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    1. besides what more could be done on her

    2. Besides that, she never knew more than a few words of Portuguese

    3. Besides, people of the Type A persuasion will create their own stressful situations

    4. And she’s often very late, besides

    5. They were locked in a neutral expression, and couldn’t move their mouths or any other part of their head besides their neck and eyes

    6. Besides taking a vacation the addition of compost rich in trace minerals and bacteria is the best thing you can do to help raise the tree’s energy levels

    7. Besides, it's your specialty

    8. We are partners now because you know everything I know about this mission and the contents of that crate and besides that, we're drinking together

    9. Is there a God besides Me? Indeed

    10. Besides the instruments in microprobes in the soil, there were landers that could be flown

    11. Besides, he trusted his older brother

    12. “No, I have never thought of anything like that; besides, neither this is so simple,” I replied and the conversation went on in the same pattern for a few more minutes

    13. I don't intend to pay another visit to Louise in her office again; I can see there is no reason, besides it occurs to me I have made a fool of myself for nothing

    14. Besides, she is obviously more interested in sex than metaphysics now

    15. Anyway, there is no proof about that, besides I can't imagine she could be so mean

    16. Besides, when you are poor -that is away from powerful networks- you lack knowledge for a truly profitable enterprise

    17. Besides, my friend Helen is not so talkative as she used to be; in fact, I can barely screw a word out of her

    18. "I told you about how they wanted to remain secret didn't I?" Alan said, "Besides that, they have no idea how to detect a center of learning

    19. Besides, Daniel is to be the rider of my Queen

    20. Besides the major carnivores, he was ignorant of everything else in this environment

    21. Fred pulled out a large object from besides the tree

    22. Besides the advanced fiber-optics that lit it, the stand that bore it was finely detailed Kimotran Bale-leaf, deep in lacquer with an ornate row of book rests fronting it, plenty of toe space and conveniently placed wand-racks

    23. I felt the twigs blown off the trees by the wind it made and besides that, I don't remember even telling you about it?"

    24. Besides the mess, it interferes with your love life

    25. I looked forward to my first movie night and watched George of the Jungle and besides freaking out because I was wearing the same Nike's as Brendan Fraser in the movie, the isolations stopped

    26. should you so wish besides of course sexual orientation and religion or other details that matter to you

    27. dating websites that are 100% free offer users a host of benefits, besides convenience and

    28. Besides, I feel Jakes’ hand in this somewhere

    29. Catching the odd bass is one thing, but I’ve never managed anything other than my own time, and besides, he’s hardly going to take me on in my current state of health, is he!”

    30. Besides, we have reason to believe that their population has been manipulated; we are pretty certain they do not know the truth

    31. Besides, if they can even detect these state transitions, they could be thinking the very same thing about us

    32. Besides that, getting in touch with a loved one is very grounding and uplifting at the same time

    33. The only other ship the laws of physics would allow to reach this position besides Pink Dawn and Curitiba is the Al-Harron

    34. besides people was on fire

    35. Besides, I have signals from Curitiba

    36. Besides, the warriors of the Hold held Lady Rayne in very high regard; she would be good for their Lord

    37. There were other scenarios that would keep him from fighting his mother besides the letter being coerced from her while she was still alive

    38. We are all united in that same blood; besides, there are always children needing a home after a Scather raid or a bad winter storm; that was how Kai came to be in my household

    39. Lady Killian said that would be fine, she could use the help; besides he would learn the process and be able to do the same to other ships in the fleet

    40. “You’re the only one besides Alan who could do it

    41. He probably court-martialed Thom and maybe Darryl besides

    42. Besides that, it divided the people’s beliefs

    43. Besides that place needs to be cleaned up

    44. 26And besides all this, between us and you a great chasm has been fixed, so that

    45. “At the Kassikan there are records of three starship visitations to Kassidor, besides the one we now know must have happened to get us humans here

    46. Besides, there were at some open areas, parks and

    47. Besides, it was his time

    48. Besides that, she wasn’t afraid of a cup, and that helped him hold his own when talking about living inside computational devices and information theory and the inner workings of the brain

    49. Besides their covert activities, each also, as Harry had before them, always had her face pressed in some textbook borrowed from Harry's stacks at the bungalow

    50. emphasize his point, ‘An’ besides the sailor told me

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    besides in any case also as well likewise too as well as aside from beyond apart from else anyway moreover in addition