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    1. Perhaps that was part of the ―glamour‖ that attracted the working classes who were able to ―connect‖, in some manner, with hungry boxers fighting for nominal purses; average Joes that they could otherwise relate to

    2. Higher fertility rates, common among the poor, exacerbated by lax immigration policies, have strained our nation‘s productive and material resources beyond their capacity to accommodate even the (basic) material requirements of its working classes

    3. The working classes, including the poor, took pride in parading in their ―Sunday Best‖ and made sure that the clothes their children wore to school, however worn or frayed, were clean and properly ironed; that is to say, presentable

    4. While walking to the post office in the Woodlawn section of the Bronx the other day, I was struck by the quaintness of an old, working class neighborhood where generations of blue collar men and women married, raised (large) families in unpretentious homes, worked and played, lived and died

    5. Republican Party elites oftentimes remain indifferent, except during the primary season, to blue collar voters seeking a viable alternative to a party that has abandoned its customary standards in favor of secular viewpoints (seemingly) at odds with ―working class‖ values

    6. While there were a few enclaves of nicely-restored period homes, for the most part the southwest corner of the city was working class bordering on slum

    7. For the latter, they practiced warfare by the wealthy and upper middle class against the working class

    8. They did not believe minorities, immigrants, and other working class people were capable of running their own lives

    9. The triggering device behind these uprisings has been, among other things, a growing perception of (native) French complacency, indifference and (perhaps) bigotry by a (weary) nation that has grown accustomed to its creature comforts; supported by emerging working classes who feel deprived of its social and political rights as well as uncertain of their own proper role in French society

    10. Yet by a mixture of eloquence, political skill, and canny coalition building, Lincoln united Congress and elements of the US public, from Abolitionist churches to German free thinking radicals to free Blacks to working class southern whites

    11. SS supporters fear that if the wealthy have to pay more than the middle and working class, or even the same, elites will try to overturn the law

    12. What he meant was, ‘working class

    13. Some professor from a well-respected institution started a 5 minute seminar on how this was a classic example of Al Qaida led attack and how white-Anglo working class reaction which was disengaged by mainstream politics was reacting to these attacks

    14. The government provided housing and saw to every need of the working class

    15. The driver, a typical Spanish working class man with a rugged unshaven sun beaten face, a leather cap tilted to the back of his head, and a waistcoat that had seen better days

    16. However, he does not believe in any form of support or entitlement for ordinary people, coloured people, gay people, working class people and especially ‘bloody socialists’

    17. I fell in love with a Frenchman (“Not Done” by English-speaking Canadians in those years) of working class background (“Not Done” by my family), and he was twenty-four years old

    18. Working class men and women sit around drinking beer, hanging out, and in control of their emotions

    19. need to foster international solidarity among the mass of the working class and thus to avert the threat of a major war in Europe

    20. They felt that if the working class and its organizations accepted the constitutional state they were merely posponing indefinitely the change to Socialism

    21. This time, however, it would not be the traditional socialist parties of the left that would lead the way, nor would the organization of the industrial working class be the main concern of the new radicals

    22. lican leadership which dearly wants deep estate tax cuts, proposed offering nickels and dimes to the working class to secure billions for the rich

    23. Europe and North America has been the necessity, over many years, of the development of an accompanying working class, one compatible with increased production

    24. These reforms allow the white working class equal access to such benefits as drugs, midnight basketball, and stray bullets

    25. (Note that the liberals who give us such legislation are generous enough to allow the working class to have all these benefits and more! The

    26. Making life safe for Jews is too parochial a rationale: making life safe for the working class and downtrodden has far more universal validity and will appeal to the easily manipulated masses

    27. …The active agents in effecting the transition will probably be, not the working class, but some combination of lawyers, business and labor managers, politicians and intellectuals, in the manner of the first New Deal, or of the Labor government in Britain

    28. Mother was raised in a working class family and came

    29. It was the Dublin of the 1950’s and life for working class people was simple

    30. For example, contrary to most Marxist doctrine, the Khmer Rouge considered the farmers in the countryside to be the proletariat and the true representatives of the working class, a form of Maoism which brought them onto the PRC side of the Soviet-Sino Split

    31. Terry grew up with the West Indian children and spent his years in Primary School happily playing with all the kids, this was a working class area where there were no social barriers so, in the playground at least, everyone was equal

    32. Government Ministers, high ranking Police Officers, Local dignitaries and ordinary working class people were all unanimous in their condemnation of the perpetrators of the arson attack on the Khan family

    33. They were solid working class and did what they could for me and my brother

    34. The spin off from these small successes was a radicalisation of certain impressionable elements of the more underprivileged working class, and their recruitment into the BFF

    35. and his teachers must not think that working class, African, Hispanic,

    36. Half the goods had been stolen several times before they made an appearance on the stalls, which kept prices competitive and ensured a good redistribution of wealth amongst the working classes

    37. Presenting one’s need for missionary support, or giving financial support to missionaries, seems to cut across African-American middle class and working class convictions

    38. Even in his own nation, Daljoth would impose crippling taxes on the working class, only empowering the nobility that could finance his personal needs, offering them in return certain privileges such as killing peasants without consequence, taking peasant women and children as slaves, and even using them as sacrifices to the Gods of the Dusk River; Quenin and Moboanya, who it was said would offer them more years on their life in exchange for souls

    39. These people form the secret society that controls the world by waging perpetual war so that they will remain perpetually rich, living off the working class

    40. In the neighborhoods of the affluent, there may have been four stores with organic, fresh food, while a similar area of working class people only provided one venue, if even that

    41. There was great poverty amongst the working classes

    42. Some 3m Jews, including nearly all of the pre-war Jewish working class had been killed

    43. This town is for the working classes, that’s abundantly clear to me

    44. " Will anyone tell me there is no inward danger, when the real presence, and the Romish confessional, and ecclesiastical lawlessness, and Home Rule, are quietly tolerated on one side, and the atonement, and Christ's divinity, and the inspiration of Scripture, and the reality of miracles, are coolly thrown overboard on the other? Will anyone tell me there is no outward danger, when infidels, Papists, and Dissenters are hungering and thirsting after the destruction of the Establishment, and compassing sea and land to accomplish their ends?�What Z no danger, when myriads of our working classes never enter the walls of our Church, and would not raise a finger to keep her alive, while by household suffrage they have got all power into their hands! What! no danger, when the Irish Church has been disestablished, the Act of Union has been trampled underfoot, Protestant endowments have been handed over to Papists, the thin edge of the wedge for severing Church and State has been let in, and the statesman who did all this is still alive, and thought by many to be infallible

    45. The labours of men like Lord Shaftesbury and others have raised the condition of the working classes cent

    46. The Ten Hours Factory Act, the legislation about women and children working in mines, the creation of ragged schools and reformatories, the rise and progress of the temperance movement, the many efforts to ameliorate the condition of the working classes by education, sanitation, public parks, and recreation grounds, hall these things have been the creation of the last fifty years

    47. That's just slavery—and yet that's what life is like for the working classes nearly everywhere else in the world

    48. Clerkenwell was mostly working class where men, women and sometimes children squeezed out a living doing whatever work they could find

    49. For the working classes this new “prosperous” Russia was a dead end for them

    50. Mikhail was born into working class stock; his father was a miner and his mother made ends meet as a seamstress

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