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    1. A beat as they admire the sky

    2. Moreover, she has started to believe that she is gorgeous and desirable and that men admire her beauty despite her 140 kilos

    3. I admire you, Kate, I know I’ve said it before, but a lot of women would have gone straight for an abortion and walked away without a backward look

    4. I am called upon to admire this one’s plumage, and that one’s clarity of eye … all the while aware that these birds are watching me with more intelligence than I am used to seeing in an avian

    5. interest and tell them how much you admire it

    6. It would be somewhere to sit under a broad, green, canvas brolly on hot summer afternoons, somewhere that he could rest and admire the shapes and flights of colour that would fill his new flower garden

    7. But, you had to admire the way she took the reins firmly in her hands, working through the house, cleaning, repairing and clearing out the junk – just as well really, her mother was a poor thing and couldn’t manage at all

    8. She had to admire the fact that the serious drinkers in this society carried cups with pointed bottoms that couldn’t be put down

    9. admire the shapes and flights of colour that would fill his new

    10. Mandy walked into the suite's sitting room and at once began to admire the careful attention to décor Belle had lavished upon the room since the completion of construction

    11. They left the proper sums at the table and retired to the smoking car where Harry had to again admire the forethought and design of the traveling hotel

    12. Titania stopped in front of a shop window to admire some newly displayed items

    13. “I told Harold, that his child and I would look forward to his arrival in three days, but that there was nothing which would keep me from giving birth to my daughter in the presence of the women I most admire on this earth,” she had confided to Kaitlyn and Belle upon her arrival

    14. John couldn’t help but admire the fine architecture of the cathedral—the

    15. Before long she came to admire the man for his intellect, for his patience and for his sensitivity to the cultural gulf between them, and most of all for his ability to understand the meaning of what she told him about Angel society

    16. Local marine delights to admire are drum fish, octopus, starfish, golden moray eels and spiny lobsters

    17. I gazed out the window to admire

    18. There was much to admire in the man – discounting his potential insanity

    19. stop and admire the view

    20. People were frightened at the time, but on looking back they rather liked it; it was exciting for country folk, and there was even a group of the younger men who pretended to admire him, calling him a "true sea-dog" and a "real old salt" and such and saying there was the sort of man that made England great at sea

    21. shook his head pityingly, but had to admire her naivety

    22. We can easily admire the miracles that others have

    23. admire some of the worn carvings over the doorway

    24. Except for Theodorous who had his own idol to admire, and his better half, Bri Lynn, who easily saw beyond the legends and rumors to see that Alec was nothing more than a man

    25. Having stopped briefly to admire the

    26. But I admire you all the more for having been

    27. I was with my guide to Zhlindu one decade, my guide to the Yakhan for nearly four, but I still love and admire you the most

    28. tram, from which one can admire the city

    29. Regardless it would be, I can only to admire them

    30. He forced Hesper to remain, considering his triumph incomplete without someone to admire his lewd jokes

    31. fans to admire them when they have not earned the admiration

    32. She drew closer to admire the blades sitting idly upon it, the hilts wrapped with scarlet tassel

    33. b: to value or admire highly c: to judge with heightened

    34. I stood there looking out at the waves that were breaking on the shore below, and then looked up to admire the full moon that was sitting so quietly in the night sky

    35. McDonald, I admire you for your determination to protect your country and Major, I certainly admire your dedication to your profession

    36. There were paths leading through the luxurious garden with benches on which one could rest and admire the beauty

    37. We would admire our children, gossip about members of the village, and stare at each other to make sure we were truly together again

    38. Danny couldn't help but admire it

    39. important that young girls have an array of sports heroes in which to admire

    40. And the truth is you only need to be or have super charisma with the people that you admire

    41. Yeah, we know how that one turned out and I am not belittling Mr Roosevelt before you get upset for I admire all U

    42. He said, “I see that you can’t be bullied, and I admire that in you

    43. The look on his face was something to admire and his language educational

    44. "You know, I wouldn't admit this to many badgers, but I admire you for what you did up there

    45. "I really don't know what the world's coming to when decent people can't admire a few beautiful flowers without being shouted at

    46. I’d just finiahed and was standing back to admire my work when Uncle Hobart breezed into the room, clicking his dentures as usual

    47. “Or are you just here to admire?”

    48. Instead the US sees the surreal situation of millions of Americans wearing a symbol of treason and being taught to admire traitors who tried to destroy the US because of their own fanatic belief in white supremacy

    49. You had to admire her persistence, though!

    50. Look at that fucker go! I had to admire that guy

    1. who are admired because of their

    2. They are admired for

    3. There was nothing she didn't know about them, and nothing she admired much either

    4. My friends hastened to follow his brilliant example at once and everyone admired their courage

    5. I have already admired it – a shade of wool to match her name … there are a few grey hairs showing round the back of his ears, I think to myself then I suddenly realise that he’s watching me in the rear view mirror with a faint smile on his face and blush violently … the smile becomes a wicked grin as he replies to something Wally is saying

    6. We have admired the panoramic view of the city of Zakynthos from the hill of Bochali, and swum in the wild waves of Tsilivi

    7. I walked on the white sand, I admired the high blond cliffs surrounding the beach, I passed by the old shipwreck which has been rusting under the sun for decades now

    8. For a few moments I stood still and admired the phantasmagorical cosmic vortex rising beyond the ocean; it was sparkling like a spectral spiral galaxy in the night horizon

    9. Godfrey, Pantelis Lambrakis was a man of the village, much admired and trusted

    10. Jason and Andrea made a perfect match as they were both very competitive and had secretly admired the other

    11. Rayne admired a huge mountain rage covered with flowers of various colors; commenting that it was beautiful in the sunlight; which seemed to please him very much

    12. "I understand," Thom said, it paid to be straight around Imogene, it seemed like she admired Colonel Samrova and they were friends

    13. As a warrior trained in the proper use of the sword he truly admired her graceful motions; her even thrusts of the mysterious sword she carried with her

    14. “My Lord…” her voice was coarse, she wanted to tell him that she liked him, no; admired him, no; it was something else

    15. He admired the way she handled the difficult situation, keeping herself in tight restraint

    16. He turned and lifted the covers and admired Rayne’s form as she slept beside him

    17. Most women had deep and even tans that would have been admired in her time, but had to be powdered here

    18. “Good, good; much better,” he muttered as he admired his reflection

    19. Mother Teresa is universally admired for her service to

    20. He was disappointed, she could be vulnerable now and he had always admired the wizard from a distant star transplanted into the body her companion had been following

    21. ‘Really?’ Andy commented, patting himself on the back mentally as he admired the impression he was making – respectable and harmless

    22. “I've admired your attention to your studies on this trip when other lads might be reveling in their excitement of such an adventure

    23. He had certainly been in the company of girls he had admired before, so his current state was an anathema to himself and his disconnectedness probably showed

    24. Harry was always pleased when people admired his mother

    25. There’s was an austere culture and he admired it

    26. So he turned and stared at the view Ava had admired

    27. only admired, but venerated in this town of Chretien de

    28. Wolfsbane admired his reflection in this dusty

    29. Julia admired that enthusiasm, though she had no idea where it came from

    30. Hipolyta told him about the children she tutored and about their progresses, and about how much she admired Miss Bunker

    31. Being physically admired was a nice change

    32. Desa isn’t like Jmory and Kaha and to some extent Sharni, looking for a chance to show themselves and be admired

    33. Otto looked and admired the work done at the demolition site

    34. of the old town, admired the countless floodlit towers and

    35. On the way, Jean admired the Abbey’s church, which lay

    36. ' As we were engrossed with our little chat Robin and Laura came in and admired the baby and then I saw her talk to Frob obviously what Edith had spoken to me about, so it was all settled

    37. For the last time he admired the bold, rustic carvings on

    38. Not only would his Warkids gladly lay down their lives for him, but every soldier in Lock Core admired the young man and took his orders without question

    39. “Right -- the wine shop opens at the second hour,” Nerissa heard the man who’d admired

    40. She was beautiful nude, and comfortable in his sight, even turning and posing a little as she saw that he admired her

    41. admired the professor and his ways, what with the amount of

    42. drivers are to be admired

    43. Zarko was impressed with the spread before them and was sure all the trainees were too as he studied their faces and the way they admired the food on the tables

    44. His other important concern was to get plenty of aerobic exercise through his lofty, flapping, floating maneuvers which, by the way, were admired by most all other birds due to his being able to move about at a tremendous velocity and change direction with great ease in the darkest of skies…amazingly without crashing into anything

    45. Nerissa remembered her phrase, the one that Homer had admired

    46. And she always admired the scenery

    47. have admired quite a few of the ancient

    48. He admired his toned physique

    49. There was something about this group, Roidon thought, to be admired: they were not taking the line of conformity, and those in governance were bewildered (if the media interviews of officials were anything to go by) at such defiance

    50. He settled back onto his stretcher and I leant over and gave him a smoke from my cigarette case that Helen had bought me and which he had admired we lit up though the cough that wracked his body didn’t bode well for his future

    1. And you know what else? He doesn’t have anything against you; in fact, he admires you

    2. He greatly admires your success as a warrior and would love to serve with you

    3. He admires it and zooms in on the purple exotic looking molecule with the clear egg-shaped balls moving around it

    4. He admires the water coming out of the lake behind him

    5. His appearance alongside celebrities of all professions in bicentennial publications had, nonetheless, a greater and deeper meaning than ever before because they associated him with the historical achievements of a nation he loves and admires

    6. She almost admires them, as anyone would a formidable foe

    7. he admires his image in a mirror

    8. Grailem admires their confidence as they had not tested the new board, appearing to assume that fitting the new board will be sufficient

    9. develop the strength which he admires in another

    10. Christ was known across the land as a zealot (one who admires God)

    11. That God is the God who adores and admires you, who lives within you even in your most difficult moments

    12. Diane D admires the flowers as her family stands over her

    13. Our group admires and respects you

    14. Oh, how she admires him? He’s nothing short of an idol for her, is he not? And it’s quite possible that she’s enamored of him

    15. A traditional Muslim clergyman admires the Quran above everything else and dedicates his life to it, even though more often than not he has to work for very low pay

    16. Aaron admires the Gryphon and his peaceful composure

    17. That is because the appreciating and admiring spirit is indeed, strictly attached to the spirit it admires, and always accompanies it heartily

    18. That is because the appreciative and admiring spirit is indeed strictly attached to he or she whom it admires and appreciates, and always accompanies such a person spiritually and couples with them

    19. However it is Adrian Russell whom she admires the most, and is in love with, and it is Adrian who ultimately helps her to conquer the demons of her past, so she can lead and live a full and happy life

    20. He admires you

    21. She says the duke admires it greatly

    22. Duke Humphrey greatly admires his work

    23. This happens when a person who is turning away from Al’lah sees a grace that is bestowed upon others, and then admires it, and wishes to get it for him- or herself, and wishes that it was taken away from its owner

    24. As for those below, a lieutenant is a bright and beautiful being who admires no one so much as himself; a captain is generally newly married, having reached the stage of increased pay which makes a wife possible, and, being often still in love with her, is ineffective for social purposes; and a major is a man with a yearly increasing family, for whose wants his pay is inadequate, a person continually haunted by the fear of approaching weeding, after which his career is ended, he is poorer than ever, and being no longer young and only used to a soldier's life, is almost always quite incapable of starting afresh

    25. Grand illusions sparkling off the gaudy baubles it admires,

    26. Adolf admires his physique, his toned abs, ripped

    27. have stood by us the entire time and everyone admires their strength and

    28. How did we ever get to the point of worshipping and admiring our ability to blow up the entire Earth by nuclear bombs? How insane is this human ape who actually worships and admires only the power to destroy and nothing else? The utter insanity of stockpiling nuclear weapons of mass destruction which if used… will guarantee the complete end not only of all human life on earth, but nearly every other living creature on earth as well? Whose decision was it to make the inventor of this thing, the most famous, revered, worshipped, admired, pre-eminent scientist ever born? The very fact that Science has glorified Albert Einstein to the point of sainthood speaks of their utter evilness and the utter evilness what Science actually is

    29. The part of Karen that isn"t disgusted admires Amy

    30. He admires an idea he has not had, not one he has had

    31.  This condition is known as erotomania, in which an individual believes someone he or she admires is harboring the same feelings toward him/her

    32. He admires him all the more

    33. Claude understands that he ought to resent them, but he admires their competence and manners, the clean efficiency with which they move

    34. Johnjohn admires Boy so tremendously and imitates him in everything

    35. That is the way with us when we have any uneasy jealousy in our disposition: if our talents are chiefly of the burrowing kind, our honey-sipping cousin (whom we have grave reasons for objecting to) is likely to have a secret contempt for us, and any one who admires him passes an oblique criticism on ourselves

    36. A poet admires the bee sucking from the chalice of a flower and says it exists to suck the fragrance of flowers and carry it to the hive, says that it exists to gather honey

    37. The Emperor had been for his father only the well-beloved captain whom one admires, for whom one sacrifices one's self; he was something more to Marius

    38. It buys firms whose management it admires, keeps that management and leaves the companies alone

    39. Music seems scarcely to attract him, and though he admires Elinor’s drawings very much, it is not the admiration of a person who can understand their worth

    40. He admires as a lover, not as a connoisseur

    41. He is acting at the time; the public admires him, and is filled with terror

    42. A poet admires the bee sucking from the chalice of a flower and says it exists to suck the fragrance of flowers

    43. Woman admires in man masculinity, virility; then brains, ability, distinction

    1. ’ Molly said smiling at me from the window where she is standing admiring the view

    2. ’ Stephen explained in response to my admiring comment

    3. He bunted it beautifully down the third base line and just stood there in the batter’s box admiring his handy work

    4. He feasted on her, taking in the rise of her breasts and measuring the beauty of her long and supple limbs as if he were admiring a fabulous Pieta

    5. ’ She said, admiring how steady her voice was and registering Iain’s sideways, concerned glance

    6. ‘What is it?’ I asked, admiring the beautiful detail of the chain

    7. ' Adrian had taken off his sunglasses and was admiring the reflection of his diamond earring in a lens - until he turned to clamp my hand in his grip

    8. ‘Who designs the patterns?’ I asked, admiring the bold weave on the loom nearest to me

    9. Topless and bethonged and stretched across one of the sofas, she was carefully admiring her reflection in a mirror whilst wiping away some lipstick traces from those teeth

    10. “It was the larorlie I was admiring,” Ava said

    11. There he introduced them to George as avid fishermen who, although they might not be ready to purchase, would still enjoy admiring his available supply of finished rods

    12. Helen is admiring the strike

    13. So, Kaitlyn, Chloe and Harry, followed in the wake of their 'guides,' admiring as they walked along, the Elizabethan construction of the town buildings they passed

    14. 'I was just admiring the man’s audacity,' said Sandini

    15. They walked through the house, admiring the gleaming floors and repainted walls

    16. A brook carved fanciful shapes into the rock, and he was admiring it from it’s mossy bank when he came to a thick plank spanning it

    17. He began admiring the

    18. She was dressed in the same thin but warm, clinging robe she'd worn the previous Nightday and Alan reacted with what seemed like an admiring, if bashful, stare

    19. weight and admiring its potential

    20. When they at last arrived, Chloe showed off her new home to the admiring praises of her lady friends, while Harold and Mr

    21. to Mozart and admiring the greenery that turned his office into a jungle

    22. streets of Troyes past admiring onlookers, some of whom

    23. ubiquitous gelato and admiring the pastel facades of the

    24. admiring this unsurpassed view, watching the shadows

    25. He stood for several moments admiring the

    26. Jean spent some considerable time admiring both

    27. help admiring the opulence of the apartments

    28. monologues in face of an admiring audience, it means

    29. Even the remembrances of coronations and grand festivities in the Imperial Palace remained vivid, her father’s dashing smile and her mother lovingly admiring him in all his Legionnaire regalia

    30. His gaze briefly turned to the sky, admiring the glittering stars and moons

    31. For a while the two men just stood there in silence admiring the view

    32. Quintus, who had been sitting by admiring the Praefect in all of his quiet, contemplative refinement, found his turn to once more interrupt the musings

    33. Jodie was too busy admiring her new black panther-like body to pay much attention to the feline's invite

    34. She held it out in front of her admiring it I could tell that she really liked it she put it to her lips and kissed it then she kissed me hard on my mouth she stepped back saying

    35. ” Helen came in holding her hand out and still admiring the ring she looked radiant and I couldn’t stop smiling thinking how lucky I was

    36. admiring the mother cats from a distance, those poor mommy cats, found in alleyways with litters of mouths to feed

    37. Raven knew he should be disgusted, but he couldn’t help admiring how confident and smooth she was

    38. She bowed to the admiring crowds and lifted her eyes to the upper levels, searching every face, as she had done at every performance for the past four years, hoping, wishing, that today might be the day that he would come for her

    39. Despite all the pain he was in, the deputy was warmed by the glow of Coal’s admiring words

    40. I accelerated and the constables sitting of the roof admiring the view started to dive into the Casspir as they also saw that black mamba and realised what was happening

    41. A short while later we were sitting in the Jaguar admiring the polished wooden dashboard

    42. I dropped the sleeve of the sweater that I had been admiring as if it had stung me

    43. She sat in the fresh air awaiting her son, admiring the hotel and remembering

    44. Across the width of the bar, he was smiling and gesturing to a stool from which he had just ejected an admiring underling

    45. The son-of-a-bitch was enjoying himself! Two women battled publicly for his affection, right there, for his admiring fans to watch! Was she nuts, or what? The door at the back had a sign above it: CASINO

    46. He drew a wide circle around the comically drawn woman mounted on horseback and with an arrow that skipped the inch of space between the boards, connected it with another circle about La Hacienda’s stables then stepped back, admiring his handiwork

    47. Neva, still holding the reins, gave me an admiring look

    48. The story goes that a pope was admiring Michelangelo’s David, and asked the sculptor how he could create such a masterpiece

    49. I was just admiring the boat, is she yours?”

    50. The efficient work teams merged into a single group in the parking lot, admiring their handiwork, then turned towards the store with the obvious intention of enjoying a rest break

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    admire look up to respect esteem venerate commend praise regard honour like delight in appreciate cherish delight