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    1. burned away along with the cancerous ones

    2. He was aware of a stench of rotting, cancerous flesh

    3. “They will revert your cancerous cells to a healthy state, all of them, swiftly and permanently

    4. I suppose I could have walked to the back of the bus and tried to explain to those guys that a guy our age was sitting in a hospital room, pumping his body full of poisons and hoping to kill his cancerous leukemia cells

    5. same time prayed for an end to his cancerous misery

    6. He knew I was a boring old man gifted with a cancerous prostate

    7. Science ‘knows’ when life begins --- they know that the new cells in the mother’s uterus are not a tumor, cancerous or a goat; even though it doesn’t have all the features one sees in a picture of a new born child

    8. Focus immediately shifted to ascertaining whether the tumor was cancerous, which it was

    9. Therefore, the hip replacement which finally occurred on Labor Day, was deferred and the cancerous one-half of Mike’s left kidney was removed in July

    10. The pimple proves to be cancerous

    11. A brown line of herbicided grass and weeds followed the boundary and continued on each side of the stream, transforming it into an eroded drain flanked by cancerous brown dust

    12. have a cystic ovary and the medicos were worried that it might be cancerous so

    13. Her ovary was cancerous and had been removed

    14. But the happy occasion was soon blighted with the news that Bernadette had found a lump in her breast and that on examination it was found to be cancerous

    15. The pain, a dull mass of indescribable heaviness, a cancerous ache, smouldered and burned from the reaches of his mind to his legs and feet

    16. They identify the source of the cancerous growth, travel to it, and attack

    17. It was cancerous and I underwent a colostomy, which was reversed a few months later

    18. While recovering at home, I was soon found to have another cancerous mass in my colon

    19. He contributed this to the rampant corruption in the world and its cancerous effects on the minds of decent people

    20. “The doctor said it could have been cancerous and they did a biopsy

    21. proliferation of normal cells, while inhibiting the proliferation of cancerous cells

    22. along the cancerous portion thereby depriving normal cells with nutrients

    23. Benign cancerous growth I think the word is called, fully

    24. In addition to proving their lands were a still-ticking time bomb, a cancerous gift leftover from the Brazilian Wars, Sabina knew what toxins to test for

    25. Coffee drinking has been reported to increase breast pain associated with no cancerous

    26. That the love of money – the cancerous root of self-consuming ownership – diseased the air, water, land, food and all that lived in, under and above the Earth

    27. These create new comformication systems with new fields, particles, attractors and gravities which might instigate cancerous proliferation or trigger collective transcendences

    28. Eartheart's cancerous sores and lesions: brown sites metastasizing into superfund malignancies, tumorous military bases spewing global toxicity, industrial farming blooming red algae leukemia throughout her atrophying arteries

    29. When IT is the psychotherapist who is being analyzed, why, what for and towards what end? When IT is the patient, who the doctor, how, why, for what? As IT might see our actions, individual and collective, as cancerous mutations or threats to its virtual integrity, Eartheart is perceiving IT, via how we use IT or use it not, as the one killing her

    30. If we are the terrorist cancerous organ of AIDS, then the least harm to Eartheart and IT is to excise the organ that is consuming, polluting and poisoning the other organs

    31. “His heart is cancerous; he's in want of a new one

    32. We only see greed in its end stage grotesqueness – a cancerous tumor that has consumed all, rather than an illness that all are susceptible to and most die with, without ever developing a tumorous mass

    33. In my dialog with the SELF I can learn how to win over cancerous substances and how to allow more space for vital processes that increase my being, that help me reach a fullness of existence, and that are gifts not just for me but for the whole Universe

    34. suggest that tomato seeds can be cancerous, which gives you all the

    35. They are cancerous byproducts of illegitimate Islam

    36. becoming cancerous in the testicle

    37. In many cases their genitals become deformed and cancerous, and grow so big: that the chick breaks its own shell before it has developed lungs to breathe and dies prematurely, because all its growth spurt has been sucked up into its cancerous genitals swelling into a cancerous growth so huge: that its swelling genitals crack the chicks shell before it is ready to live

    38. What is the criminal practice of swindling but skinning someone alive of their money? The inhuman horror of killing and skinning and poisoning, and greed, and hate these first English scum were unleashing upon a virgin continent that had never been raped… the huge energy potential of the growing cancerous poisons they were infecting this land with… was so huge: that these first would-be skinners lost their own skins in the process and died horrible deaths

    39. It was rebuilt again… Re-creating the complete destruction and rebuilding of the Jamestown cancerous infestation of civilized European scum and its repeated rebuilding, re-manning… until they finally found a way to make money

    40. Creating an ulcerous sore in Ireland… arousing the Ire of the Irish, creating a cancerous foreign English colony in Ireland that has festered and rotted and created hate and death and pain and suffering and religious racism for over 300 years and still counting

    41. Similarly… in his evil name, the cancerous colony of Jamestown was also planted as an ulcerous sore on a fresh New World

    42. Have the Jews learned anything from seven thousand years of persecution and oppression? The entire racial-cultural-religious unrest and foment is a living-seething cancerous center, inside the greater European-Asian continent… existing off-balance… the center closer to the West than to the East… existing as an unfair pus-filled balance-point of rotten, rotting, sacred, white ideas-mistakes-territory-power-concepts that are being focused upon this land and never healing

    43. As cancer rates increase, and new diseases are created by the entire cancerous stress-poison of civilized ease and chemical toxins added to our food and environment

    44. Like all specialized forms of human expertise, medicine is totally myopic in its research: such as looking for a medical cure for cancer… when our entire civilized environment is cancerous

    45. His cancerous skin diseases betrayed how uncomfortable he was in his own skin

    46. Work itself has become cancerous and poisonous to people’s health

    47. Their cultural legacy was a cancerous mutation between the pre-historic culture of Squatters, and the pre-historic culture if the walkers

    48. The immaculate conception of Christianity has become a cancerous disease called; Immaculate Consumer Consumption

    49. They have only become cancerous because of how all of you lives, and what all of you eats

    50. These things are more cancerous, more poisonous, more rotten, more pus-filled with evil: than the most lethal radioactive isotopes on earth

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