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    1. She was very elegantly coiffed, fine strings of pearls woven

    2. Her thin curly brown dyed hair was always neatly coiffed and seemed to suggest that she was expecting a date or important company or perhaps getting ready to go to church

    3. I saw Linz but this beautifully coiffed and dressed regal Princess wasn’t the stalwart warrior I’d known and I was tongue tied around her

    4. Her long brown hair was sleekly coiffed in a low ponytail

    5. Well dressed, well coiffed, well made up

    6. Every time they appear only at state occasions; they wear the most perfectly coiffed hairdos and the most perfectly glittering attired garments

    7. I should have become a ladies" coiffeur

    8. Women had no use for coiffeurs

    9. At the small salon, which was owned and run by a young Armenian coiffeur and his sister, he soon learnt the techniques and knack of washing, cutting, shaping, combing and permanent waving of long, beautiful

    10. A young man and woman who were skilled coiffeurs and a

    11. Luckily, my father had kept on his two coiffeurs and when I left there was no gap to fill

    12. by snobbish head-coiffeurs and the answer was usually a curt, „No"

    13. The shop was quiet and I saw just two ladies being attended to by two male coiffeurs and some women"s voices could be heard chatting somewhere beyond

    14. brother and that he was a coiffeur as well

    15. accommodated themselves with the other coiffeurs

    16. Even when he was in the shop, I was usually the most sought after coiffeur

    17. Besides Taki and myself, there were two other men and two women coiffeurs

    18. Personnel and coiffeurs came and went

    19. There is something mystical in this relationship of coiffeur and client

    20. VIRAG: Number two on the other hand, she of the cherry rouge and coiffeuse white, whose hair owes not a little to our tribal elixir of gopherwood, is in walking costume and tightly staysed by her sit, I should opine

    21. As always, she was perfectly coiffed

    22. Almost as soon as she and Colin had stepped through the door, a perfectly coiffed, ravishing blonde with eyes the color of turquoise glided toward them

    23. ‘‘Tiutkin, coiffeur?’—no, not that

    24. Claqueurs, call-boys, property-men, dressers, coiffeurs, supernumeraries, and artists, follow

    25. As I picture her, with her neatly coiffed, short gray hair, and her smart, casual clothing, something entirely unexpected overcomes me: a silent sob wells up in my chest—with all the inevitability of a sneeze

    26. Cinderella’s coiffed head of blond curls bobbed along ahead of us

    27. You can’t buy this off the shelf from a salesman with well-coiffed hair and a gold Rolex

    28. Her red hair, coiffed like a helmet, glittered in the sunlight – I could see bits of her scalp where the hair had thinned

    29. [ In allusion to the expression, coiffer Sainte-Catherine, "to remain

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