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    1. "Hi, sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if there's a supermarket near here? If I'm going to be here for a week I can't keep badgering you for more coffee

    2. Junya began to respond to the officers obvious racial badgering, instead,

    3. With embarrassment, I recalled my badgering of the returned veterans with questions

    4. They know their chances are exponentially greater if they simply refuse to not stop begging and badgering, and threaten violence in the end

    5. " Tui had been badgering Bates to take her to the club

    6. There was a terse, badgering tone emerging, suggesting that Lance was failing in his duties

    7. It took a great deal of verbal badgering for Connacher to calm him down and only with major threats

    8. ? What? Probably start badgering Harry for a decision on

    9. need any badgering in addition to my hunger!

    10. She had hoped to hold her ground when his mental advances had begun, but, his constant badgering and sarcastic attacks drained all but a morsel of the strength she had remaining

    11. “It’s not as easy as you think to come up with an explanation when you’re in a tiny room and the cops are badgering you for a confession

    12. He was thankful Sam had gone to work; the constant badgering about his intentions would have pushed him over the edge

    13. Constant badgering, as they walked the links

    14. Emboldened by the snickers of a few people in the crowd Jacques continued his badgering joke

    15. "Which I meantersay," cried Joe, "that if you come into my place bull-baiting and badgering me, come out! Which I meantersay as sech if you're a man, come on! Which I meantersay that what I say, I meantersay and stand or fall by!"

    16. “The prosecution is badgering the witness, Your Honor

    17. Lewis is badgering the witness

    18. Lewis is badgering the defendant, smearing him with innuendo in a transparent attempt to bias the jury against him

    19. The wow of wobbly piped carols played in the background as badgering commands came over the speaker, conjuring images of a pinched man shouting into a tin can

    20. Yuki said, “Your Honor, counsel is badgering the witness to death

    21. “Your Honor,” Hoffman said from his seat, “counsel is badgering the witness

    22. Yuki said from her seat, “Your Honor, counsel is badgering the witness

    23. Opposing counsel is badgering the witness

    24. “Defense counsel is badgering the witness—”

    25. The prosecutor is badgering a young man who has clearly stated that he doesn’t remember the alleged incident

    26. "I keep on badgering you for more money, don't I? As a matter of fact, I think I can start the next one out of the profits

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    badgering bedevilment torment worrying