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    1. dishonest in action and thought,

    2. but I'm not dishonest

    3. 'After three years of saving every rupee I could, Ish calls my labour dishonest

    4. Nothing was out of place there, none were considered dishonest or even sneaky

    5. It is dishonest, hypocritical, ultimately useless and obscuring of any attempt at honest judgment of the good or evil of presidents

    6. One pastor even said: “God is waiting to meet you at His house, this Sunday” This is FALSE, untrue, deceitful, and dishonest and a fabricated lie! The pastor must bury, the pastor must marry, the pastor must baptise, and the pastor must pray for me, the pastor must, must, must………

    7. Why then are they doing this to us? They are merely fulfilling what is written scriptures and dishonest gain is only one of many reasons

    8. Committing cruel, dishonest, and other unskillful actions of body, speech, and mind, we will certainly not escape the consequences of these deeds, either in this life or in the future

    9. 24 A dishonest woman contemns shame, but an honest woman will reverence her husband

    10. In the ensuing weeks the theme of Kennedy’s lies, the charge that Judge Bork was morally insensitive and intellectually dishonest, newspaper and TV ads by left wing opponents, polls based on loaded questions, and similar attacks were driven into the public consciousness like jungle drums beating out the cry for blood

    11. Even though the ego is the result of a vibrating dimension, and it is the cause for us to be dishonest and have so many flaws, it is also the tool I would use to change it all

    12. I didn't realize that my brother was so dishonest, as

    13. They will be simply men; none perfect; some greedy, cruel and dishonest

    14. ’ In response to the politicians and other critics, the Cardinal used the ‘criticism’ by the lawmakers to ‘teach the flock’: “It is intellectually and morally dishonest to use the witness of the church’s concern for the poor as an excuse to attack the church’s teaching on the nature of marriage…the church is no one’s private club…

    15. As a result the tax collectors were considered no better than traitors, social outcasts, misfits, shunned by both the clergy and the secular world for their lack of scruples and dishonest dealings

    16. Tax collectors were viewed as dishonest ‘cheats’ by the public at large, but this had more to do with the way in which the business of tax collecting was conducted rather than the business itself

    17. 8 "His Lord commended the dishonest manager because he had done wisely for the children of this world are in their own generation wiser than the children of the Light

    18. Subservience to the state is anything but free, but the word liberal has a positive connotation, which leads to the borrowing of the word and its dishonest application by those who would mislead unknowing but sincere people

    19. It is history that some business entities were indeed conniving and dishonest, but with closer scrutiny those were usually subsidized by government and inescapably suffered consequences

    20. However, the ‘liberal’ braying about a few (though large) cases of dishonest corporate accounting seems that they wish to imply that Capitalism itself is faulty, and therefore all businesses should be controlled and politically regulated

    21. Perhaps he wanted to earn his living in an honest way, and saw accountancy as basically a dishonest profession

    22. The plays were about princes, princesses, noble younger sons on quests, evil magicians, good soldiers and dishonest merchants… Grimm’s Fairy Tales revisited

    23. ‘I enjoyed it,’ Jarek said simply, unable to be dishonest, ‘and I like you too, but it’s not love

    24. Some police on the force are dishonest

    25. Take the case of a merchant who in the course of his trade is dishonest

    26. They more or less fully understand these limitations of Scripture, but they are moral cowards, intellectually dishonest

    27. Be not deceived by the tempting rewards of dishonest achievement; be willing to toil for the later returns inherent in honest endeavor

    28. Jesus not only confounded the dishonest lawyer, but he told his hearers a story which was at the same time a beautiful admonition to all his followers and a stunning rebuke to all Jews regarding their attitude toward the Samaritans

    29. He did not like to face facts frankly; he was dishonest in his attitude toward life situations

    30. Origin: Alludes to the dishonest practice of a merchant substituting a worthless cat for a valuable pig, a fact that was discovered only when the buyer got home and opened the bag

    31. The better the liar, the harder it is to separate the honest from the dishonest

    32. And, as the last of my stories illustrates, they are dishonest with their own kind

    33. By identifying the poor with “him that stole,” he implied that, as a group, they were dishonest and needed uplift

    34. his shoulders, he wouldn’t have to be dishonest

    35. Sports players can also be dishonest when it comes to autographs and sports memorabilia

    36. It goes without saying that dishonest online stores will not give you a refund

    37. She thought, I haven't seen this chart for five years or more, but how did it ever escape me that this is the horoscope of a con artist? Any one of these factors by itself wouldn't necessarily make him dishonest, but put them all together, and it's unmistakable

    38. our environments without having to be dishonest to

    39. I got business to attend to with my dishonest associate

    40. Yes, he was harsh and cruel at times, but dishonest? Unfaithful, as Vilda had claimed? A… fraud? She unsuccessfully fought back her tears and wept in Nora’s arms, waiting, hoping that the pain would subside, but no release of heartache came to her and her hurt only grew deeper

    41. He had his date with her tonight so he would ask her how she was so dishonest

    42. This shows how dishonest and

    43. Without God blessings, a country will bear a lot of pain, incompetence and dishonest management moving in opposite direction

    44. I have a more relaxed relationship with money, he feels that money should be saved at all costs even if it means playing dishonest daredevil with systems

    45. You advance your soul by the things that have dishonest status, in daily practice

    46. For example, you see the dishonest seller with palpitating heart when selling

    47. Every adulterer suffers diseases and poverty because of his adultery, every killer was killed and every dishonest seller tastes bad consequences because of his swindle and gains nothing other than a total loss

    48. The sight did nothing to ease the destruction of his mind, no promised tranquillity in the letting of dishonest blood

    49. I'm dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest

    50. There are really only three ways that you can be defrauded by a dishonest buyer

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    bribable corruptible dishonest purchasable venal dishonorable deceitful double-dealing devious cunning crafty mendacious unreliable