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    1. By piecing together this circumstantial evidence and combining it with a few scraps of intelligence that we gleaned during our interrogations, we also decided that we were currently the guests of Cruce Signati, who held sway along the Thames Valley corridor and down in the deep heart of the South West

    2. These are connections, Billy, circumstantial, but in my line of work most things are

    3. The third form of dukkha is our emotional dissatisfaction with the way the conditional, circumstantial world works

    4. It is the first great revolution in the affairs of mankind of which history has preserved any distinct and circumstantial account

    5. The fall of the western empire is the third great revolution in the affairs of mankind, of which ancient history has preserved any distinct or circumstantial account

    6. ―To whom much is given, much is expected‖, however circumstantial

    7. We are all (ultimately) defined by the choices we make whether or not such choices are circumstantial or embarked upon voluntarily

    8. An event, whether circumstantial or occasioned by design, is the outcome of some assignable cause

    9. (Iraq/Iran/Syria/Libya/North Korea); that is to say, nations that support terrorist causes, notwithstanding the overwhelming volume of circumstantial evidence that, rightly considered, common sense should not (otherwise) refute, must inevitably undermine our nation‘s ability to properly defend itself

    10. That individual is likely to assign ―good‖ or ―evil‖ as accidents of nature or circumstantial rather than ―things‖ lying within themselves

    11. They should be extended on the basis of (overriding) circumstantial evidence that otherwise creates (plausible) doubt as to the merits of the conviction

    12. Whether or not our ―decided‖ actions are informed by ―non-causal‖ factors (Free Will) or guided by the Determinate Laws of Nature (circumstantial or accidental events) or whether such actions represent a combination of both, Behaviorists are likely to agree that the latter argument is (the) more plausible of the two

    13. That is to say, a creator cannot be a (component) part of his or her own creation because Creator and (the) Created are necessarily restricted by the circumstantial dynamics of practical invention that (otherwise) sets them apart

    14. “There is a mountain of circumstantial evidence,” pointed out Cleve Walks-in-the-Shadows

    15. �Well, we have one suspect with circumstantial evidence which could lead to an indictment, and we have another suspect who we can't prove as the murderer to this case

    16. �Steve,� as she turned around to face him, �all this circumstantial evidence can cloud one's mind, and dogs aren't allowed on the jogging path at the Mall

    17. Stuart would be charged with murder, and the circumstantial evidence was strong enough to send him away for 8 years at least

    18. All they had was a collection of circumstantial evidence

    19. “Everything is just circumstantial, Mom

    20. Instead, the prosecution had to proceed with more circumstantial data

    21. Circumstantial evidence leads us to believe that it occurred somewhere around the time that Mr

    22. Michael lived at the time, the circumstantial evidence started adding

    23. They only had circumstantial evidence

    24. They charged Michael but all they had was circumstantial evidence

    25. Any motive he might have for the murder can only be deduced from circumstantial hearsay or creative imagination

    26. The police would have so much circumstantial evidence on him, they would probably shoot him on sight

    27. Again it was circumstantial but it helped to incriminate Olivera

    28. Her quick reading of the case file raised at once a number of suspicions in Nancy’s mind: for one thing, the case had been purely circumstantial, with the teenager condemned solely on the strength of the words of her uncle and parents, and this despite her vehement protests that her uncle had been the one abusing her

    29. If that was the case, he would need to seriously weigh everything she said before making any rash or unwise decisions that he could not substantiate in court with irrefutable, unprejudiced facts; otherwise, any such controversial case would be immediately dismissed on circumstantial evidence and would leave a scar on his reputation

    30. “Yes, but it’s all such flimsy evidence,” Lord Ashburn protested with a hint of disgust at the circumstantial evidence

    31. Letting the matter pass as trivial, Lord Ashburn resolved, “In light of that, Inspector, I don’t see that I can protest your decision to arrest him, but I still believe much of your evidence is circumstantial and not likely to serve conducively to a conviction in your courts

    32. As he made his journey to the third floor via the elevator rather than the main staircase in order to conserve his energy, he studied the reactions that the Ashburns had had to the latest developments and found it rather curious that, while Lady Jane seemed to expect this, her husband was completely astounded that such action would be taken on what he believed to be circumstantial evidence

    33. That last piece of information was purely circumstantial and could simply mean that some of those Russian men had previously stayed in that same hotel room sometimes in the past, but Kimi didn’t think so

    34. Hopefully, he could extract a confession from the real killer before it was too late or before the suspects all left the resort, for he knew he could not hold them here against their will on merely circumstantial evidence

    35. � To be honest, the source of our information agreed that the case of Lord Rotschild was mostly circumstantial and was never conclusive, but there are many troubling links between Lord Rotschild and a number of the suspects that later fled to the Soviet Union

    36. Those are circumstantial evidence only and this man could pretend that he only finds the girls and that someone else produces the pornographic films

    37. Banks had a pile of circumstantial evidence, yes, but

    38. all prior evidence had been circumstantial

    39. Right now, it’s all circumstantial

    40. Logic told them it was Clegg with nothing factual to support either theory other than a stream of circumstantial evidence

    41. All of it seems circumstantial and without

    42. “Ah, but I have more circumstantial evidence,” Garcia said, pointing to the screens, where once again

    43. “Because I have been unable to gather anything but circumstantial

    44. “There is enough circumstantial evidence that I could start a war with the

    45. With the knowledge that the AG was the only one to leave Camp David that morning, he would normally have gone on the air and started questioning circumstantial evidence

    46. No obvious fraud had come to light yet, and there was no evidence, apart from circumstantial, that anyone had been tampering with the banking industry’s security systems

    47. Circumstantial evidence points to him, but there isn’t a shred of real evidence to link any of this business to him

    48. Although, for once, he was innocent, the circumstantial evidence that he had double-crossed them all was overwhelming

    49. “I must admit that, apart from the photographs, the evidence we have is so far largely circumstantial

    50. I was very upset at first, of course, to think the girl might have been two-timing me in some way, but all the circumstantial evidence seems to be pointing her way

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    circumstantial uncertain inferential presumptive presumed indirect minute precise thorough particular