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    1. I always wanted a pet bird growing up but Dad said they wouldn’t have survived the winter

    2. Pick a bird house that allows enough room for the snails to enter, and one that has a lid that can be opened and closed

    3. There is a story of how the miners would take a bird in a cage down with them into the mines

    4. If the bird died then everyone would leave since something was wrong

    5. Providing housing, food and water for our bird allies will help insure good insect balance

    6. Pausing with my hands in the washing up water, I watch a bird fly down to the bird table … I’ve never been much good at identifying birds, is that a tit of some sort? Goodness knows

    7. "Who's the bird then?"

    8. Our soul has escaped as a bird from the snare of the fowlers; The snare

    9. It takes a moment for him to spot the bird but it is with deep satisfaction that he finally tells me that he can see it

    10. Bird song called MacKenzie back to the hungry frailty that

    11. Together with the suited American, the two guards lifted and carried me, trussed like a roasting bird, and carefully laid my body in a metal box underneath the flat bed back of the lorry

    12. Parrot: If you hear this bird chattering, beware of a treacherous person in your circle; if a young woman dreams of a parrot, she should investigate the origins of her lover before marriage, or she will have a nasty surprise too late

    13. Kofi AwoonorWhen our tears are dry on the shoreand the fishermen carry their nets homeand the seagulls return to bird islandand the laughter of the children recedes at night,there shall still linger here the communion we forged,the feast of oneness which we partook of

    14. Christ’s cross is the sweetest burden that ever I bore; it is such a burden as wings are to a bird, or sails are to a ship

    15. her hand stared in horror at the dead bird

    16. She noticed the other bird teetering on the edge

    17. The bird circled once, twice,

    18. She wanted the bird to be happy

    19. centre of the pond was a bird of which the folk of Buttercup or

    20. landed based birds, they had never seen a bird that had settled

    21. “It’s a strange bird” said another

    22. there was a strange bird sitting on the water, but moving

    23. Holding out her arm to allow it to perch, and moving the bag holding the bread safely out of reach of the avian’s sharp beak, she carefully detached the message and sent the bird on its way

    24. The second messenger bird appeared just as she was folding this up and stowing it in her pocket

    25. “We have a special kind of bird

    26. A bird that requires our

    27. Must be a reply from the Guild people … Berndt wouldn’t have got his message yet … it was a long way to Banswell even as the messenger bird flies

    28. bird is a duck

    29. It’s been so long since I heard a bird sing

    30. comes the silent song bird

    31. Father sent off the bird immediately

    32. of a bald headed carrion bird, dry and soft, with which I trace

    33. A messenger bird catches up with us as we ride back towards the wasteg

    34. Minutes later we were soaring above Athens then circling towards the south like a migrating bird

    35. After all, we got away as fast as it is possible to … our friends couldn’t have left before us and therefore cannot get back before us and no messenger bird could have flown in the storm you tell me we had

    36. “Lancelot! What a good name for such a beautiful bird

    37. ‘I’m surprised that Wiesse hasn’t sent a messenger bird

    38. ‘Possibly – your tawstones would draw it to the boat but if you were not in view, the bird would perch as close as it could until you appeared

    39. One of the crew comes over for a closer look at the bird

    40. Muttering soothing sounds to the bird, I hold it still as the crewman tentatively holds out a hand to touch the bird

    41. ’ Berndt said once the bird has become a tiny speck

    42. Seeing the messenger bird, has brought it home to me with stunning force that by the end of today, I shall have to face my uncle … and I am less convinced that he will be delighted by my news

    43. The rest of the day goes in a whirl of activity – I am taken to a bird house where half a dozen birds are acclimatised to my tawstones and I am instructed in the mysteries of directing a bird

    44. He placed his lips against the cage making kissing sounds until the bird went over and touched them with his beak

    45. The bird took its time, chattering and fluffing up its crest and giving me a no-nonsense inspection, cocking its head from side to side until it fell into consultation with the mirror - not forgetting some whistles and curses for good measure

    46. The evening’s background sounds of bird song and bees buzzing their way from flower head to flower head were cut in two by the sharp retort of bone breaking on hard cement

    47. The bird is heavy; it settles on my left arm, its claws gripping firmly onto my shirt as I stagger under its weight, the points touching my skin through the fabric

    48. Attached to the messenger’s leg is a tube – trying not to drop the bird, I detach it and hand it to Berndt, while I tentatively stroke the creature

    49. This bird is about the size of a hawk I once saw at a demonstration of falconry, its feathers glisten in the sunlight, flashing green one moment and blue the next

    50. Another group of pilgrims passes us, their voices commenting on the messenger bird as their eyes show their awe – it is a fine specimen, there’s no doubt about that

    1. but the birds divided he not

    2. Even the birds were silent

    3. Attract birds and other creatures that naturally prey on snails and slugs

    4. Or try building a nesting home for owls and other birds

    5. For the Birds: Birds eat many different types of insects year round

    6. The birds are all dead

    7. Birds, toads, and other predators can keep fly populations down

    8. Before God created Man, before any animals had a name, Serpent flew above Eden amongst the birds and cherubim

    9. Pausing with my hands in the washing up water, I watch a bird fly down to the bird table … I’ve never been much good at identifying birds, is that a tit of some sort? Goodness knows

    10. Jack used to know all the birds … I should have listened to him more!

    11. She would kill two birds with one stone

    12. What sense it made to spread their arms like birds and cup their hands was beyond her

    13. The sheep suddenly scattered as another sound, closer, less expected, broke through the background of train, birds, sea and herbage; they regrouped a short distance beyond and stood staring

    14. Larger chileeth and ensals pursued them from below, colorful birds from above

    15. wolves, slept in the dens of lions, flew with birds, and swam beside sharks

    16. Birds were tweeting and chirping invisibly in the trees as she wandered along the lane towards the main road, it was that dead hour in the middle of the day when, in rural areas, any sensible person is inside enjoying a cup of something … it brought back memories of her childhood … she smiled at the thought … a dog barked somewhere in the distance … and a stick cracked as someone trod on it

    17. I heard the sound of birds

    18. Between the birds and the trees

    19. She’d tried thinking about it as she lay in bed listening to the Errdian night birds outside in the woods surrounding The Centre; the exercise had not got her anywhere

    20. and the birds grew strong

    21. great love for the birds

    22. The larger and stronger of the two birds flew

    23. The folk had seen birds before plenty of times, but these were all

    24. landed based birds, they had never seen a bird that had settled

    25. It was whilst sitting on the possibly Roman stone that the first of the messenger birds found her

    26. On the morning of the third day at the house Daniel awoke to the sounds of birds chirping outside his open window

    27. Travelling across the Somerset levels is a weird experience; in places, the wasteg is higher than the land and we find ourselves looking down on pretty withy pools full of birds

    28. The locals appear to have vanished indoors for the siesta; only a couple of birds perched on a roof and a cat sitting on a doorstep watch us as we make our way towards the waterside

    29. Therefore, many Yoga asanas are named after mammals, birds, sea creatures, insects, and reptiles

    30. Birds don’t sing in the withered time,

    31. The birds have flown

    32. Birds sing in the spaces

    33. I’m keen on birds

    34. ‘I wouldn’t want to annoy one of these birds, I have to say

    35. The rest of the day goes in a whirl of activity – I am taken to a bird house where half a dozen birds are acclimatised to my tawstones and I am instructed in the mysteries of directing a bird

    36. As Gilla told me, the messenger birds are considerably larger than pigeons and have claws which would deter any predator

    37. Wiesse shows an unexpectedly tender side while introducing me to the birds

    38. It seems that the affection he rarely shows to his family is kept for the birds he uses for messages

    39. I am called upon to admire this one’s plumage, and that one’s clarity of eye … all the while aware that these birds are watching me with more intelligence than I am used to seeing in an avian

    40. Vague remembrances of dinosaur films I have seen spring to mind … birds are closely related to dinosaurs, I read somewhere

    41. We ride along parallel with the riverside for some miles and although I do see some water birds and a few splashes which suggest the presence of fish, there is no sign of the rampant life I expect from a waterway like this

    42. In the distance I can see great woods stalking up the hills bordering the valley and flocks of black birds much like crows fill the air above the trees

    43. The birds sang sweetly in the hedgerows and the last of the house martins were diving and darting across the sky as they fed themselves up for their long autumn flight south

    44. You may be surprised but you can quite often kill two birds with one stone when you look for

    45. Oleanders fringed the woods and sent back a dense sweet twittering of countless birds

    46. As soon as I began to rub it in, her friends twittered and giggled with gentle laughter and began chattering like the birds and patted their old companion on her arms; well done, another one bites the dust; tales for those long winter nights I supposed

    47. The air is full of birdsong; I try to spot individual birds but the trees are now coming into leaf and it is difficult to see

    48. I understood the place of death in life and no longer cringed at dead animals or birds

    49. Listen to the birds singing, watch small critters foraging for food,

    50. The birds sang

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