young frasi

Scegli una lingua, poi digita una parola sotto per ottenere esempi per quella parola.

Frasi con young (in inglese)

  1. I was a young thing.
  2. Not so with young Roy.
  3. A very nice young man.
  4. And I you, young man.
  5. Such a polite young man.

  6. It was a young man.
  7. This young man made a.
  8. Dad this is young Mr.
  9. She was young and timid.
  10. The young man was half.
  11. And yes, young man, it.
  12. That's too young to die.
  13. Hunter of her own young.
  14. As the young man leaned.
  15. Young was placed in the.

  16. They were young and she.
  17. Just as a YOUNG SOLDIER.
  18. But, when as a young man.
  19. Indeed I did, young man.
  20. They were a young couple.
  21. He was young and full of.
  22. The young woman comes over.
  23. Who? A young nun, here on.
  24. To the innocent and young.
  25. She was young and radiant.

  26. Her oncologist, a young M.
  27. But does not age the young.
  28. He was one of many young.
  29. The young man slammed the.
  30. The young wife looked tired.
  31. The young man in question.
  32. Besides, if the young man.
  33. Not many young men, either.
  34. The young man is a soldier.
  35. Of that innocent young past.
  36. Kendal was also quite young.
  37. The young woman could not.
  38. Not like when I were young.
  39. But you are young, Man-.
  40. He was too young to stop it.
  41. He was too young, too naïve.
  42. Like young Gods on the town.
  43. He looks young, but isn’t.
  44. Died when they were young.
  45. I suggested the young forest.
  46. If you have young children.
  47. But the night was young yet.
  48. The young woman even became.
  49. The young man was not hopeful.
  50. The young men didn’t listen.
  51. She was the last one; young.
  52. This is more so in young age.
  53. The young man looked at Jesus.
  54. I don’t know, young man.
  55. Her face was too young to die.
  56. But the terrified young man.
  57. This young man is sharp as a.
  58. That young girl had been Sonia.
  59. You’re too young, after all.
  60. I was too young to understand.
  61. The young man held his stomach.
  62. A young girl screamed shrilly.
  63. Her baby was too young to die.
  64. She did see a young man, who.
  65. I was with a young woman then.
  66. Here and there a young family.
  67. To a young mind, yes, I suppose.
  68. In Mozambique, girls as young.
  69. I’m told this amazing young.
  70. Young told the Mountie that Mr.
  71. Four of them were young Chosen.
  72. The young man saluted and left.
  73. Take care of the young lady.
  74. She was so young, full of life.
  75. The young man watched with envy.
  76. She was clearly a young woman.
  77. The young woman knew well how.
  78. Okay, agreed the young host.
  79. Was he young or old Papa?
  80. The young man wiped his face dry.
  81. The young man rose from his seat.
  82. A young deer reaching for water.
  83. The young Initiate was shaking.
  84. A young guy stepped out of the.
  85. The young badger looked confused.
  86. The young girl gave him the look.
  87. She walked up to the young man.
  88. The young man’s foot shifted.
  89. A young Jamaican woman ever in.
  90. He was no longer a young man.
  91. A young novice answered the door.
  92. The young man was indeed a mess.
  93. Things that mattered when young.
  94. But a young man would practice.
  95. A young boy looks to his father.
  96. Seriously? But he’s so young.
  97. Young, late teens early twenties.
  98. Both had been young, like he was.
  99. The young woman looked hysterical.
  100. You said young so I got a spread.

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