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    1. To see a frying pan in your dream represents completeness in love

    2. The symbol may also share the same significance as a circle and thus denotes infinity, eternity, completeness, absolute freedom and holiness

    3. Feelings of want and need never arise, because all you experience is a sense of completeness

    4. This sense of completeness comes, in large part, from releasing the hold that the limited rational mind has on you

    5. themselves seemed to have a completeness that

    6. the completeness we have in Christ now

    7. Completeness, which is the indwelling of the Spirit, is a

    8. Neither is completeness the same as

    9. I had an overwhelming feeling of completeness and an enormous song of gladness in my heart

    10. Is that just coincidental? In the Hebrew understanding of numerology the number seven is seen as representing completeness, perfection, and may have some bearing in its use in both instances

    11. However, current society is tied with so many laws that impede any change, for this reason we idealized this intention with utilization of the Third Sector of the economy so that it participates of this grandiose event to harvest success and to accomplish its altruistic dreams with completeness, efficacy and global reaching

    12. It allows the individual beneficiary to be attended anywhere by any nonprofit organization in the world with completeness

    13. Also, it does with that the organizations act together with another organizations in great partnership that optimizes resources and it satisfies with completeness the purposes of each one

    14. Its application generates billion of opportunities for generation of income with distributary justice, as well as the production of products or services with quality, completeness and ecological conscience, without excluding any human being

    15. “Utilizational” of 360 billion monetary (100 thousand per capita annual), in case it is the value of life quality standard researched or desired for this population; it also projects another Monetary Mass “Real” of 1 trillion monetary (average of 19 million for organization), in case it is the necessary value so that the agreed organizations produce the products and services that satisfy with quality and completeness the needs of that population

    16. This working capital is calculated with base in the necessities of organizational resources, quantity of beneficiary people and defined goals that are foreseen in the Usuarist Project of each organization to accomplish the production of products and services with completeness and feedback of its process productive or social with sustainable development

    17. satisfying the social needs with completeness for

    18. There is motivation so that the organizations of the Third Sector participate in our Project because the new systematics provides generation of resources, without fixed cost and without burden to accomplish its purposes with quality and completeness

    19. The paid amount guarantees the XUSING Project for obtainment of effective results with completeness

    20. This solution satisfies with completeness all countries and the cost is about 0

    21. It reaches the completeness of attendance of the income and wealth generation for all the citizens of those countries, without excluding anybody

    22. 832 billion dollars to solve the social and economic problem with attendance completeness for the individuals and corporations in a definitive way

    23. completeness, without worrying how much it will

    24. organizations so that they satisfy with completeness 1

    25. The beneficiary individual receives continuous income in quality and sufficient quantity to satisfy its socioeconomic necessities with completeness for all its life

    26. · In addition check the project plan template and process planning and all sections in project plan for completeness

    27. In Functional configuration audit the purpose is to ensure that the right content is available in the configurable item and completeness of the configurable item

    28. Requirements are analyzed for their applicability, achievability, completeness, etc and based on that they are moved to a particular module or to a particular release

    29. The purpose of this work product review is to ensure that the work product meets the quality standards, guidelines, templates, regulations and planned processes are used to produce the work product, along with completeness and integrity of the work product

    30. M: The universe is complete and where there is completeness,

    31. completeness, perfection, is the purpose

    32. completeness of meaning conveyed as the being spoke

    33. search desperately for the sense of fulness and completeness,

    34. reached the immutability of absolute completeness

    35. His song gave me a strange comforting feeling of completeness


    37. for completeness and for the sake of good humor I have included them within the

    38. I must note here, for the sake of completeness, that the theories of Plato provide an alternative view of the universe to those of Aristotle

    39. (Remember that seven is the number of spiritual completeness

    40. There is an ideological underpinning to the PC movement that is a given, but for the sake of completeness, I will restate it

    41. I felt a great sense of completeness when she finally told me the good news of pregnancy

    42. I had a feeling that completeness was not far away

    43. The quality and completeness of our communication through our Link is a very rare and special thing, my love, and we might as well take advantage of it

    44. At this stage in their development, their talent will manifest as hunches, each of which will need to be considered individually, as they will be sporadic in their accuracy and completeness

    45. Most of the curse’s previous mental capacity was dedicated to knowing all this about both me and Talia at all times, so that it could reconstruct us from our last moment of completeness whenever anything happened to us

    46. The author and publisher make no representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability, fitness, or completeness of the contents of this ebook

    47. He looked at me strangely; nothing betrayed irony or awareness of the completeness in my question

    48. However, the completeness of his work had been lost in the labyrinth of legalisms that confused rather than clarify, as it had been his pristine intention

    49. Additional re/org needs for each phase are added for completeness of a typical re/org, such as defining business plans and strategies, identifying best practices, loading the work and so forth

    50. “Yes, I understand the need for accuracy and completeness and I think you’ll find my questionnaire is filled out correctly and sufficiently

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