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    1. my demeanour – what this says about your average Job Seeker I simply

    2. have caused that demeanour

    3. Monica’s demeanour changed to an angry scowl, and she grabbed Olorhleng by his eyelid, and looked him square in the eye and said,

    4. His demeanour as he looked out into

    5. From his demeanour it was obvious that this was the

    6. Etienne, but his whole demeanour showed that he was

    7. demeanour could never satisfy the rascals

    8. From her demeanour he was sure that something was amiss

    9. Yet despite this striking appearance his demeanour remained respectful, and his voice was shot through with soft humility

    10. By Mr Snickerty's lofty demeanour, Jacob Wanting knew that further argument would be fruitless, so he thanked the gentlemen that they had at least heard him out, and then he left quietly

    11. ’ Scott went on to describe them, including his own impressions of their appearance and demeanour

    12. Rosemary was aware of a certain reserve in Shelagh's demeanour and reckoned it was because of her meeting with Frank

    13. Here, at home, it seemed to take on the demeanour of the surroundings; relaxed, sagging a little at the edges

    14. “Anyway, let’s talk about something lighter,” the warden chirped, all of the jollity back in his demeanour

    15. His calm demeanour was all an act

    16. Thinking nothing of the harm that was being created around them both men demeanour changed from one of subservience to one of terror as they prepared for their attack on the Chinese President

    17. and probably by his demeanour, that he had truly repentant

    18. The ice cold demeanour of his aunt and the atmosphere surrounding us had become unmistakably transparent to him as the night had continued to plummet in a southward direction, hard

    19. A man is standing in front of him and in his demeanour dwell all Ralph’s secret fears

    20. He even took time to deliver a bow that infuriated Tress in return to one of the close shots, such was his cool demeanour

    21. Her years of experience and procedures paid dividends today and from his almost sleepy demeanour, she knew that the guard had not spotted her stealthy approach

    22. With an accent and lofty demeanour worthy of Jeeves, I was soon in demand by Lady this, Marquise that and the Duchess of Dogsbodies whose long-suffering chauffeurs trailed behind carrying both purchases and lap-dog

    23. Personal appearance – your overall demeanour – plays a huge role in earnings and it won’t hurt to invest in good clothing and accessories

    24. I think his demeanour made him an easy target for whomever is in charge of what is happening here

    25. The President paused; his arms straight to either side of the lectern, his head bowed projecting a weary demeanour

    26. Suddenly, Edgar"s demeanour and attitude changed

    27. Woody"s demeanour changed abruptly

    28. Valley"s demeanour changed

    29. friendly, in tune about what was going on in the building and having a good demeanour

    30. demeanour suggested that he was a serial killer/rapist or

    31. will always prefer to deal with a man whose demeanour is

    32. These generally appear to lack any colour, which I put down to their unjoyful demeanour and carnivorous nature; I have observed one of their larger members eating a lesser creature

    33. torches the guard changed his demeanour, suddenly he was

    34. predict what he will say by his demeanour

    35. The Duke’s demeanour had also changed and he was almost

    36. was certain from his slurred speech and demeanour that a puking

    37. Though the young woman had been quite charming on the train, she felt there was something odd about her as though she was too mannerly which oftentimes was merely a ploy to mask the true demeanour of a fraud; then again, perhaps she had simply been uncomfortable meeting strangers, especially under the watchful gaze of her husband, a genuine Casanova

    38. Lady Jane smiled at hearing the jovialness in her husband’s demeanour; this trip was doing wonders for his health, both physical 62

    39. “I could see her admiration for your beauty and your demeanour in her eyes

    40. The tone in Faye’s voice betrayed her sincere, sweet demeanour she publicly displayed; the real 84

    41. Her demeanour was very pleasant, and her companionship was much appreciated

    42. The cheerful, vivacious demeanour she possessed as recently as lunch had been replaced by a solemnity and seriousness that deeply troubled Terence, especially given his wife’s suspicious nature and bouts with depression

    43. A DISMAL GREY cloud that seemed to represent the search party’s demeanour surrounded the hotel as the men returned with dejected, somber expressions

    44. ” Seeing the reluctance and suspicion in Terence’s eyes fueled his doubts about the grieving man’s demeanour

    45. Today, this gentleman still had the same demeanour, as he remained confined in his wheelchair, enjoying brunch with his lovely wife, though there seemed to be a trace of sorrow in his eyes that he attempted to conceal with mixed results

    46. Faye, on the other hand, was a sweet, innocent young woman trapped in a marriage with this Romeo but whose mean streak was cleverly concealed by her Southern-belle demeanour; though this conflicted with Elizabeth Bascomb’s vivid depiction of the charming, granddaughter-like figure, Feltus realized that Lady Ashburn was somewhat more clever in her observations and interaction with the suspect

    47. The perfectly unruffled manner in which Terence had been acting and the genuineness with which he answered this question seemed highly to contradict the demeanour of a murderer; however, Feltus found it curious that this suspect had said nothing until now and realized that Terence may just be a cold, unemotional person capable of the most despicable crimes

    48. It was also strange that his demeanour had relaxed somewhat when he learned the nature of the inquiry involved the disappearance of Faye Underwood, though the disgusted and anxious flare in his eyes betrayed his true sentiments towards the issue

    49. As he hesitated to admire the surroundings, a small and unnoticeable action of which he was fond, Feltus noticed the unmistakable form of the Ashburns, the elegantly attired Lady Jane whose hunter green morning dress and feathered hat seemed appropriate for the weather and demeanour of the hotel and who gracefully pushed her wheelchair-confined husband, exiting the dining room after their apparently early breakfast to which they were accustomed

    50. No, he realized that his serious demeanour would ultimately prompt both Lowell and Cyril to accept the gravity of this case and change their dispositions towards the investigation

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