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    1. who has achieved some things they never achieve

    2. means that you're doing it, but you haven't achieved it, yet

    3. · To believe that almost anything can be achieved provided one has enough will power

    4. But if the plants are supplied with an abundance of food, a greater balance is achieved between the plant and its surrounding environment

    5. We must give full attention when the grandchild is proudly displaying or talking about something that he has achieved

    6. Some apprehension of cosmic processes is achieved and universe is clearly understood as a play of the cosmic forces

    7. The fact that others have achieved this power, may encourage and interest us but it does no more unless we ourselves take some definite action

    8. stand still until Joshua achieved victory and made the shadow cast by the

    9. I see a courageous woman who has been through some extremely trying times and not let them beat her down … I see a woman who, despite her having achieved the age of fifty-three, is still attractive and, more importantly, interesting to be with

    10. However, unity should be more easily achieved and maintained

    11. What had I achieved? Nothing but…

    12. ‘So do you have to go back into the office?’ she asked, friendly relations having been achieved

    13. Father is very pleased with what you have achieved, you know

    14. o How will I know when this goal is achieved?

    15. o Have I achieved anything similar in the past?

    16. “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm

    17. Have I achieved anything similar in the past? What can I do differently /better?

    18. that you have really achieved something

    19. There is yet a third variation of the lovely Cobra Pose for advanced students but it can be achieved by beginners who are athletic or who have been trained in ballet

    20. This can be achieved through the selflessness that can be given if love is present in any relationship

    21. However, same can be achieved by checking requests header directly:

    22. All that he wanted was to be recognised as one of the best working gardeners in Surrey, and, with a great deal of hard work, he achieved just that, producing some of the finest specimen fruits and vegetables from the country manor garden for many years to come

    23. ‘The thought of getting married or the thought of what needs to be organised and achieved before that?’ he asked, complying with my request

    24. To have achieved the taking of a scout ship means that they are well informed of the goings on in the higher reaches of Scather society

    25. achieved it could vary

    26. Flattering myself that I have achieved this, I go into the office, hang my coat up and sit down at my desk

    27. and, with a great deal of hard work, he achieved just that,

    28. This achieved, he sits himself down on the edge of the bed

    29. This can only be achieved if the energy channels that supply this

    30. And what have I achieved? One decidedly naff relationship … but that’s done and over with and now I’m setting out on a completely new life

    31. I believe she would have been pleased with what you have achieved

    32. A whiff of rotting seaweed wafted past her nose and then, without knowing how she achieved it … she finds herself standing outside the front door of the house

    33. Their desired effect was achieved

    34. assumption that the governments in our world had achieved some

    35. several aborted attempts, he eventually achieved a small

    36. into just two words, but Henri achieved it easily

    37. I was lucky enough to be at a very good school in Brighton for my O’ levels and achieved quite reasonable grades which enabled me to get a place for my A’ levels in the sixth form

    38. How Emma wished she could laugh but right that minute the only thing she had on her mind was getting out of that house, which she nearly achieved, only to be turned back at the spot of the attack

    39. By the end of the following week, everyone was astonished, not by the passage of time but by the accomplishments achieved

    40. interested to find out just what the lad had achieved

    41. And this was achieved simply by

    42. Not that the crew would’ve achieved it, had it not been for Emma riding their butts constantly

    43. aware that he had achieved very little out of the

    44. smell of it achieved more than arguing could ever have

    45. Because of this unity, victory was achieved

    46. There are many who have achieved far less

    47. "And the efforts of Onk? Have we achieved any progress?" Katrina asked

    48. strong current on his own, but he’d almost achieved his

    49. Nimblefax was quite intrigued at the speed at which the carriage achieved without any apparent steering mechanism, Beauty just used her hands to direct its movement, calling out 'Whoa' to slow and 'Away' to speed up

    50. Once that was achieved then the rest of the nation would be fed through the gate

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    finished concluded consummated attained accomplished