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    1. Yellelle told her this was the most dangerous part of the journey, even worse than the Dark Ages because none would befriend them in these ages

    2. No wonder she made such an effort to befriend him

    3. ’ But she knew she seemed about as convincing as a rattlesnake trying to befriend a mouse

    4. How deep was this thing’s scheme that it extended to master Olom? Why did he ask him such irrelevant questions at this hour? Was he belatedly or mockingly trying to befriend him? He chose silence over expressing his ire frivolously

    5. I found Oztooa in his stall and told him in an undertone that I had been able to befriend my cousins and the Khan suspected nothing

    6. you can trust and love without reserve--are those who befriend the poor, defenseless

    7. children, was venerated for his ability to befriend interesting

    8. befriend us later, but the damage had been done and it was for the best that we just pretended

    9. power—bless them—to befriend that catty bitch

    10. It may be foolish to think you can befriend trickery, reckless to believe you can win the heart of lady luck, but here among the dock rats, what’s there to lose?

    11. But to befriend the one who regards himself as your enemy is the quintessence of true religion

    12. of her way to befriend her bosses' wife

    13. therapy I started to befriend some of the lovers I had from prior times

    14. Daniels knew that William was holding back the truth and tried his best to befriend the young man

    15. Use them for information but do not befriend them

    16. He treads down that which doth befriend him

    17. cats? They cause trouble, befriend witches, and break the law

    18. strict about who I can befriend

    19. I can’t befriend any other ‘female’ without her

    20. don’t want you to befriend another girl

    21. two individuals to befriend

    22. I hate it big times when I try to befriend a cat, and

    23. Ville, you can arrange to befriend him and then expose him

    24. you befriend him, your chances of surviving on the streets will

    25. befriend the driver of the van

    26. Thereafter, I’d search for real fleshy beings to befriend

    27. Ruby spent mafia money on the Dallas Police to befriend them and he was very successful

    28. However, as taboo and unnatural as this might sound, we are going to take death, and actually befriend it

    29. So you two befriend with her, okay?’

    30. I tried to befriend with them, but no use

    31. another man the error of his ways and befriend him all in one go

    32. Every so often, she would befriend one of the new girls, and try to make them understand that life would not be nearly as bad as they were expecting

    33. The Wizard does befriend

    34. ” But she knew he would not relent until she had given him an answer, and so she said, “It was a challenge trying to befriend Ailia when she was in love with you

    35. Besides the admiring looks of the males around, and the eagerness of the females to befriend her, enlivened her mood, Roopa didn’t fail to discern the amorous glances of men who loitered around her, though the not so forthright appeared casual, camouflaging their craving

    36. ‘How I would like to befriend him

    37. But when he sensed that his own mentor, husband of my indifferent cousin, held me dear, he tried to warm up to me, but by then I had learned how to judge people and so I wasn’t moved by his attempts to befriend me

    38. If he had once befriend a friend such

    39. words and easy to befriend others, Wang Susu is the most gentle and would never

    40. is friends with Alexander and felt that he had to befriend me because of

    41. For all I know, Alexander could have told James to befriend me so I

    42. When Ryan saw his associate suffering, he did not judge her but continued to befriend her

    43. restaurant, befriend a friend and get in a door

    44. will continue to try to love and befriend Grace

    45. He has power only over those who befriend him and those who obey other gods besides Him (Al'lah)"

    46. He has power only over those who befriend him and those who take him as a god besides Al’lah

    47. He has power only over those who befriend him and those who serve other gods besides Al’lah

    48. “I sent Zack, Avery, and Brian to keep a close eye on him, befriend him so to say

    49. He has power only over those who befriend him and those who obey others besides Him

    50. His first act of kindness was to befriend Cosette, a little girl

    1. wandering the streets and she befriended me

    2. Harry had befriended Jameson long before and the Connor lad was especially fond of Harry too

    3. “A-a-a traveler I befriended at a tavern suggested it

    4. I befriended a kindly Nord from Riverwood, a Hadvar

    5. The countess told how she had befriended Billy Boy in his last days but I already knew all this and so I skipped ahead and read the invitation that she had sent to Helen saying that anytime she wanted to visit the grave she would stay at the Château as a guest of the countess

    6. Porge and Dumpus were dazzled that Bosco had befriended one of the race of Men

    7. “But you’re lucky he’s befriended you

    8. I befriended the chief of the NKWD in Namangan, who was learned and cultured, not arrogant and a lover of art

    9. He befriended a particular Polish partisan who became very loyal to him and whom he trusted completely

    10. Wondering how she had found her way into a rat hole like Hotel Paradise, it turned out that she’d befriended a prostitute that worked there

    11. When she passed away, she left the property to a woman shopkeeper she had befriended

    12. I only befriended two of them, Buzwaewae, an Anishinabe, and Sikopitai, a Siksika

    13. I have befriended several of the local port workers who come into the bar each evening to play some card game with which I am not familiar

    14. I befriended him

    15. Despite my being the archetypal redneck southerner, they befriended me and invited me to Sunday morning breakfasts at their pad where I learned to love strawberry blintzes

    16. I immediately called a young lawyer named Eric whom I had befriended at meetings because he was just coming back after having relapsed when his wife filed for divorce and tossed him out of the house

    17. who he truly befriended

    18. I would have never befriended him

    19. "A nun befriended me in Aiden and she said the same thing

    20. He tried to escort her here with a couple of other half-bloods she’d befriended

    21. “And the other two half-bloods Thalia befriended, the ones who got safely to camp …” I looked at Annabeth

    22. He befriended various

    23. Vaselly would understand because he also had befriended a pupil

    24. There was an English couple from Ipswich they befriended while there who were

    25. They carried him home to his mother, and his father, Simon, little dreamed that the man whose cross he subsequently bore by orders of a Roman soldier was the stranger who once befriended his son

    26. “I befriended a few of the German soldiers and plied my trade whenever I could which angered the other Jews and alienated me

    27. But Simon never knew that Jesus, whose burden he bore, and the Jewish tutor who once befriended his injured son, were the same person

    28. the alley brats I have befriended

    29. The wolves knew that the Swordsmen soldiers and the humans who they had befriended were

    30. believe that I’d befriended a gray

    31. She was not going let him use her again, just because she had befriended a general’s wife

    32. for and befriended animals, many of those same animals had

    33. because you’d befriended the most beautiful woman on this

    34. The Jews she had befriended in that Greek city were thus probably from Judea

    35. that if my Josef had befriended you, and trusted you, then I

    36. mumble a story about a cat that she'd once befriended as a

    37. In later life I befriended a few other Vietnam combat vets and they got delayed onset Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in their fifties and needed years of

    38. He befriended Bobby Baker who made a living off of lobbying senators

    39. Lyndon also befriended Billy Sol Estes, who was helping Texas develop farming

    40. befriended a real-life monkey!”

    41. There is math involved if you want to do it right, and there were times when Peter sorely wished he had befriended an actuary or a calculus teacher during the process

    42. It was if she had found a place conducive to such activities, though she attributed much to the troubled young woman who she had befriended

    43. He befriended the sort of people that were considered as the worst of all

    44. economics and had befriended him and Shannon during his studies

    45. I recounted to the community how you befriended my sons at your school

    46. who had befriended an orphan – and, perhaps saved my life

    47. He was befriended, and

    48. It was a wonderfully trained dog, which could be walked without a lead, and which had immediately befriended Robin

    49. The two looked at one another, as if wondering whether to share a confidence with the two strangers they had so recently befriended

    50. However, I really think that it was not to get a congressional inquiry right now, but more that you befriended Jack

    1. befriending the guy he called the faggot janitor

    2. She had the greatest faith in her sister; Em could talk a cat into befriending a mouse if she chose to

    3. With the hope of redressing his economic distress with the insurer’s largesse, Gautam began befriending the by then inebriated Palit

    4. The thought of her befriending and then

    5. That, for Yosef, was evidence that her story about befriending a Jewish family before was a true one

    6. me that he was a good human being then I’d consider befriending

    7. than those for befriending most other people

    8. He was totally unexpected, befriending a

    9. It can be turned around by committing to befriending the earth

    10. [125] I personally know a Bengali Muslim who has translated Sanskrit texts to English (different from the Sanskrit scholar mentioned earlier) and is simultaneously very proud of his faith, though he practises a very heterodox version of the same, but I also know many Muslims who follow their scriptures taking them literally and are very tolerant and peace-loving (these are the ‘mainstream Muslims’ referred to earlier and their version of tolerance is of the ‘live and let live’ variety but not of embracing beliefs and practices of others; in other words, they may not accept prasad from a Hindu temple or fold their hands there but won’t support killing innocent people of other faiths and would have no problem in befriending non-Muslims either), considering the same to be an integral part of being a true Muslim, and the same is true for mainstream Christians and mainstream Jews in their attitude towards other religions and their adherents

    11. After all, their family had history of befriending all kinds of supernaturals

    12. These had been leather bound, Coptic papyrus and, after befriending a local official with a few bribes, he obtained an old batch of papyrus containing only a small piece of script, which had been considered of no historic value

    13. A week after befriending them, he decided to set them free

    14. And that actress Claire Lyons, who is rumored to be starring in Rupert Mann's new television show, Very, went to school with her long lost sister, even befriending her

    15. She was already having troubles befriending the ghosts that were already haunting her

    16. It is true he was befriending Katerina Ivanovna's children, but who could tell with what motive and what it meant? The man always had some design, some project

    17. Nevertheless, he was still kept on, some befriending him for compassion, and others as it were to spite me

    18. Scotty had taken a direct approach, riskier than befriending the kids and teasing it out of them, but it was a safe bet that they’d never been confronted by law enforcement before

    19. It is true he was befriending Katerina

    20. Out in Flower Hill, I made fruitless inquiries about “C,” a boy she’d written about befriending the summer before she left for college

    21. Befriending other traders makes me more valuable to the trading community and other traders

    22. But to my surprise and no small concern, Queequeg now gave me to understand, that he had been diligently consulting Yojo—the name of his black little god—and Yojo had told him two or three times over, and strongly insisted upon it everyway, that instead of our going together among the whaling-fleet in harbor, and in concert selecting our craft; instead of this, I say, Yojo earnestly enjoined that the selection of the ship should rest wholly with me, inasmuch as Yojo purposed befriending us; and, in order to do so, had already pitched upon a vessel, which, if left to myself, I, Ishmael, should infallibly light upon, for all the world as though it had turned out by chance; and in that vessel I must immediately ship myself, for the present irrespective of Queequeg

    23. It is true he was befriending Katerina Ivanovna’s children, but who could tell with what motive and what it meant? The man always had some design, some project

    1. Homer as he befriends a great bald

    2. If Fifth Brother befriends him, in future, he will have 117

    3. A male who plays the field might hurt the woman he befriends for sex by ruining her reputation

    4. "So it does," said Don Quixote, "and he is a sage magician, a great enemy of mine, who has a spite against me because he knows by his arts and lore that in process of time I am to engage in single combat with a knight whom he befriends and that I am to conquer, and he will be unable to prevent it; and for this reason he endeavours to do me all the ill turns that he can; but I promise him it will be hard for him to oppose or avoid what is decreed by Heaven

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