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    1. The abdomen and loins were of brass and represented Greece

    2. without moving them slowly raise your abdomen, bend your

    3. It has the added benefit of toning and strengthening the muscles and organs of the abdomen as well as bringing relief from our two antagonists of this chapter

    4. One of the basic Yoga asanas, it stretches the vertebrae to the maximum, and subjects the abdomen and its organs and muscles to a powerful massage

    5. You want to reduce that abdomen don’t you ? Then do please remember that there is no hurry at all in this exercise, and the slow s-l-o-w lowering of the legs is precisely what strengthens, tones, exercises, and reduces those flabby abdominal muscles and helps to reduce fat in this area

    6. your head, shoulders, chest and upper abdomen, leaving the

    7. complaining of pain in her abdomen

    8. her left lower abdomen

    9. She rolls over and folds herself into the man's back, spooning, and with her left hand she reaches over his hips and glides her hand across his abdomen towards his morning erection

    10. swift prod in the abdomen, and a muffled cry from James,

    11. The edge of the blade was covered in blood and Nathaniel could see that an upside down crucifix had been cut into both of the teenager’s chests, the stipes running between their breasts and the patibulum slashed across their lower abdomen

    12. My hands skimmed across his chest to lay flat against his firm abdomen

    13. Thing: Boy complained of pain in the abdomen, trip to

    14. Have you told her yet?” Zarko sounded excited and put his hand on her abdomen

    15. Slowly she slid one hand and then the other to her abdomen, revealing her two lovely breasts

    16. It is the specific place in the abdomen where the aorta, the body's major

    17. feel a pulse beat there in the pit of the abdomen

    18. beating deep in the pit of your abdomen

    19. A canine leg, a leathery wing, a hairy abdomen

    20. Em patted her abdomen in satisfaction

    21. Time and again the tireless arachnids returned to the surface, where they recharged the fine hairs on their abdomens before plunging down again with their fragile loads

    22. Kay moved to sit up, and a sharp twinge wrenched her abdomen where the small hoof-mark still troubled her

    23. Em moved Kay’s hand to her distended abdomen, and indeed, Kay could feel a solid kick come through the skin

    24. Dena’s skeletal body lay on the bed inflated at the abdomen by the baby

    25. With shaking hands, I lit a cigarette, watching Aunt Martha plunge the trocar into the cow's swollen abdomen

    26. His abdomen became hard and his appendix was about to rupture

    27. I pressed the brand against my abdomen, and the stench of the burning flesh filled my nostrils as the terrible, glorious agony of it swept over me—

    28. She turned to conversation, diverting her attention as he pressed and probed her abdomen raising nausea and burning pain

    29. “Hail them,” blurted Hartle, as the center lock pin on his abdomen clicked into place

    30. He was pounding a fist into something’s abdomen

    31. ” Colling took the man’s temperature, felt his abdomen, and decided to place a second call to Dr

    32. Suddenly a portion of her old skin let go around her abdomen, swollen with retained fluids, and she gasped at the searing pain

    33. She ran with all the alacrity she could muster, holding her abdomen with care while she tried to follow Ikebod’s directions to the letter

    34. She took a few more steps closer and she felt pain in her lower abdomen again, this time more acute

    35. He quickly began taking her clothes off, kissing the skin as each portion came into view, shoulder here, abdomen there

    36. His eyes lowered, he pushes my hands up, over his abdomen and over his chest, and holds them against his neck

    37. Blood surges from a wound in her abdomen, dyeing her shirt crimson

    38. stabbing it deep into his enemy’s abdomen

    39. her abdomen as if a sense had risen there

    40. The dreadfully familiar sense rose in her abdomen, the one that told her that

    41. where the belly swelled and older, in the abdomen area, you could

    42. knees now touched his abdomen, he found that he had

    43. She had a growth in her abdomen that gradually wasted her

    44. Theodore felt for the baby in her abdomen and announced that it was situated properly for normal birth

    45. Suddenly, Sephiroth grabbed the abdomen of the statuette with

    46. area into the lower reservoir or the abdomen

    47. it is simpler to transfer it into the lower abdomen or the lower

    48. The mad doctor continues to cut downwards to his upper abdomen

    49. My hands fisted in his hair, unable to control my breathing when he suckled, kissed and nibbled my skin, my neck, my breasts, and my abdomen

    50. Several months passed and Monica was experiencing pain near the top of her abdomen and was having bouts of nausea

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    trunk middle torso thorax