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    1. It was in a whole bundle of bits and pieces they had for that party

    2. "Using the AmpliMagineer user interface paradigm, you just create this location translation pane here," she drew the boundaries of the magic carpet on an image of her home's foyer, "bundle it with this location," she outlined the magic carpet as it sat there over the beach, "and snap it into this site's continuous instance list here

    3. " I struggled to get the bundle from my pocket and then handed him the envelope stuffed with exactly sixty €50 notes

    4. He hobbled and crawled to it and found the knife was still there, the clothing bundle and the water skins

    5. carrying a small bundle

    6. this girl, this bundle at my hip, the clear and present

    7. He took the bundle from his cart and walked off towards

    8. It was the same old lady but this time she was almost bent double, right in front of me like a bundle of washing, and still struggling with those boxes and bags

    9. He took a wand and drew a curve representing the bottom of the globe, then drew the bundle off of it

    10. He drew the range of motion he could get in the bundle

    11. He slashed thru that with an eraser, shifted the equator and had the eye revolve with the bundle on the axis

    12. This design would allow the bundle to rotate out to the north and the tower to track an object passing over the sky

    13. There was a whooshing sound and a second or two later a bundle of fifty-pound notes was passed through the cell bars to the young boy

    14. At 9:09pm that night, Kate delivered a beautiful baby boy; Daniel stared at the little bundle in his hands dumbfounded

    15. remaining thirty is ours,' I said and passed on a bundle of notes to each of them

    16. 'Here is my ten,' Ish said and tossed the bundle back to me, 'My contribution to

    17. 'Just when the business was looking up! Oh well,' I said and tossed my bundle

    18. was bundle Karen into the back of the car, with her flailing boots

    19. towards the bundle of scrapping youths

    20. whooshing sound and a second or two later a bundle of fifty-pound

    21. Sounds a bundle of laughs with Clarissa … this is only 1958 … the woman survived until 1975 … that’s nearly twenty years later

    22. what on earth was she doing up there? The letters first I think … there’s a bundle from Sheila … from an address in Scotland … ah, maybe the Tattoo isn’t so unlikely then

    23. A bundle of folded sheets of A4 lined paper turns up in the file for 1994 … I open them out and flatten them

    24. His father transferred another bundle of boards onto the floor of the room and re-stacked them carefully

    25. George went into the storeroom of the shop through the back hallway, his son dogging his steps, and returned with a bundle of two foot staves which he stacked on the floor of the new room

    26. Alex seated at the back of the table, smiled a warm hello, as she lowered the bundle from her arms to the floor with an exhausted sigh

    27. ‘Look in her bundle! Look in her bundle!’ cried the old

    28. response was to hug her bundle tightly to her chest

    29. Now that it was getting late in the day, all she was doing was trying the bundle, trying to get something she could carry around without too much trouble, adding a few last-minute things, removing the fur she would need tomorrow

    30. “And what's this other, then?” He asked about the second bundle laying near as Harry rolled the official sheaf of drawings back up again

    31. Chloe was so pleased with her bundle of jo, she took up every opportunity to sit back and regard her in the arms of the child's dearest female relations

    32. To use this equipment it was best to modify one’s self to have a nerve bundle growing in the center of each hair, so that impulses could be picked up as chemical signals and synapsed to the photonic amplifiers in the helmet and transmitted over the suntower thru a data-capacity channel

    33. One of the travelers, a woman with short cropped hair, cradled a small bundle of cloth to her chest while wielding a knife with her empty hand

    34. A continuous wail emitted from her tightly guarded bundle

    35. Beside it, resting in a heap, the bundle of cloth was silent

    36. He gave the bundle hanging by his side a reassuring

    37. Maybe that's why they bundle up all the time, they think they're going to keep the virus off them

    38. ’ Jacques withdrew a bundle from

    39. he hitched his bundle on to his back, settled it as

    40. evening, so, after throwing his bundle onto his cot, he

    41. up a small bundle that appeared to have been left behind

    42. this bundle to the church, as well

    43. His other hand held the bundle of cloth covering it

    44. ’ Jean gathered his bundle and stumbled along the

    45. You can purchase their Podcasting Bundle (which comes with their

    46. ways to bundle more products or services to increase the average per

    47. The leader handed his lieutenant a small bundle of parchment

    48. Soon she came back carrying a little bundle

    49. well, here” and she placed the bundle in Denalin's hands

    50. ” Senta tried to explain; Deni's sudden outburst as she opened the bundle cut her short

    1. She set her feet against the bundled knot of writhing spindle-limbs and pulled with all her strength

    2. He nearly tore out two or three of the bundled connections he’d laid just trying to get out of it as fast as he could

    3. Circling, out from the low bundled trees,

    4. “You bast…”, was all that she managed to yell at him before one of the suited gentlemen clamped his hand firmly over her mouth and bundled her onto the back seat

    5. Needing to rest I spread the bundled candles on the floor, covered them with my shirt and lay down feeling low and, once again, the outsider

    6. As soon as she heard the word “Yes” leave the lips of these kind and considerate young things, the young man’s mother bundled the girls out of the house without a “by your leave” or any further kindness being offered

    7. That same Sunday morning, following an anonymous tip off, various large and burly members of the Manchester police force’s vice squad battered down Danny’s front door, dragged him out of bed and bruisingly bundled him into the back of a white van

    8. ’ He said, pausing by the side table where cutlery is neatly bundled up in napkins - he counts out sufficient bundles and hands them to me then picks up a handful of condiments, all packaged in their plastic bags

    9. officers bundled out of the van and these same officers managed,

    10. mouth and bundled her onto the back seat

    11. man’s mother bundled the girls out of the house without a “by your

    12. bed and bruisingly bundled him into the back of a white van

    13. She was bundled in a folded quilt against the early-week chill, but excited about some info they might be interested in

    14. I cut out block after block with a saw, bundled each into straw and greased burlap, added more straw then nestled each into its own hide bag

    15. roses bundled together with careful preparation

    16. uncles, relatives visiting for the holiday—they all bundled up on that cold night

    17. The small mass of people bundled behind home plate that first game had

    18. do), and the reluctant man bundled the unwanted

    19. "For one thing they're always bundled up no matter how hot it is

    20. They not only want to keep themselves all bundled up, but they think everyone else should too

    21. In order to prevent it from turning his hand to cinder, he bundled it in layers of cloth

    22. Then wrapping her in a warm flannel dressing gown, bundled her off to bed with a steaming infusion of herbal tea

    23. Frank bundled her into the warm sitting-room and wrapped a heavy knitted woolen shawl around her shoulders

    24. Those worthless bundled mortgages (investments) are what led to this country"s financial meltdown and the collapse of the housing market

    25. A couple bundled against the snow shuffled through the edge of the square, and Amaranthe lowered her voice

    26. Beloved little flock, whom I have bundled together in My name, I am with you

    27. With that, he bundled me into the car, shutting the door with devastating finality

    28. The other, also seated in the sand with his legs covered by the bundled net, glanced up and displayed a wide grin

    29. They bundled into the limousine early the next morning

    30. the mortgages they bundled and sold were no good)

    31. The next morning, I gave him some more soup and bundled him up

    32. The houses were made of bundled grass with thatch roofs

    33. Catching sight of the horrific scene they bundled Harry to the ground

    34. Dr Hancox was bundled into the menacing looking outfit with its multitude of straps pulled tight; he dragged the semi conscious man out of the room to find a suitable place he could lock him in

    35. I can scarcely recall my Sire’s last words as he bundled me in his cape amidst the chaos and death that clung to our friends, while fires broke out throughout our home and as vampire heads in their gruesome natural form rolled in succession across our polished wooden floorboards

    36. She bundled me off to bed

    37. He bundled them up and put them in a garbage bag

    38. The three others were all bundled up in warm

    39. Ma bundled Heidi and a series of soft dolls into her arms

    40. store doors Selma and Ma bundled up and followed her

    41. Mick bundled up and headed out with Salvation bounding

    42. bundled up her tiny infant and took her into the barn to meet the

    43. I’d feel silly bundled up like a bear with his winter fat while you’re all running around in short sleeves!”

    44. She bundled them in

    45. He sees a wooden table, framed by a glimmer of moonlight, and feels the roughness of the cloths bundled underneath which serve for a makeshift bed

    46. the girl got out of the clink, she was bundled off to Italy to do spaghetti westerns as her

    47. and homeward bound, where she bundled him into bed

    48. Both girls wore head scarfs and they bundled up in heavy sweaters

    49. which is usually bundled with the motherboard driver/utility disk

    50. hospitals give pause to the concept of the widely touted proposal of bundled

    1. It didn’t seem to bother Timms much to see the image of the Chief like that, with bundles of control cables thick as her thighs and arms coming out of her pelvis and her shoulders

    2. Both sides of the connection were synthetic materials, of course and on the inside, the bundles of fibers that had severed their connections in flat planes didn’t look like real muscle

    3. Where the limbs should have been that reached out to her world there were only bundles of colored control conduits extending off into the web around her

    4. The bundles of control conduits feeding into Horcheese blocked the projection in a few places, but the bridge’s tactical display covered half the bridge

    5. Alderfolk Pottypears put the bundles, gently on a table that had

    6. Overlooking a stone floor stacked with several bundles of candles, a large framed icon hung on the wall next to the altar

    7. He crossed himself whilst testing the bundles with his toe and then the maroon shorts came into view and I knew he was the enemy

    8. ’ He said, pausing by the side table where cutlery is neatly bundled up in napkins - he counts out sufficient bundles and hands them to me then picks up a handful of condiments, all packaged in their plastic bags

    9. reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but

    10. Without being asked, Edna made up a few bundles for the young

    11. “The hardest part,” said George, “was keeping Wang Lung, Lizette, and the others from spilling the beans while I was making preparations and hurrying to get it completed before our next bundles of joy arrive

    12. She put her bundles down on the sitting room table and backed into the corner of the couch with her feet up, staring at the door

    13. His walls were festooned with screens and he had a brook driving an escapement driving a big tracking mirror on a suntower collecting light that was conducted thru thick fiber bundles to his components with outlets all over the room, most of them in use

    14. “What could possibly be in those bundles?” I really didn"t expect an answer, I was so enthralled

    15. “Please, God, be with us,” I prayed while I prepared bundles

    16. Joseph had barely finished tying the bundles to the donkey"s back and returned upstairs when Ruth and Matthew arrived, their faces red from the cold air

    17. Going back outside I brought one of the bundles from the donkey

    18. The rest of the camp was a scene of men and women going about their business, or following strict orders, servants bustling left and right with arms burdened with bundles, armoured soldiers marching in small groups carrying swords or shields towards the outer defence lines, Alit’aren strolling with an air of pride and dignity, often trailed by a host of Ael Tarael like motherly foxes patrolling after potentially rabid wolves

    19. All around her were bundles and boxes and piles of toys and games, and

    20. Cheer Brothers began to hurry and bustle and carry out the bundles as

    21. bundles and skipped along too, for she wanted to help a bit

    22. bundles of presents for each other and for their little ones

    23. Then he made up several bundles of hay and tied these on the other side

    24. The Harvest is separated, all bundles are set in Their Places

    25. For all bundles lie in the field already,

    26. The Harvest is separated, all bundles are set in Their Places cont

    27. We set off for our journey laden with suitcases and bundles

    28. On the first delivery, his Honduran contact handed him two large bundles of American dollars

    29. He found comfort in the normalcy of ox-drawn carts loaded with produce, picked coffee beans, sugar cane, and women with bundles balanced on their heads weaving their way through the crowd

    30. Farmers with their horse-drawn carts, women with large bundles on their backs, couples like themselves, carrying suitcases, some with small children tagging along, all were bound for their own destinations

    31. He moved inside to a table in the far corner and watched through the window as the four who had walked the streets returned, the bundles on the beach inflated to become dinghies then, with the addition of sixty horsepower outboards, high-speed powerboats

    32. Straining to wrestle huge bundles from the overhead racks, they collided, cursed and shoved

    33. horse and cloths for you along with several bundles

    34. “Oh? And then what would you do?” Hunter asked, taking bundles of cash out of the bag and putting them in the open safe

    35. After picking up a few bundles of cordwood, the ranger gave them a printout of warnings on climbing and loose rock, fire care, permissible swimming spots, use of the privies, animal-proofed trash cans, and behavior of rabid animals

    36. Examining one of the folded bundles, I saw that they only contained one change of clothes and an extra pair of sandals

    37. Instead they were grabbing what looked like bundles of those wands and stashing them in various places in their uniforms

    38. Give my notes to Theodore when he arrives and show him the bundles I brought back with me

    39. I noticed that the wagon was still there with all of father’s bundles on it

    40. “He left some notes for you and those bundles on the wagon over there

    41. “There is a risk of an inadvertent criticality if the bundles are distorted and get too close to

    42. One of the men finished loading a bad-tempered, foul-smelling donkey with long bundles of straw, in which was hidden a liberal number of arrows and a long bow

    43. are — mere habits of thoughts and feelings, bundles of

    44. During a nostalgic walk through the mountains of Salas de los Barrios, Roger’s place of birth, they met a very old man who was struggling to load his donkey with bundles of wood

    45. 35 And it came to pass as they emptied their sacks, that, looking, every man's bundle of money was in his sack: and when both they and their father saw the bundles of money, they were afraid

    46. Medullary bundles and the evolution of cacti

    47. page bundles all of those services or features

    48. bundles of money, they were afraid

    49. Leave them to grow both together until the harvest and in the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers Separate the tares first and bind them in bundles to be burned with fire; and gather the wheat into my barns

    50. He saw the beacon -- a man-high pile of oil-soaked wood, stuffed with bundles of birch-bark -- in the middle of the round room

    1. The drying rooms, the polishing area, the bundling, tubing, and packaging areas were each a model of efficiency and order

    2. Ten minutes later Frank was bundling his wet clothes, shoes and rucksack into a dryer

    3. Jevon seemed motivated; he'd repacked the picnic in minutes and was bundling Kady into the back of the car

    4. I wanted to come up with a simple but powerful technique for bundling the key communication concepts in a way

    5. bundling of care, an increase to primary care providers was suggested

    6. Brand promotion can be used with bundling


    8. as your own, editing, and bundling with other products in a

    9. And the lack of connectivity of the share holders in house bundling stocks, keeps them from receiving what the banks are getting, because the Insurance companies, with somebody’s permission, had the audacity to insure these stocks on margin and then went belly up when the market caved in

    10. pillows lining your sofas and chairs however, if your mind doesn't convince you there is always the option of just bundling up and letting your body convince your mind

    11. Thane stared at her incredulously as she hurled herself at Trog, bundling him away from the

    12. But the students had already left the hall and only the invigilator was seen bundling up the answer sheets

    13. Entrepreneurs are taught that there is more money in bundling than in “cafeteria” selling

    14. unique in bundling restaurants with grocery stores in a single category, with rebates of 2%

    15. Are you already doing this? Try bundling your local and long-

    16. Giving Tags the chance to skate was an unrealized benefit of me bundling Cooper

    17. effectively utilized, symbolism and symbologies are methodologies of bundling and organizing

    18. Sowenna, bundling out of the schoolhouse

    19. bundling together the harness he had taken off, and flinging it on the ground

    20. And even as he should have been bundling them into boxes, he found himself wanting to linger over the books one last time, as if saying goodbye to the friends of his youth

    21. His brain was bundling itself up, getting woolly

    22. Several kids of different ages stood near a copy machine, bundling flyers

    23. While Eponine and Azelma were bundling up the cat, Cosette, on her side, had dressed up her sword

    24. So Mrs Beaver and the children came bundling out of the cave, all blinking in the daylight, and with earth all over them, and looking very frowsty and unbrushed and uncombed and with the sleep in their eyes

    25. Yes, there is death in this business of whaling—a speechlessly quick chaotic bundling of a man into Eternity

    26. "There… in the outer room," answered the old man, bundling together the harness he had taken off, and flinging it on the ground

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