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    1. Lady Chimera screamed in terror and the room resounded with her shrill cry of pain, as Arion fired again, this time against her

    2. “So, our little Chimera has found someone who greatly interests him there

    3. ) He unwittingly exposes the left"s ignorant, self-serving interpretation of our Constitution by referring to the chimera of a „living constitution

    4. Without it, Christianity is a chimera, a fanciful notion

    5. This appalling vision of a god so uncaring eventually led to a kinder gentler representation that progressed through a chimera of previous animal versions, finally leading to a more humanlike, then more approachable human stand-in

    6. The Chimera charged, its lion teeth gnashing

    7. Riptide was now a shining bronze blade in my hands, and as the Chimera turned, I slashed at its neck

    8. The Chimera might still be up there with its snaky, fat mother, waiting to finish me off

    9. I told them the whole story of the Chimera, Echidna, my high-dive act, and the underwater lady’s message

    10. She thought , maybe this is all a chimera, and Jennie skedaddled as soon as she got that threatening phone call

    11. chimera and prayed with all his might

    12. In the land of lycia , chimera a fire-breathing animal with a lion's head, a goat's body,

    13. The chimera was killed by the hero Bellerophon on the winged horse Pegasus

    14. Bellerophon a victim of slander who was sent against the monstrous chimera, which he killed with the help of his winged horse Pegasus

    15. The chimera of the Third Reich died with Hitler

    16. actions: unthinkable chimera with multiple heads, arms, legs, tails, and wings, as

    17. because it is a chimera, a collective image that has properties of several animals: a

    18. The chimera spoke to him

    19. Suddenly they were surrounded by a circle of pale chimera, appearing as shadows on a reversed negative, and as the revenants swept outward the apelike creatures screeched and leapt away, catching at and running over one another in their haste to disappear into the falling darkness of the forest

    20. The clouds of pale chimera swept back out of the forest and enveloped his clasped hands, and Caleb cried out

    21. With both hands he plunged the stave deep into the soil and the chimera followed it to earth like a lightning strike, and a shock wave pulsed outward, as from the epicenter of a quake realigning the crust of the earth

    22. The cultural images of the chimera, the dragon: come from the early human undead of the east mixing their auras with other animals: especially reptiles and birds

    23. Suddenly, a black reptile or some entity, which seemed like a Chimera of the ancient Greek, crept out of a crevice making cold baying sounds

    24. I have never yet seen any book of chivalry that puts together a connected plot complete in all its numbers, so that the middle agrees with the beginning, and the end with the beginning and middle; on the contrary, they construct them with such a multitude of members that it seems as though they meant to produce a chimera or monster rather than a well-proportioned figure

    25. An ideal image of the soul, like the composite creations of ancient mythology, such as the Chimera or Scylla or Cerberus, and there are many others in which two or more different natures are said to grow into one

    26. BLOOM: (Impassionedly) These flying Dutchmen or lying Dutchmen as they recline in their upholstered poop, casting dice, what reck they? Machines is their cry, their chimera, their panacea

    27. I’faith, I was beginning to wonder whether the Foul Fiend wasn’t more Chimera than Reality, for Man was Devil enough, I knew

    28. I stared at the symbol, the chimera, the bile roiling in my gut

    29. So that source of yours, did he tell you just how they killed this chimera back then?”

    30. I was sure it was a serial, but maybe our best chance was this guy with the chimera embroidered on his jacket

    31. This damned chimera

    32. There was no sign of Chimera, or anybody

    33. It was the same guy, Chimera

    34. I had to know more about that chimera

    35. ” I laid down the photo of the biker with the chimera jacket

    36. I took her through the maze of dead ends: the van, the chimera sketch, the surveillance photo of the Templars, that CSU had come up with nothing on the Davidson ambush

    37. “When you find Chimera

    38. You figured out Chimera

    39. The second thing was a request for the Chimera files

    40. And he wanted us to find the chimera

    41. “Or unless,” Cindy said, chewing her lip, “the chimera doesn’t lead back to a hate group at all

    42. It had to be Chimera

    43. Could I take Chimera in the car? What if the doors were locked?

    44. Was it Chimera?

    45. “Look,” I insisted, “these chimera clues weren’t exactly popping out at us in press releases

    46. Chimera… the word used in another context, some other form that would help the case

    47. That was where she’d heard of Chimera

    48. They called themselves Chimera

    49. The head of Chimera

    50. From my jacket pocket, I took out the same two chimera photos I had shown Estes and held them in front of his face

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