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    1. That was a medium hall of about three thousand capacity less than a mile from their home that had very good acoustics and a world-class built-in

    2. " (My note: And all this while he lives rent-free in a pretty good house, while Michelle and the girls use Air Force 2, which is indeed another jet, to gallivanting all over the world on vacation after vacation, staying in world-class hotels at taxpayer expense

    3. With the corner of my eye I could see Steve finally realising the chicken was still hanging by that damnable fork, and he was duly making some very clumsy efforts at separating the two: he looked very miffed about it though, I’ll give him that, and even as he swung the fork and the chicken above his head looking like a world-class hammer thrower, I could see he was quite frustrated but also determined to literally, pull it off

    4. Lucia had written about a young cousin of his having earned ranking as a world-class runner

    5. For ten years, every third week or so, we enjoyed world-class productions from the (nearly) best seats in the house

    6. Weren’t we all citizens of the world? Didn’t global warming affect us all—or was it just one class that could feel the heat? If so, wouldn’t it have been better to say, “He was a world-class elitist”? At school, Stroyer was always tossing around the terms “diversity”

    7. that a world-class telecoms

    8. My instructor was a world-class champion in this sport, and I would, ironically, end up traveling with him (I’ll just call him “Mr

    9. However, out of all the world-class wizards and warriors there are, few are also mated to another of such formidable skill, and can prove to have been so mated for at least six months, which was the criteria we finally settled upon

    10. are truly a best-in-class or world-class organization

    11. By 1918, there was no aspect of shipbuilding technology where Japanese capabilities fell significantly below world-class standards

    12. They talked about the port we were headed towards, how bright and beautiful a city it was, a neighboring state to her father’s kingdom with a world-class wizard and Council protecting it

    13. commonly believed have sufficient innate skill to perform at world-class

    14. I speak fluently both Pashto and Dari, am a 5th Dan black belt in karate and am a World-class combat pistol shooter

    15. Blue Mountain, was just one of many ‘world-class’ protection companies that has sprung up in

    16. By the way, the Arlington PD report on that shooting says that her demonstrated level of pistol marksmanship was simply phenomenal and would make her easily a World-class pistol shooter

    17. The world had a world-class standard maintained by a balance

    18. MSC project and uttered several prominent names of world-class IT

    19. I was very fortunate, because being a world-class expert does not always mean that you are a good teacher

    20. It is a sublime state of existence that world-class Eastern swami’s attain after a lifetime of practice while sitting in caves

    21. I’ll get there someday,” he said, letting the adrenaline that had flooded his veins with the thought of encountering this particular world-class destination fade with the passing miles

    22. Cairns Esplanade, which was once a vast green park, now marks a world-class capacity including an outside arena, a big grimy swimming pond, green picnic regions, walking paths, free civic barbeques, kids playing field, shops and cafés, an ecological explanation center and a Grand Barrier Reef Cruise leaving workstation

    23. " You hit a world-class, Tiger Woods like shot out of the rough

    24. com), a world-class leader in training and security

    25. It is our goal to create world-class print publications and electronic products that give readers knowledge and understanding that can then be applied, whether studying or at work

    26. TO is such a world-class worker that he inspired me to write this blog post about doing detailed work to improve as a trader

    27. Our challenge is nothing less than that of the classical pianist, master painter, world-class chef, or PG for the New York Knicks

    28. Crayfish, lobster, and scallops are all world-class

    29. Also, growth here is used as the margin of safety, not as the element essential to transform a company with miniscule revenues and negative cash flow into a world-class powerhouse

    30. When I work with anyone—from world-class athletes to high-powered executives—we change his or her state first

    31. Sage has everything she wants close by: world-class restaurants, shopping, easy access to the entire East Coast, and all the privacy and serenity of living on an island right here in the United States

    32. The resort’s world-class staff is committed to providing guests with an authentic Fijian vacation experience

    33. He'd spare no expense in hiring world-class architects and designers to build out the space with only the highest-quality materials, fittings and furnishings

    34. Weizmann has a world-class reputation, a result of their having the largest patent and royalty stream of any academic institution in the world

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