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    1. about what a bogus holiday Valentine’s Day was, of how the gift card companies

    2. Is there a pattern to these bogus calls? What is their specific purpose? But he couldn’t bring himself present these questions; he felt again an irresistible need to sleep

    3. It had a bogus Air Ministry label on it, ‘Sample # 114-A,’ or some such nonsense

    4. Hartle’s mother, a mythical figure to these people, was now venerated, and someone had somehow generated a bogus likeness of her, which was selling very well

    5. And, it’s true enough, when you consider the inner reality of the ship, where I can cook real bacon and eggs for breakfast, combined with the bogus displays of the simulator windows

    6. “Main…that shit was bogus holms…you call that a rap?” Brush said with

    7. Every now and again they would throw the same handful again! Couple this with biased polling and bogus voting, and you could go a long way toward creating the “reality” of

    8. It was taken from a shady source, backed with bogus (forged)

    9. Was anyone ever prosecuted for this bogus Canadian passport scam that

    10. Searching by location can be very useful, but keep in mind that it will miss tweets from people with bogus or improperly formatted locations

    11. In conjunction with Mike’s Hartford appellate attorney, I represented him in the bogus criminal matters and got those charges dismissed

    12. The only way to battle bogus assumptions is

    13. turned out to have a bogus Ph

    14. The direct use of "we" in a treat is always bogus – one individual trying to diffuse responsibility

    15. He reached the road that took him to the village but this time there were no bogus sheriff’s to worry about

    16. He copied my signature for the deposit slips, the bogus loan accounts and most everything else so they could cover themselves and lay it all at my feet and then convince Jones with their forgeries that I did it all by myself

    17. “Johnny, I swear to you that Bridges has filtered away all of this cash to pay off bogus loans

    18. “Crawling on all fours, and hanging on to this bogus job

    19. “I knew that message was bogus

    20. “We want a full retraction of that bogus story," Pratt began, “and a formal apology from the AJC

    21. “Listen," Wendy offered, “that bogus document will not hold up in court and I doubt seriously that the judge will allow her to remain anonymous

    22. “The Sun Times declined to run our story because of the lack of evidence and that bogus lawsuit," she added

    23. certain Jill had tipped Hap Dunnavant off to the bogus

    24. carts, which held the bogus financial printouts in four

    25. Ramon Gutierrez was bogus

    26. that regard they’re likely lured with false hopes and bogus

    27. in his other hand was a bogus gun

    28. ‘Indeed even giving others a phoney cover story about some bogus walking excursion in the Trossachs

    29. You don't want the same bogus winner day after day

    30. This liberal theology replaced the Bible’s true Gospel with a bogus one based on doing good works rather than personal salvation by grace and through faith in Jesus Christ

    31. Additionally, this broader, destructive theological path included false doctrine, the social gospel, and a bogus commission that brings eternal destruction

    32. A few years ago, you would see bogus charities

    33. Unfortunately, her producers and paymasters felt that her drug arrests and time in jail would bring more money into their pockets, even if they were bogus

    34. It was bogus, of course, but probably had more truth in it than much of the reporting by the media during his tenure in office

    35. I was given bogus reasons that I couldn’t accept, so I argued my case

    36. plans and then wait for her bogus invitation just before

    37. They accomplished this by setting up bogus web sites, such as gwbush

    38. Many clueless corporate people saw the duo’s bogus web sites and invited them to speak at upcoming conferences, which the two welcomed

    39. This is a bogus Canada

    40. “religious reasons” but that is completely bogus

    41. Revelation, then, serves the purpose of clarifying, toward the full truth, some of the lies written into scripture and the bogus ceremonies and rituals of the past

    42. I believe that, without a doubt, the war on terror is totally bogus

    43. On the other hand, one of these bogus sites may present you with a great many names and dates, some of which is accurate, but there are other dates and names that apply to someone who’s not related to you, even remotely

    44. Yes, her mother, but cloaked in the guise of a bogus lunatic indulging in absurd mind games with her

    45. As you may have guessed, that was a bogus bit, which I hope never occurs, coming from the mind of the late comedian George Carlin

    46. However, this "bank" which is completely bogus, will insist on an initial

    47. More complex is a second type of bogus ad click that exploits a second form

    48. The bogus sites to which victims

    49. large group of users to be herded to bogus sites

    50. shuttled to a bogus website even if they type in the correct URL

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    bastard bogus fake phoney phony false counterfeit fraudulent spurious