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Frasi con zany (in inglese)

1. It was zany Jeremy.
2. Even zany strategies can work in any given year.
3. He often thought that in ways she was as zany as him.
4. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh books as textbooks, pretending to be very serious as I changed into a silly voice to read aloud the zany passages.
5. He had been so lost in her zany wit and beauty; well OK he thinks to himself’ lost in her big pillows, because ‘everybody needs a bosom for a pillow.
6. It was Saturday morning, March 9, 2013 – thirty years to the day after that zany psychic adventure – that my wife, son, and I found ourselves in the Kron House parking lot.
7. She fondly recalled the fun creating decorations for their Christmas Tree, a zany foot-high construct of two sheets of acrylic that slotted together and presented tipped-up branches on which the regalia hung.

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