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    1. 6% unemployment, low interest rates and the Dow Jones Industrial Average hovering around 12,000?), I must confess some disappointment, however, over this Administration‘s failure to encourage a (―friendly‖) Republican Congress to follow its tax cuts with concomitant reductions in federal spending

    2. This time period coincides with that of rapid industrialization and the concomitant labor-management

    3. That is, transfer of authority from regional to central organs of government and concomitant increase in the popular tax burden

    4. There's an expectation of conformity to which I'm unable to subject myself, and a concomitant dilution of intellectuality

    5. surgical change and the concomitant learnings that were required to adopta new gender

    6. the system as an expert with the concomitant power and self-enhancement that such a

    7. was typically concomitant with loss of the status

    8. 20 “Although no longer existing, the stockyards and all their concomitant industries should never be forgotten

    9. Napoleon III tried to co-opt the tidal wave of modern, revolutionary, nationalism to achieve the revitalization of France and the concomitant restoration of its glory

    10. factories which wisely brought concomitant benefits to all of the products produced

    11. It is true, though, that this virtue has its inception from not hurting others; the one is but a necessary concomitant of the other

    12. The anxiety of freedom can be concomitant with the power to will

    13. functions: the joy of being alive is concomitant and equal to the joy in another's joy of being alive

    14. Of course, there are concomitant issues of security, privacy, and the inability of knowledge workers to escape work in a fully connected world

    15. When, in spite of your existing, “respectable” position in society, with its concomitant titles, regalia and authority, your life creativity begins to degrade gradually in some of the Directions of development to the primitive levels of mental-sensuous activity common to aboriginals of the “so-and-so” tribe or to native peoples (close to their level of development) that jump around a sacrificial fire and worship their totem, then this may serve you “personally” as an obvious sign of the process (that tends to appear in your refocusings) of a gradual return to the states which bring the manifestation of your UFS closer to these tribes and peoples, no matter in which Time Flows you “personally” (or they) are

    16. [142]� In that inherent fearful sense of instability of conformity enforced gossip, the force of negative interpretations and diagnoses, the dominator model and its concomitant conformity strengthen and endlessly reinforce their power

    17. James does not represent sanctification as the ground of justification, but as its necessary concomitant

    18. Here the Savior’s words are plainly a citation from the last verse in the prophecies of Isaiah—where the context proves that the 'worm’ stands naturally for putrefaction, the concomitant of death, and in this case the death of those 'slain by Jehovah

    19. However, the capital requirements of two equivalent strategies (and their concomitant rates of return) can vary widely

    20. and concomitant glutamate release within the NAcore, while AMPA/kainate gluta-

    21. But in many markets the end users tend to dominate, perhaps because higher commodity prices, and the concomitant inflationary pressures, are perceived as having a negative effect on the entire economy

    22. The typhus is a concomitant of triumph

    23. One of the concomitant titles of the Emperor was King of the Romans

    24. A Russian publicist, who was in Paris at that time, describes this entrance of the sailors in the following manner: "They tell the truth,—it was an incident of world-wide import, wondrous, touching, soul-stirring, making the heart quiver with that love which discerns the brothers in men, and which detests bloodshed and concomitant acts of violence, the tearing away of the children from their beloved mother

    25. Far, very far be it from me to boast—it ill becomes an individual or a nation, and is never the concomitant of true courage; but on the present occasion it seems to me proper that we should express our sentiments—our feelings, and thereby the feelings of the nation

    26. To an intelligible argument it seems, therefore, under these circumstances, necessary that we should begin by some definition of a just and necessary war; and yet it seems to be a melancholy labor in a great and free State, where public sentiment should be unequivocal on such subjects, to proceed by rules of logic to establish great first principles of public sentiment; but I fear that, as all good things are purchased by concomitant sacrifices, we have not obtained the innumerable blessings and advantages of the freedom of speech and of the press for nothing

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    accompaniment attendant co-occurrence concomitant accompanying collateral consequent ensuant incidental resultant sequent