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    1. His death was documented, photographed, and he was filed away in the morgue

    2. church as has been amply documented from Scripture in the discussion above

    3. It was true that 'Virgin birth sired by God himself' had been a popular tale told by girls in ancient times on this planet and many thousands were documented and hundreds had significant numbers of followers

    4. If someone had told Kemberra, it is pretty well documented

    5. Of all the principals in the case, Kulai was the one who stood out the most with B’theen next and it was documented that they were good friends and B’theen, at least, was gay

    6. She documented that ten percent of the city's macrofauna lives above casual human reach

    7. documented proof if they wish exemption from the

    8. It is a thing well documented about IITians, that when two

    9. Then again…your inherent aversion to the arcane is well documented

    10. To see a VCR in your dream refers to something that needs to be documented or recorded

    11. Many more cases such as these have been researched and documented by a lady named Carol Bowman in her books - ‘Children’s Past Lives’ and ‘Return from Heaven-Beloved Relatives Reincarnated Within Your Family’

    12. These include geological properties and artefacts that we can observe, folk tales, which are in many cases considered myths only and the historical records that have been documented and preserved through the ages

    13. It contains some flaws, but over the centuries these have been properly documented and we know what they are

    14. Zolla refused to give any details of his mission, let alone talk about what happened after time documented in the data file

    15. There are two well documented cases in South African criminal history where folks fired into the air in celebration, only to have one of their falling bullets kill a child in his bed, and another seriously wound someone in a rugby stadium

    16. It happened and is well documented

    17. Since the Rhodesian Police kept first-rate files on each incident the trail of torture, rape and general bestiality is very well documented

    18. Response: A very serious one indeed! Although I am not opposed to this practice in principle, (its historical origins as they relate to proportional ethnic/racial representation have been well documented), even its most ardent detractors, however, must applaud the creative resourcefulness of those responsible for engineering such elaborate arrangements that have given rise to disproportionate (racial) representation rising well above of the national average

    19. It is well documented

    20. We can learn from this and make sure that the atrocities of the terrorist are always well documented

    21. Many, in some manner or another, would have to contend with and overcome a variety of economic hardships and social/cultural barriers too numerable to mention; however well documented and available to those who may wish to be properly informed of such matters

    22. The funny thing was, air pollution seemed well-enough documented already

    23. Some of these groups have documented histories of terrorism going back decades

    24. documented articles on the trade of arms and oil with Iraq

    25. “The horses are documented on the manifest and they both have to be here when we arrive

    26. No amount of documented proof can really, really, convince you of zat matter

    27. “Well, there haven’t been many documented cases on the usage of projectiles, sir

    28. I thought you would have guessed after last night that I was only trying to confirm information that is already well documented by American authorities

    29. ) Apparently he wrote with ‘a distinctive blend of mocking humor, penetrating insight, and calculated outrageousness…’ Fort investigated, documented and was in some ways an advocate of all kinds of occult, paranormal and supernatural events

    30. The Government Accountability Office has documented those practices

    31. A December 1996 UN study documented that “peacekeepers” had

    32. The new Usuarist Project style allows everything to be documented and presented in a transparent way, without anything is forgotten

    33. to use with any changes to the software (or plug-ins) carefully documented, and

    34. money, somewhere in the region of 1-2 days effort per processes documented covered

    35. The test ideas are documented

    36. Process and results are well documented

    37. Bugs should be documented properly

    38. than the one was documented using word, etc

    39. Review the document after it is being documented and hand over to the technical team

    40. Tibetan lamas have documented the actual stages of the death process in great detail

    41. Assumptions documented here, should not be ambiguous in nature

    42. This is because at organizational level there will be tailoring guideline created and available on when tailoring can be performed, the different segments of projects and allowed tailoring for them are documented in that

    43. The Requirements shall be documented in a formal manner

    44. Test Strategy can be documented as part of test plan or it can be a separate document

    45. Quality Management System should be with mandated and required processes and their interaction and sequences well documented

    46. Management commitment, resource availability and monitoring and measuring of the system along with continual improvement should be documented

    47. Quality policy which is appropriate for the business and which communicates the intent of quality activities in the organization to be documented and maintained

    48. · Corrective and preventive actions identifications and application should be in a documented procedure and actions to be taken and improvement should be demonstrated

    49. There shall be documented procedure for identifying and controlling of configurable item

    50. Information Security Management System should be with mandated and required processes and their interaction and sequences well documented

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