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    cutting edge

    1. ‘We women are at the cutting edge of it most of the time – what with birth and all that

    2. It would be unlike Don Cascarino to mess with the cutting edge, though

    3. On the cutting edge

    4. She’d listened to updated versions of this programme all of twenty times, hoping with each new report there would be something – at least evidence that he would never be returning, rather than what amounted to no more than speculation; there was always the expert detailing how such cutting edge technology inevitably carried a risk of catastrophic failure

    5. For her part, Clarissa, if anything, appeared amused by the entire excursion, but it was amusement with a cutting edge, an air of barely contained violence that made me shy away any time her judging gaze slid across me

    6. Cutting edge games, more than just coloured figures on a screen

    7. The man responded to Hilderich with a voice like the cutting edge of a sword, sharp with the smell of cold steel about it:

    8. with cutting edge healthcare in the areas of

    9. gery using the cutting edge Mohs

    10. cutting edge therapy equipment such as the

    11. child care; cutting edge techniques are used

    12. The bank stays on the cutting edge of technol-

    13. Consider some of the questions that arise if neuroscience totally rejects metaphysics as its cutting edge purports to do

    14. Furthermore, believing that the news would please their hosts, and without suspecting that it could be a double cutting edge weapon, he repeated in Anyang the same promise he had made in Beijing of writing an article on his tour through China

    15. The app that you offer might use cutting edge

    16. I think we are on the cutting edge of something here

    17. “EMBA Programs are often at the cutting edge

    18. Remember, never stop learning and you will always be on the cutting edge!

    19. While the competition is struggling to find anything of interest, you’re going to be on the cutting edge

    20. When the church stepped in and refused to allow her to come to him on the battlefield, Napoleon lacked that cutting edge – that eye of the tiger – and their victory was in question

    21. The cutting edge of the razor is a little dull, so he runs it over the leather strap before slicing off his morning whiskers

    22. Hertsinger turn over many millions of US Dollars per year, they are recognized as a cutting edge company with vast assets

    23. of dollars producing cutting edge books, courses, newsletters, and software so that

    24. thousands of dollars producing cutting edge books, courses, newsletters, and

    25. The Results Coaching model is a cutting edge approach to

    26. When Christ mobilized his disciples to the mass action of fulfilling the eternal purpose of God, He placed the Paul on the cutting edge of the Great Commission

    27. Project X is the cutting edge of cancer research

    28. Ability to improve advertising effectiveness: A website address on all of a company’s promotion will give the company a cutting edge corporate image and it will encourage the viewers to check the site for additional information

    29. To be on the cutting edge of education, motivation and inspiration, you must appeal to the human need of understanding

    30. while others are a slightly more cutting edge

    31. Offices are spread out around the world and the systems they use are cutting edge, state of the art

    32. The problem with heat is that it softens your tool's cutting edges

    33. falls below the radius of the cutting edge on your tool

    34. Because they haven’t stayed up to date with the cutting edge technologies for nervous system

    35. The Lockheed team is going truly full tilt on this project but we are still talking about cutting edge technology and mostly unknown parameters, sir

    36. Such is the same kind of cutting edge instalments that we are so

    37. “We are not cutting edge,” the Director continued, “but we certainly are a respectable and well run institution

    38. The cutting edge between winners and losers in the sports field is often not about the talent, it's about the inner mentalities, and that is generated and developed by what they think on, and what they say to themselves; I can do it

    39. The Sisters have always been on the cutting edge of life in the Church but this is pushing the envelope

    40. ‘Why, it’s the sexual subtlety that gives a cutting edge to party jokes,’ retorted Malhotra

    41. ‘Confined to its sheath the cutting edge of love remains ever so sharp’ he said taking her hand, ‘maybe that’s the charm of liaisons

    42. Once, such a one told me that she was enamored of me for my romanticism and as her persona didn’t trigger my passion, I realized that its woman’s sex appeal that brings man’s innate romanticism into play to provide the cutting edge for lovemaking, and unless combined by male passion and female amorousness, coition is mere sexual motion

    43. The capabilities of succeeding Caliphs and the Paradise of wine and women that Muhammad had promised the jihadis provided the cutting edge to the Islamic swords

    44. If only the Musalmans could deviate a little from their believing course of the ‘Angles of War’ that Muhammad had charted for them, they would realize that those were the days of mortal combat, when the Islamic creed of huris for the shahid and a fair share of the ‘spoils of war’ for the survivors that gave the cutting edge to the Muslim swords

    45. Then the Bangladeshi war in which Pakistan irrevocably lost the eastern wing of its country should have signaled to the Musalmans that the Sword of Allah had lost its cutting edge after all

    46. Cutting edge science remains the envy of the world

    47. They manufacture the most cutting edge technology in this part of the world

    48. Throughout the 20 years since my Degree, I have continually researched the cutting edge scientific developments in Nutrition, Health, and Fitness

    49. Having studied cutting edge psychology with the World’s Leading Psychologists for the last 20

    50. And we're always the cutting edge version of that new, improved, novel-awing It: that consciousness, that God, that All “I am! Eureka!” is the universal sense of connectedness that is sprouting up all over the world

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