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    1. She watched him for a few seconds, he was not a natural chef and had to concentrate on the pan

    2. They were especially keen to send their tomatoes to the restaurants run by their celebrity chef chums in the bustling centres of expensive consumer consumption that shined amid the phantom lights of the capital city

    3. She quickly introduced him to the head chef, who was delighted to make the acquaintance of the man who had sent him such wonderful fruit and vegetables for the previous night’s culinary extravaganza

    4. A few months previously, when the kitchen had a very bad experience with the government catering suppliers, she had shown the head chef some her uncle’s home grown fruits that she was going to have for her lunch

    5. Ever since then the head chef insisted on ordering fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables for banquets and special occasions through old Ted’s niece, and all the while the unsuspecting Ted had been convinced that his niece was strangely obsessed by fresh fruit and vegetables

    6. tomatoes to the restaurants run by their celebrity chef chums in the

    7. suppliers, she had shown the head chef some her uncle’s home

    8. then the head chef insisted on ordering fresh seasonal fruit and

    9. She inspects the bar, checks table layouts and reservations, and spends an hour with chef

    10. Connor, I have lost an assistant chef to a restaurant in Sacramento and am now short-handed; would you consider allowing Jameson to help out on weeknights and the odd weekend in my kitchens?” She inquired tactfully of the Livery proprietor

    11. basting it like a concerned chef

    12. Jameson spent more time in the kitchens during the restaurant's off-season learning the arts, processes and techniques of becoming a chef

    13. Chef Paul, Paul Nigel—a most diligent bachelor--- was only too glad to fill the idle days tutoring the lad, and Jameson was a quick study, eager and humble with a great admiration for his mentor

    14. Mandy made sure Chef Paul's tutoring efforts for Jameson weren't just instructional; she had the meals delivered to the young and struggling families scattered around and within reach of the village

    15. Titania made sure that he knew they were missing him, and about how Jameson was being personally trained by the head chef

    16. Jameson was officially promoted to assistant chef and his time in the kitchens increased

    17. One of the provisos she had insisted upon in her contract of transfer was that Jameson would no longer be a member of her former restaurant's staff, which naturally left him with the only avenue available for the pursuit of his chosen vocation---the head chef for the new establishment

    18. That was most near the root of his conflict, he was also determined to stay in his kitchens where he was the chef and lord of his domain

    19. When all were seated Ashpenaz signalled the chef to start bringing in the food

    20. The queen was happy for the couple, offering them the banqueting hall in the palace and insisting that the royal chef and his staff provide a wedding feast fit for a king, exactly to Helez’s specifications

    21. Helez set about compiling a suitable menu and delivered it in person to the chef

    22. The chef has certainly outdone himself this time, Zarko thought

    23. He complimented the palace staff and the master chef for their hard work in preparing the meal

    24. After seven hours of non-stop drinking the truth came out! Apparently, they appointed their fattest constable as chef as was the SAP COIN tradition and he did quite well even if bitterly disappointed not to shoot some terrorists

    25. The chef was a kind if slightly portly man and said: “No problem mate, it is prepared with love, help yourself then

    26. That was three days ago and since then they drank to forget and to wash their mouths with alcohol although the communist f chef said it was the first time it happened

    27. He added, “It means you pay a great deal of money to eat whatever the chef cares to feed you

    28. The chef was in raptures at the thought of preparing a meal for you for the first time

    29. “You should tell the chef that I’m really flattered

    30. “Club members have their own carcass kept for them here and once a year the chef prepares a special meal from it

    31. Our chef is one of the finest, and quite frankly, one of the most famous; in the world,” she promised regally

    32. Playing chef over a bed of coals was something he loved on the beach, so it seemed a good sedative for his nerves while they waited for the city to sleep

    33. Even Keith Floyd,[4] the international TV celebrity chef, has a restaurant close by in Patong; I must go and visit him

    34. I’m sure the ‘Cordon Bleu’ French chef who invented the dish would be delighted to know that it has now been re-invented by an Aussie

    35. He told me he was a chef who had a restaurant somewhere in Italy before moving here three years ago simply because he enjoys the lifestyle

    36. I found out that he’d been an assistant chef at La Costa

    37. The college was indebted to the chef and the staff…and so on

    38. As they gazed at each other, the chef appeared and stood obsequiously at Bruce’s side

    39. “I paid the chef to make that appearance

    40. Interior Decoration and Pampered Chef are just a few more party sales that you

    41. gourmet Chef we have flown in, and you will have the run of the

    42. Their raven-haired waitress had explained that the chef

    43. with a cartoon of a fat chef turning burgers on an out door grill

    44. The baker was like the head chef and over the storehouses

    45. I remember being chased around the kitchen by a Chinese chef with a chopping knife when I made a comment about the way he was storing food

    46. There were times when I had to come back at night and stand on the hood of my car with wire cutters to take down a sign in order to avoid a confrontation with the chef or restaurant owner

    47. “You are? Good! We are having food sent with us by the chef

    48. Just then the chef himself came out of the kitchen with two waitresses carrying a lovely choco-

    49. “I haven’t been to a place yet,” Mel said, “that talks about their chef and his credentials

    50. His celebrity baker was really a chef hoarding books at her place yet imposing a matter-of-fact style to ‘showing up’

    1. It has become more than a cook's court now, it is where the top aquatic food chefs compete at large elaborate counters with flaring flames and loud sizzling

    2. In the crowd of waiters, waitresses and chefs, stood Jameson Connor in his new white kitchen jacket, beaming with pride

    3. with chefs and butlers, was too maddening a mystery

    4. Perhaps the chefs and servers were too

    5. They were ogling and drooling watching the chefs drumming up the simple but stunning chocolate fondant when the phone rang

    6. He watched how the chefs scrambled from place to place making sure everything was in order with the food

    7. Many times our investigations upset both the chefs and the owners of the restaurants

    8. The waiters were students from the Dundee School of Catering which had an excellent reputation and trained some of the best chefs in the country

    9. The meals were prepared by the best chefs who mostly came from former ocean liners

    10. The consumption of butter on the big passenger liners was never questioned, so the chefs ladled it on generously

    11. Chefs can do a lot of things with pastas and the price is usually very reasonable

    12. I’m the chef at The Crop, y’know, the restaurant where Jo works, well, one of the chefs anyway

    13. Crinigan spun around on his stool and saw a man stood behind him dressed in chefs whites

    14. reveals an intricate fetish society within the secret realm of vampire covens that delight in consuming exotic foods prepared by high profile chefs

    15. premises, with chefs that had actually been trained,

    16. some of the most creative chefs around

    17. Chefs, on the other hand, are for artistic expression, but not necessarily needed to keep the city running

    18. So think now, about this: would the world not be a better place if we were all granted a vision of this man in the mist? There would be no industry for the mattress makers, no jobs for the top chefs, no bonuses for bankers

    19. While the two chefs wrestled with the recipe, another entered the kitchen through the back door

    20. He heard that you could order whatever food you wanted any time you wanted, and the five-star chefs in the White House Kitchen would have it ready in a heartbeat

    21. disciplined when it comes to not ordering the Chef"s Special pecan pie for desert, yet order a glass or two of wine with their meal?

    22. ‘Both the chefs are busy today

    23. He bows his head and pretends to eat, despite the fact that his plate is almost empty and the chefs have since removed the dinner platters

    24. newly graduated local chefs

    25. Hiss and he both enjoyed steak cooked by one of OWG’s finest chefs, who had come along with the driver and the limousine on a cargo plane

    26. BBQ chefs who use enough starter fluid to torch a warehouse, to light 2-burger hibachis, polluting neighbors’ air while ingesting more

    27. In case of food complaint, depending on the chef"s availability, the latter deals with the

    28. On tonight's installment of Ptomain 2 U, we have three Stainless Supper chefs, one contaminated secret ingredient and ten dinner guests

    29. The pasha employed only the world’s most famous and skilful chefs in his kitchen and paid them high salaries

    30. In fact, many chefs consider the brunoise cut as one of

    31. There were, of course, master chefs

    32. Half a dozen bartenders dispensed champagne, whiskey, soft drinks and beer, while four chefs busily prepared food over outdoor fires

    33. Probably comes in handy when barking orders to his chefs and

    34. Jacob finished the wine while Sophie instructed the chefs on the next morning’s activities and the kitchen porter cleaned up

    35. She saw some familiar faces, a couple of Manhattan’s top chefs and restaurant managers

    36. Why do chefs the world over, put black or white pepper on top of almost everything whether it is cooked or not? Because for one million years: we cooked our food over a wood-burning fire

    37. shortest routes to hotels, diners would instruct chefs on the proper methods for

    38. Lucky then, that they were all master chefs and

    39. On the street level, we still see caps and gowns at graduations, and chefs with floppy hats, judges

    40. and the two young chefs immediately bowed to him

    41. The two chefs looked at each other, unsure they actually heard someone call the Chief Enforcer, „Chev'

    42. “Can we help you, Child?” one of the young chefs asked from behind her

    43. Rosemary Keogh was expelled from more than one school for refusing to follow the rules, and actually held internships under two different chefs in Europe—which begs the question, did Daddy have to pay someone off so she could finish her training—training she apparently couldn’t get anyone in the U

    44. “And what else? I understand you actually completed two full internships in Europe with chefs who focused on different things

    45. Cami called a gathering at the house, including Blake and all of the other department heads, the main chefs, head of housekeeping and assistant managers of each department along with their significant others, which meant Vince was by her side

    46. TIP! Kitchens are breeding grounds for mold, which can torment would-be chefs who have mold allergies

    47. In the back, chefs and servers are busy preparing for the lunch rush, boiling and steaming and chopping, wiping down counters, filling out the chalkboard with today’s selections, shouting to one another in English and Spanish

    48. “The menu was Irys’ choice, however, and the chefs are Prince Daivyn’s, not mine

    49. ) The chefs will “lovingly prepare” lacto-ovo vegetarian food

    50. Köttbullar - Swedish Meatballs There are almost as many recipes for Swedish meatballs as there are Swedish amateur chefs

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