenue either to the owner of this capital, as the profit of his stock, or to some other person, as the rent of his land

    16. Whenever he employs any part of it in maintaining unproductive hands of any kind, that part is from that moment withdrawn from his capital, and placed in his stock reserved for immediate consumption

    17. That part of the capital of any country which is employed in the carrying trade, is altogether withdrawn from supporting the productive labour of that particular country, to support that of some foreign countries

    18. Something, however, is generally withdrawn from this channel in the case of foreign war

    19. Whatever part of his capital he might have placed in his shop, he must have withdrawn it from his manufacture

    20. Those several prices seem all of them a good deal too low; and there seems to be an impropriety, besides, in prohibiting exportation altogether at those precise prices at which that bounty, which was given in order to force it, is withdrawn

    21. The bounty ought certainly either to have been withdrawn at a much lower price, or exportation ought to have been allowed at a much higher

    22. When, by the act of navigation, England assumed to herself the monopoly of the colony trade, the foreign capitals which had before been employed in it, were necessarily withdrawn from it

    23. He took that moment to blow off in her and she could have killed him for it, but the thing was done and when he finally stopped pumping his cock into her and had withdrawn it, she could only lay there and silently curse him

    24. Their interest, therefore, in this case, requires, that some stock should be withdrawn from those nearer employments, and turned towards that distant one, in order to reduce its profits to their proper level, and the price of the goods which it deals in to their natural price

    25. In this extraordinary case, the public interest requires that some stock should be withdrawn from those employments which, in ordinary cases, are more advantageous, and turned towards one which, in ordinary cases, is less advantageous to the public; and, in this extraordinary case, the natural interests and inclinations of men coincide as exactly with the public interests as in all other ordinary cases, and lead them to withdraw stock from the near, and to turn it towards the distant employments

    26. was sharply withdrawn back into the darkness by the owner

    27. paw was withdrawn, I heard a hiss like that of an especially pissed off snake coming from my

    28. When it came into the hands of those who had advanced their money to government, though it was, in some respects, a new capital to them, it was not so to the country, but was only a capital withdrawn from certain employments, in order to be turned towards others

    29. The blacks, accordingly, have almost everywhere their allowance of rum, and of molasses or spruce-beer, in the same manner as the white servants ; and this allowance would not probably be withdrawn, though those articles should be subjected to moderate duties

    30. A lot of gifted kids are shy and withdrawn, not Roger

    31. On Sunday evening, a palaver was held in the palace, the chiefs being hastily summoned, and it was thought that this was a ruse to get them together to endeavour to slip away in the night, get clear, collect their forces and attempt an attack on Kumassi when most of the troops had been withdrawn

    32. They well knew that the white soldiers would have to leave before the rains set in, and may have thought that eventually they would be left in peace to return to Kumassi, and resume their life, in the old sweet way, as in 1874, when all troops, both white and coloured, were withdrawn

    33. Charges were inserted all around the massive trunk, the cable was attached, and when everyone had withdrawn to a safe distance, the lever was pressed

    34. ” The whole command would have been withdrawn, and the artillery allowed to prepare the way, had not the trail been so packed that a retrograde movement would have cost hundreds of lives, besides demoralising the survivors

    35. 243), but the R1 was not fully withdrawn from service for years afterwards

    36. Just when it seemed that Rhodesia won the war the SAP COIN Units were withdrawn as part of a doomed political game called "détente" meaning arse crawling to the rest of Africa at the Rhodesians expense! The way the Nationalists treated Rhodesia can only be described as shameful and cowardly

    37. This book got nothing to do with them as SAP COIN was withdrawn from Namibia in 1985 (one year before I arrived on the scene) and you can read Jim Hooper's book "Koevoet" if interested in Koevoet

    38. For an expert eye, the differences are easy to spot though it cannot be used as reliable evidence to establish when the pictures were taken for many kept wearing the old style uniform (it was never withdrawn officially) until the end

    39. He was more reserved and more withdrawn than ever

    40. That's out of scope of this book but guess what? History is repeating itself again, and what have we learned? Nothing if you ask me! The international borders are still wide open since SAP COIN got disbanded and withdrawn

    41. “He has withdrawn his name

    42. After they had withdrawn

    43. It is only your conventional forces who are withdrawn and your homeland security upgraded

    44. Now that they had been withdrawn, she fell into a deep, dark depression

    45. My hand withdrawn from the earth!

    46. The path ahead was clear, the sentries having withdrawn back to the sett at sun break

    47. It will be withdrawn in cash or transferred to another account the moment it clears

    48. Her dad had been so withdrawn, for so long, she assumed it didn’t apply to her

    49. Always a loner, he became more reserved and withdrawn

    50. They were happy that Chinese forces had withdrawn the hand of friendship in the Middle East and Chinese and NATO forces were now activity involved in routing out Islamic groups across Afghanistan, Iraq, Tibet and North West Pakistan

    1. The secluded point to which one withdraws, is found to lie within oneself; the silent place in which the life of the soul is contacted is that point within the head where soul and body meet

    2. The hand withdraws and grabs leather

    3. He catches the tub with his upper arm, feels the pressure of contact and withdraws, moving his right arm across his twisting body to steady the thing before it makes any noise, but he is too slow

    4. Such is the collective horror that it scalds his mind and he withdraws

    5. No Bank in the world will survive if everyone withdraws their money at the same time even if they complied with all the rules and regulations on liquidity

    6. 7 He withdraws not his eyes from the righteous, but with kings are they on the throne; yes, he does establish them forever, and they

    7. physically withdraws from the sexual act

    8. Emily withdraws her arm and turns to stare out her window in silence

    9. terminated when one employer withdraws

    10. Now he pours it back in again, and withdraws it, and it is slightly different each time

    11. 16 And therefore he never withdraws his mercy from us and though he punish with adversity yet does he never forsake his people

    12. The tender Spirit then not being accustomed to dwell with the wicked spirit nor with hardness withdraws from such a man and seeks to dwell with meekness and peacefulness

    13. Then when he withdraws from the man in whom he dwelt the man is emptied of the righteous Spirit; and being henceforward filled with evil spirits he is in a state of anarchy in every action being dragged hither and thither by the evil spirits and there is a complete darkness in his mind as to everything good

    14. As many then as are full in the faith resist him strongly and he withdraws from them having no way by which he might enter them

    15. Besant says that the moment the etheric double withdraws, and prana ceases

    16. She withdraws every bit of your knowledge and willpower like a nurse taking blood

    17. when the latter characteristics are prominent the ego often withdraws his

    18. For, as Abba Apollos says, “He who withdraws from communing the Sacred

    19. Turning around Grailem approaches one of the inactive robots; removing the tight fitting helmet he inserts his finger into the base of the skull and withdraws a long piece of alloyed copper wire

    20. I walk past him, into the hall and suddenly feel how the ground withdraws itself from me

    21. Treasurer withdraws his nomination of the Reverend Max

    22. withdraws his weapon, the other three follow suit

    23. withdraws the knife- hand and as your opponent

    24. I wait as Bernard withdraws the trash picker

    25. "One who withdraws his hand from the obedience to the ruler (Emir)

    26. Thereafter, she withdraws from him to brood over her infirmity, and in the end, as though to atone for her moment of weakness, she cold-shoulders him altogether, making him wonder what went wrong in the midst of his conquest

    27. It was quiet at first, until one of them - a man who appeared slightly older than Severus, stood and spoke, "The Silver Leaf village respectfully withdraws its aid to the village of Two-Crows

    28. withdraws itself from everywhere and through ‘Surat’ becomes stable or

    29. The more his mind withdraws from Himsa, the more his

    30. When a man withdraws his mind and sense organs

    31. In other words, Arjun withdraws from the conflict between the

    32. withdraws his senses from them, his desire for these objects yet

    33. glories at an intellectual level so that his faith withdraws itself from all distractions and is firmly centered on his destination

    34. Waiter withdraws from guests with a courtesy bow and a smile and carries the soiled

    35. Waiter withdraws from guests with a courtesy bow and a smile and carries the dirty

    36. Headwaiter withdraws from the table by confirming that the desserts wil be served

    37. Waiter withdraws from the table by confirming that the hot beverages wil be served

    38. The angel of death withdraws the soul from the body as soon as life comes to an end and the term appointed to a given person has expired, according to the Will of the Almighty

    39. Through such resorting to the Almighty God, a human spirit comes close to Him, and so the devil, who is the magician’s brother and is intimate with him, withdraws, having been vanquished

    40. His feet cold maybe from withdraws

    41. gets angry and withdraws their love

    42. " I reach for his hand, but he withdraws it right away

    43. withdraws a fixed amount on a fixed date of the month from the saving bank of the

    44. withdraws the attention to the external and therefore is hardly to be compared with that deep silence of the

    45. microscope, the reproductive specialist withdraws a sperm and guides it to

    46. At the first stage Divine Self presents itself as “I” and at the second stage this “I” experiences its presence as “AM” and afterwards this “AM-ness” withdraws itself back into Self

    47. But tortoise withdraws its vulnerable limbs inside its armor

    48. - Once this is done, the Spirit is grieved, and slowly withdraws

    49. In death God withdraws His Spirit, and the man, with his body and soul, or nephesh, then altogether breaks up and dissolves away

    50. The life, or soul, which was in the blood, was a production of the Spirit of God, and ceases to be when that Spirit withdraws

    1. She withdrew her hands from his butt, not noticing they'd gone there till she noticed it wasn't returned

    2. wonder that was done in the land, God left or withdrew

    3. " He set the buns aside for a moment, withdrew a matchbox computer from his suit, and punched up the projections so they hovered over it after he set it on the console

    4. The Kid stood and withdrew back to the doorway

    5. It must have had a hardware access trigger burned-in because it zeroed all its callbacks and withdrew

    6. We withdrew from the contact immediately, lost as we were in the darkness, but that one simple touch remains with me to this day

    7. The creature withdrew his right hand from his jacket pocket to reveal a slender, grey-brown paw, talons gleaming like black diamonds in the moonlight

    8. I made him pretty mad at times and several times he just withdrew into himself

    9. One part of the man withdrew, preferring to believe

    10. ' He picked up the canvas sack lying under his chair and with infinite care withdrew from it a small, pear-shaped violin and bow trimmed with bells along its length

    11. She withdrew from her mother and no matter how desperate the look in her mother’s alcohol skewed eyes, she would not be drawn back into the bosom of her mother’s awful love, which is why, as the days passed and the new song hit the headlines and the airwaves, the only person who knew anything of it or enjoyed its strange and comforting melodies was Lucy, who saw no reason to share her comfort with anyone else

    12. Lord Dorsal opened the box and withdrew the contents

    13. She withdrew from her mother

    14. Petr fumbled with his hip bag, withdrew the small

    15. He withdrew a little then pushed again

    16. He made a few strokes and withdrew it

    17. Harry slid the point of his pen knife along under the flap and carefully withdrew the contents

    18. withdrew his knife and held it high in the air

    19. But the reason the draft is no good is because I withdrew the remainder myself just this last week in preparation for a play such as this on your part

    20. So quietly, she withdrew, leaving the poor woman to contemplate her own problems

    21. Then, as quickly as it came, the staff withdrew

    22. She withdrew her prayer of thanksgiving

    23. ’ Jacques withdrew a bundle from

    24. Horrified, she quickly withdrew her hand

    25. He dug deeply into his bag to find her letter but withdrew only a small parcel addressed to the Clothiers Farm

    26. Amidst a spurt of black blood, she withdrew them as quickly as they entered

    27. The giant grabbed for his gun but instead withdrew a field mouse

    28. He withdrew into his own thoughts as

    29. ’ They withdrew to a large storage

    30. moments fumbling about, he finally withdrew his hand –

    31. I withdrew from the cluster that had formed around the

    32. My friends withdrew too

    33. The professor withdrew into his quarters

    34. Seconds would pass into nearly a full minute before she finally withdrew from the hug and smiled weakly amid her still streaming tears

    35. Danny withdrew from the tree-net and both he and Ben landed simultaneously with a gut-wrenching thump into their respective dog’s bodies half a second later

    36. but he withdrew his fingers quickly and moaned again

    37. Impulsively, recklessly, he stuck his tongue into her cunt, but withdrew it quickly

    38. Thunk, the arrow struck, and the axe withdrew

    39. Chris applied a slight pressure to her skin, beside the cut, and immediately withdrew his fingers when she suddenly yelled out in pain

    40. ” replied Chris and carefully withdrew the syringe

    41. In order to render them less formidable, according to some authors, Dioclesian, according to others, Constantine, first withdrew them from the frontier, where they had always before been encamped in great bodies, generally of two or three legions each, and dispersed them in small bodies through the different provincial towns, from whence they were scarce ever removed, but when it became necessary to repel an invasion

    42. ” The time pushed on and so did the rest of us assaulting our objective at Hill 114 and securing it despite the casualties that we had suffered the Turks eventually withdrew abandoning their trenches which we took over

    43. Now I know things have been quite since the Turks withdrew and up to now we have no sightings of the enemy in the vicinity so let’s just hope it stays that way

    44. She withdrew from her family, God, the world

    45. “Could I have some water please I am spitting bloody feathers here?” The face withdrew but it was back shortly with a small glass of water which she helped me drink and a good job otherwise I would have choked myself but it tasted marvellous

    46. He withdrew twenty five

    47. Reaching into the fold of his tunic, Jacob withdrew a small pouch, smaller

    48. withdrew it and placed it on the ground a metre in front of him

    49. Longer and longer it grew as I gradually withdrew my hand

    50. English and Spanish withdrew from this stance, but the French

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