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    1. I would lean on its arm as on an archetype

    2. an archetype and scriptural example to those of the house of faith

    3. One radical revisionist at the University of Altgeld had taken the position that General Armstrong was not an actual person, that he was an archetype of Heroic Age cultural ideals

    4. This archetype had had three small stars on his collar and a big handlebar mustache

    5. Some historians tried to say he could not be real, but was an archetype assembled from idealized attributes

    6. So much for the neo-revisionists who claimed that Captain Samuels was an archetype symbolizing

    7. Somewhere within each of us was this yearning to bring back this ancient archetype, and

    8. An army platoon is the archetype of team

    9. Jed points out that he, Herman Melville, and Julie belong to the archetype along with Ahab

    10. She was the archetype of a woman who was her

    11. There is something particularly disgusting about a man hitting a woman, and here it was in its archetype: Fishmael was very much a man and the fish was the essence of frolicsome femininity

    12. Kevin Clash – My Life as a Furry Red Monster: What Being Elmo Has Taught Me about Life, Love and Laughing out Loud (2006: Crown Archetype)

    13. represents the archetype of father

    14. Jungian archetype of a wise old man

    15. Next was Private Frida Horst, another excellent radio operator and the archetype of the blond Aryan girl, tall, blue-eyed and with generous curves

    16. activate the archetype of the Boddhisattva, who promises that when

    17. archetype persona based on him, and the fact that I see a bit of Sarek in him probably confuses the issues…”

    18. ” Replied the graying officer, who looked the archetype of the distinguished British officer

    19. Once you’ve returned from your own hero’s journey, The archetype that tends to be most effective you’re now in a position to play the role of the and most real is the classic hero’s journey mentor in your RA’s journeys

    20. “The original story, written in Latin, was about an archetype, Aneas who

    21. the Mother archetype, Graves was able to present us with a view of the Mother

    22. From Jung’s point of view, the Mother archetype is one of the most

    23. Jung saw the Mother archetype as embodying all of our collective perceptions of the mother since time began

    24. That’s what an archetype is: a psychic

    25. The Mother Goddess, the White Goddess, is one aspect of the Mother archetype , but a very large aspect

    26. Muse—wouldn’t be associated with the Mother archetype

    27. “The Muse is an archetype that must have developed very early, right along with the Mother Goddess archetype

    28. “I also can’t help but think that the ‘ more human, storytelling’ voices we experienced in that internal modification also incorporated the essential nature of a mother’s stories to her children, because our memories of those stories would have been such an essential part of the Mother Goddess archetype

    29. which the Mother Goddess archetype and the Muse archetype eventually grew

    30. It is through this archetype made flesh that those who live in this age are taught to seek conquest over an adversarial environment and citizenry

    31. They insisted this archetype was the way forward for humanity, “We must all sacrifice a little to live a little longer

    32. He is immortal because he has become an archetype in the collective

    33. Ulysses is the immortal archetype of this journey and this type of creation

    34. Ulysses is its fundamental archetype

    35. Sure, it was always entertaining to watch the way that Hollywood varied the classic archetype of the “Zombie” but to witness something so fundamentally against nature actually moving toward you; that’s another story altogether

    36. That is why it is also called Mahamudra; the primary archetype

    37. How many human societies have had groups of killers hunting by night under the cover of darkness? What is the archetype of the rapist? Someone who hunts small children at night and devours them

    38. The point is… the myths, the archetype heroes: the trapper, the explorer, the rancher, the cowboy, the lumberjack the railroads are all just forms of improved mass slaughter and industrialized mass butchery and mechanized mass destruction of the earth, and the only rationalized justification for all this destruction is the continued increase of overpopulation of the earth by this one species of ape… heroes are all archetypes of evil: each new one more evil than the last one

    39. So the Creator does not have a neat, tidy and ‘perfect’ archetype and template for human physiology and mindset

    40. By reading Scripture in a real, authentic, and meaningful way, we can perhaps view the story of Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden metaphorically if as an ideal archetype to achieve

    41. An ideal archetype, to strive towards, mediated through the fog of human imperfection and experience, as an ideal ahead on the horizon, as a place to aspire and perhaps one day achieve

    42. This tale was writ from no precedent, pattern or “heroic archetype” but from principle, experience and observing firsthand the ways of the world

    43. At the level of unconscious mind the Self is the archetype

    44. advises Arjuna to merger his consciousness with Indian archetype of

    45. ideals, merger with this or that archetype etc

    46. Th e Archetype and the Col ective Unconscious /

    47. The Lindsay Timing Model is unusual in that while the cycle archetype attempts to identify time intervals between lows in price (that is, a 21-day cycle counts 21 days between successive price lows), Lindsay’s approach to this particular interval uses price highs

    48. Another difference between the 107-day interval and the archetype cycle that most readers will be inclined to think of is that the 107-day interval is not a cycle at all

    49. Contrary to popular opinion, there is not a specific emotional archetype that is ideal for the successful trader

    50. Most investors do not directly trade this archetype but they do trade its close cousins that come in many guises

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