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    1. inviting him to their homes, and sometimes, when the bitter tears really did fall, they

    2. I had cried myself to sleep pretty well every day since arriving here, but I found no solace in sleep at the end of this bitter, salt-laced weeping

    3. The privateer attack carrier Hardway is drafted into a force group commanded by Harry Cozen's bitter rival from Staas Company

    4. Her mother had performed the same ritual when coming of age, although for her it seemed the bitter pleasure of awakening touched her mind

    5. Bitter odours of urine-soaked fabric tempted the flies to try their luck elsewhere

    6. His neighbours spent weeks and then months cajoling him into living, inviting him to their homes, and sometimes, when the bitter tears really did fall, they even left him alone

    7. “Here you are Joe” said Jack, and gave him a full pint of bitter

    8. in the settling of earth that flew in that bitter

    9. If we have allowed our souls to be somehow bitter or untrue, we will show that bitterness and untruth before Christ

    10. She waved her hand at the figure, desperate to shoo the person away, and continued to spill bitter tears upon her red flushed cheeks, but the figure came towards her, knelt at her feet and held her hands

    11. It was bitter, and tasted only

    12. The salt was bitter on my lips

    13. Ken still grieved for his wife, but the years made the tears taste less bitter and fall less frequently, and with his strapping son rapidly becoming his closest friend, he began to feel in his bones an old, familiar stirring

    14. As he sat on his own on a stool at one end of the bar nursing a pint of bitter, ignoring the world from behind a face fit to curdle concrete, he suddenly started to hear the sounds of people’s voices around him

    15. She could feel the temperature dropping; the bitter cold against her skin told her she didn’t have much time

    16. continued to spill bitter tears upon her red flushed cheeks, but the

    17. ' Dave said, his mouth a straight line and his eyes bitter

    18. Atheists are bitter against theists because they place value on what

    19. Perhaps they are bitter

    20. Indeed he would come to be bitter

    21. bitter and fall less frequently, and with his strapping son rapidly

    22. end of the bar nursing a pint of bitter, ignoring the world from

    23. 26 I find more bitter than

    24. Maggie flips up the counter top, hits the optic at the bottom of one of the bottles of Scotch three times and glares at a man who has the temerity to ask for three pints of bitter

    25. “Want to try the local bitter?” he asked

    26. Waking was more bitter than usual – for some reason the knowledge that Billy was her twin brother made the reality of the bed she shared with Ozzie even less attractive than usual

    27. shivered in the cold, and turned his bitter eyes

    28. since last here,’ there was a bitter edge to the portly man’s tone

    29. The wind was bitter and, despite the adrenalin pumping through her, she shivered

    30. He cried bitter tears for the

    31. back bitter tears and ran to catch up with the

    32. Ken places a pint of bitter on a towel on the bar

    33. ’ Came the bitter reply

    34. The fate of the soul called Tdeshi was the reason she was going to see this investigation thru to it’s bitter conclusion, even if the hormones it flooded her with or the cups and bottles that medicated her sorrows caused her hallucinations

    35. and scratched but came up short, losing in the ninth to their bitter rivals, the

    36. Another child reached for her feet but missed, two more boys threw themselves onto the bitter cold ice, and managed to reach her feet, she’d secured the youth's arm, extending above the icy water

    37. The other children too, all but the girl, she sat motionless on the bitter cold surface of the ice, head lowered, staring in to her hands

    38. After a while it became a vicious circle, I would fail to have a successful relationship and I would be bitter and unhappy

    39. And then I failed again I was more bitter

    40. The incident had left him bitter and

    41. Once covered, the thought of having to crawl back in that bed with him, brought a bitter taste to her mouth

    42. lives was destined to die a frustrated, bitter man

    43. When Toad found himself in a dank and noisy dungeon, and knew that all the grim darkness of a medieval fortress lay between him and the outer world of sunshine and well-metalled high roads where he had lately been so happy, carrying himself as if he had bought up every road in England, he flung himself at full length on the floor, and shed bitter tears, and abandoned himself to dark despair

    44. His lungs filling with smoke, Alec couldn't help noticing the bitter flavor of Chopa intermingled with the scent of tobacco

    45. bitter westerly wind slowed their pace and made the

    46. ‘You mean, distill four hundred years of bitter study down to a teaspoon of syrup

    47. This put another drop of bitter in the sweetness of her reunification with Rendrak

    48. The speech left a bitter taste on her tongue, knowing the truth was that thus far, she had saved none

    49. would ever experience – despite the hard times and bitter

    50. bitter, it would have burned clean through forged iron

    1. Men buried their brothers, mothers buried their children and all wept until they were hollowed out and numb to the sorrow, as flesh rotted on the bone and the putrid stench of decay bittered mind and body alike

    1. When the windows ceased rattling Mr Bittering swallowed and looked at the children

    2. Mr Bittering wanted to fire a pistol in the air

    3. Mr Bittering hesitated, and then raised the mirror to his face

    4. Harry Bittering moved into the metal shop and began to build the rocket

    5. Mr Bittering held to the side of the canal, his body cold and his heart pounding slowly

    6. Mr Bittering looked at his wife

    7. ‘How nice,’ said Mrs Bittering, ‘if we could move up here to this villa for the summer

    8. ‘Yes,’ said Bittering, buried in the hot, swarming air

    1. Harry asked for a Bitters and soda on ice and settled the black document pouch into his lap gradually realizing this was a 'business dinner' and why he was there

    2. Happy, indeed, is that Christian who can be in the world and yet not of the world, who can do his duty in it, and yet not be conformed to it, who can pass through it unmoved by its smiles or its frowns, its flattery or its enmity, its open opposition or its playful ridicule, its sweets or its bitters, its gold or its sword! When I think what the world is, and see what harm it has done and is doing to souls, I do not wonder that St

    3. condition is known: bitters (digestive stimulants), carminatives (gas-relieving herbs), and

    4. The amounts used are the same as the general recommendations for bitters when they are employed for the treatment of

    5. marrubiin and possibly its precursor, premarrubiin, are herbal bitters that increase the

    6. Carminatives (also called aromatic digestive tonics or aromatic bitters) may be used to

    7. not much of that, no bitters and no stout,” he said, towelling the top

    8. She would flirt with me over a glass of tonic water with a few drops of Angostura bitters

    9. Lady Chettam, who attributed her own remarkable health to home-made bitters united with constant medical

    10. But try to tell ’em, as I have, that a Woman is made of Sweets and Bitters, that she is both Reason and Rump, both Wit and Wantonness—and you will butt your Head against a stone Wall! They’ll have it one Way or the other! Be clever, if you must, and forfeit Reputation for Beauty and Sensuality, as well as all Pleasures of the Flesh

    11. ” If he’d hollered: “Sagwa Bitters, only one dollar a bottle!” I wouldn’t have been surprised

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    bitter bitterness acrimonious biting acerb acerbic acid acrid blistering caustic sulfurous sulphurous virulent vitriolic bitingly bitterly piercingly grievous distressing painful galling sorrowful distasteful intense unpalatable tart astringent keen harsh sour sharp piercing stinging severe rigourous nipping cutting cruel sarcastic scornful embittered ill-natured resentful antagonistic rancorous hostile stern mean savage fierce merciless bloody ruthless unrelenting relentless