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    1. This view emerged from the assumption that women generally do not enjoy sex, and that they only engage in sex to have children

    2. The opportunity to enjoy them, spend time with them, teach them your values and beliefs, play with them, show them how much you love them, that opportunity is happening

    3. · You enjoy hearing about other people's operations

    4. Learn to enjoy soft music to reduce stress and feel at peace with the environment

    5. "Classy ride, too bad it's so fast you won't have time to enjoy it

    6. (This may also explain as to why men are reluctant to ask for directions when lost, why men are more vulnerable to the adverse health effects of stress, and why women enjoy a significantly longer life expectancy than men do)

    7. And if they live nearby, we can do all that enjoy the babies and send them home to their parents

    8. PCP includes the proper selection of the types of grasses for your area and the lawns use (are you going to play on it, walk on it a lot, or just enjoy its beauty)? Having a healthy lawn without harsh chemicals is really very easy to do

    9. Cut your wants and better prepare your cash flow chart of money supply and finally develop the habit of spending a little for the less fortunate people of the community and also practice practical spirituality to enjoy the bliss of life

    10. ‘I enjoy being here with you

    11. Frank took a moment to enjoy the view out of the break room window as he stored his lunch in the refrigerator

    12. You can have that perfect show rose grown organically and stay healthy to enjoy it

    13. Family members can take turns visiting with a relative, taking them out to eat, going shopping, or doing other activities they enjoy

    14. She was slow and intimate with her love, but strong enough to enjoy without worry of hurting her

    15. ‘I enjoy poking around in the soil

    16. being induced to enjoy the miracle of marketing

    17. They could just sit up and enjoy the ride, EndsWaving knew the back way to Taktor's since he opened the place in the 54th

    18. It was one part of his job he did not enjoy

    19. Having sunset last for two or more hours was something she could enjoy anyway

    20. time without having to enjoy himself quite so much as he had during the first three

    21. It wouldn't be the first time he had made a law enforcer disappear and he would enjoy the slow task of peeling him down, literally, to the essential weakness underlying all human bravado

    22. I hope you enjoy the evening

    23. She would sit back, smoke a jay, enjoy the sunshine and the wide open space, but now there was a subtle difference

    24. In order that Smith might truly enjoy the silence, in the same way that a man

    25. might enjoy the silence of a house in the early morning before the space in the world

    26. The kids enjoy being in on the secret and, with the encouragement of their mums, sing ‘Happy birthday’ to him… okay, so their effort is more enthusiastic than accurate, but that’s not important

    27. Like all of us, he needs to talk about what happens during his day and I enjoy hearing about the highs and lows of teaching in a country comprehensive school

    28. I didn't contradict him but I wondered: When we left the seaside the time was 6:30 in the afternoon; how harmful would it have been, if we had stayed for fifteen more minutes? All things considered, I believe yesterday's excursion was one of Alexander's tricks, aiming to keep his disciples in subjection: He doesn't allow them to enjoy anything, so that they don't demand anything

    29. I started to enjoy myself

    30. Yet, I could hardly enjoy it, as the bloke started bombarding me with lots of silly questions such as: “Are you sensitive?”

    31. "You're distracted," Jaseem eventually accused him, "You're not turning into one of those who think we should never enjoy anything aren't you? Not even here in the reward of Paradis?"

    32. They seemed to enjoy themselves

    33. It was his knowledge that made him unable to enjoy this game wasn't it? He cared for Jaseem as a friend but knew he would not understand, even if he was permitted to hear about it

    34. There might be a lot of things that you enjoy doing but about which you

    35. "No, the better people here aren't prostitutes for the most part and the professionals are too exotic for me to enjoy

    36. Carlton would not enjoy Jalloo because she was a flowery romantic in her private life with everything frilly and decorated

    37. There were parts of life in this society he did enjoy

    38. She's still smooth and soft and guys do enjoy contact with her

    39. that my son and I enjoy playing together

    40. would be… “… now pick something that you really truly enjoy,

    41. In order that Smith might truly enjoy the silence, in the same way that a man might enjoy the silence of a house in the early morning before the space in the world is filled with voices, He had to accept the fact that He, She or It was conceptually awake

    42. From here the volume was loud enough that it was possible to enjoy the song, but it wouldn't prevent them speaking to each other

    43. We are going to put an end to suppression of free the African is given a chance he can show the world that he thought and see to it that all our citizens enjoy to the full is somebody! We have awakened

    44. "Why certainly, I see how good you're feeling lately so I think I would enjoy him also

    45. This gives your followers more to see, more to enjoy and a longer glimpse of wheat's to come in the future

    46. speakerfolk and then they left to enjoy the rest of their day

    47. ’ Kara said, starting to enjoy herself

    48. Fred also stopped talking to each other so that they could enjoy

    49. They will enjoy the very blessing that we enjoy – the new covenant

    50. Oh he certainly felt an attraction to Luray, had been feeling it strongly all day and would certainly enjoy every second of coupling with her

    1. But she looked fine, he had to admit he had enjoyed making love to her even as she was haunted by this ghost from space

    2. God, should produce the same benefits he enjoyed with

    3. " Most people enjoyed a relationship with nature that made them feel less alone, he adds, but suburban living has diminished that connection

    4. Who on earth enjoyed that? Her legs shaking from the unexpected stress, she made her way to her dressing room at the far end of the opulent suite

    5. As the rays slanted in to this table, he enjoyed the warmth

    6. Most of us have enjoyed listening to Urdu couplets that made us laugh

    7. As long as jokes do not insult our conscience and religion, it is meant to be enjoyed

    8. He simply enjoyed the act of killing

    9. She had gotten used to native standards of bodily contact in social interaction in this universe and enjoyed his fingers in her soft flesh

    10. Once inside she didn't feel like food would be entertaining, though she still enjoyed delicious feasts

    11. I thoroughly enjoyed the play

    12. She usually enjoyed this kind of thing

    13. If you enjoyed it, please consider telling your friends or posting a short review

    14. I’d quite enjoyed dealing with that – there is something very satisfying about plumbing

    15. It was a game to him, a game that he enjoyed as long as he could make the rules

    16. ‘We all really enjoyed the play, Kate

    17. "I thought we were supposed to," Bahkmar said, "and I enjoyed that feeling

    18. Here in this damp little island, where the eyes of the masses dim with disappointment when still young, this man enjoyed the luxury of profession and vocation

    19. If you enjoyed this story from the 2164-2165 war, then read The War of Alien Aggression

    20. Days pass by, without much fun: We have already visited the church of Saint Mavra and enjoyed swimming in Alykes

    21. The sea was as cold as ice but I enjoyed every moment to the fullest as I swam out, to the isolated strand

    22. As the youngest in the group I tended to listen more than I spoke, and I enjoyed a vicarious and voyeuristic expansion of my hinterland through the far more interesting stories from other people’s lives

    23. Mostly the couples paid attention to each other and enjoyed the show

    24. "You could have enjoyed a lot more than that

    25. about Long Juju Man and how he enjoyed using his magic

    26. The nights were cool and the children enjoyed

    27. Fred and Joe enjoyed coming to the Blacksmith Arms, the beer

    28. " Victoria enjoyed Glenelle's company and conversation, especially with Al still in his funk about his silly shuttlecraft mission instead of reveling in the excitement of discovery

    29. although he thought it was hard, enjoyed his work with the

    30. He relished each bite, enjoyed each forkful of food

    31. Although they had thoroughly enjoyed themselves, they

    32. into the other world, they knew that they enjoyed themselves,

    33. They enjoyed the

    34. enjoyed the ball juggling

    35. But what they really enjoyed was riding

    36. She enjoyed a long and illustrious career in the Secret Guild, working undercover more often than not at great personal risk

    37. He enjoyed doing the same to her

    38. It was funny how he enjoyed the same movies she did

    39. Not only because I have enjoyed being here, but also because it signals the impending nearness of my next journey

    40. Alan enjoyed her even more this time because he didn't have Desa nearby to worry about

    41. Luray probably enjoyed it more because Alan hadn't been ordered to do it this time, he had initiated this of his own free will

    42. It was impossible to keep his mind off someone so beautiful whom he had now lain with twice and enjoyed each time

    43. Even Lardyme enjoyed the journey

    44. knew that Ethereead enjoyed flying with them onboard

    45. It had produced titans of industry; leaders of legend, and far thinking scientists who provided this country the advances she enjoyed

    46. ’ Joris said, ‘And you wouldn’t have enjoyed that one bit

    47. Yeah Morningday was a little cool both weeks but they had the east side of the boat most of the time so they enjoyed it

    48. I think I quite enjoyed those days

    49. I saw the humour and enjoyed the entertainment so much I started a gentle applause on the forecastle

    50. And Emily’s falcon, Lancelot, was also enhanced at the hatching; he tripled his size and often enjoyed flying night patrol with the dragons

    1. In spite of how much she was enjoying it, she was still in her initial infatuation with Kulai wasn't she?

    2. It’s not where I saw myself even a month ago, but I’m enjoying the company

    3. ’ He said calmly, obviously enjoying my surprise

    4. Tahlmute was clearly not enjoying the manual labor he was involved in

    5. ’ He said, plainly enjoying the reaction from us both

    6. ’ I said enjoying the moment

    7. "Pretend Juleel is here enjoying the fire instead of preaching about this asteroid

    8. Enjoying the momentary discomfiture of her reluctantly invited guest, Aunt

    9. John looks quizzically at Russ -- What the hell is he up to? Russ presses on, grinning, eating, enjoying himself

    10. I relate in scathing detail how the interview went, letting rip and quite enjoying the experience

    11. He was enjoying himself

    12. ’ I said enjoying the sensation of being involved in something which is not linked to work

    13. I have a pretty eclectic taste in music, enjoying classical music as well as more modern stuff, though it is years since I bopped at a club … too long

    14. She’s really enjoying the film

    15. ’ I said enjoying him in this state

    16. In the meanwhile, the witch had withdrawn to a corner and was enjoying herself to the fullest, as I was getting more and more desperate

    17. If you build a wall, it means that your devotion to your career prevents you from enjoying life

    18. Meanwhile, the soldier was enjoying torturing Elden

    19. We have been feeling the itch to travel around lately and these are the travel blogs we have been enjoying: Adventure With Mash

    20. Birds were tweeting and chirping invisibly in the trees as she wandered along the lane towards the main road, it was that dead hour in the middle of the day when, in rural areas, any sensible person is inside enjoying a cup of something … it brought back memories of her childhood … she smiled at the thought … a dog barked somewhere in the distance … and a stick cracked as someone trod on it

    21. skeleton of a 14-year-old girl show that her flesh and each other’s hands and ran together, then sat together brain were removed, presumably to be eaten by the enjoying their treats

    22. "I'm enjoying this part of the journey immensely

    23. The station café was virtually empty, enjoying a hiatus before the arrival of the next intercity express

    24. Joe and Fred were sat there, alone in the bar, enjoying their

    25. As he chattered on about how much he was enjoying himself exploring Abery, how welcome Issa and Remos had made him and a hundred and other little things, Kara drew on every resource available not to fall apart

    26. Am I really awake this time? He lay there enjoying the sounds

    27. They were enjoying themselves so much

    28. Cosmicblasto and Catwhiskers were enjoying themselves too, but

    29. Both Fred and Joe were stroking Ethereead, who was enjoying the

    30. There are some men and women out on the town – obviously enjoying a tavern crawl or whatever they call it here

    31. My lady, Daniel is truly enjoying the ride; his enthusiasm warms my heart

    32. He grins when teased about the high quality of the food which he will be enjoying

    33. While he goes off to order the drinks, I sit and look around myself, enjoying the warm sunshine – it is several degrees warmer here than it was in Sulis Min and the difference is delightful

    34. I stand by the rail, my hair tossing in the strong breeze, just enjoying the sheer exuberance of the waves

    35. ’ I told him, tucking into the porridge, just enjoying having his company

    36. I preferred to lay under my towel within the safety of the shore, enjoying an ice cream and watching my uncle struggle with his wet suit before he curved into the sea like a dolphin only to reappear sometime later and regale me with stories of seals, gentle basking sharks, forests of stunning pink corals and walls of bright coloured jewel anemones he said he saw on his dives

    37. Gemino goes off to do whatever it is kahtmasters do while we sit in the garden of his house enjoying the sun and talking about Sulis Min; as Wiesse mentioned, Drens has family connections with the town, and he spends a good bit of the time relating tales of his childhood

    38. She was enjoying their reaction to her beauty

    39. She stayed with him awhile, enough to know that he was enjoying her person

    40. ’ He said by way of explanation as the ggs pound along the track, Sefir seemingly enjoying the pseudo race with Adamant

    41. Before long, we were enjoying the reassuring comfort of silence amongst friends

    42. Walking home from a visit to a friend’s house one evening at about seven o’clock, Miss Jones was enjoying the last of the sun’s tree-dappled warmth

    43. Nonetheless, she found herself positively enjoying the concentration of interest that surrounded her whenever the conversation turned to the state of the nation and to the whole immigration issue

    44. I was enjoying becoming reacquainted with my Greek and it helped me understand more of what I heard

    45. The ladies on the wall ate with frightening enthusiasm, enjoying every scrap, and then they ordered more which they slipped into carrier bags standing by their knees

    46. ” He found he was enjoying her enthusiasm, her presence was somehow familiar, even comforting

    47. Can it be that almost a year ago I stood here on this very spot and thought about this moment? Having the house full of people, laughing and enjoying themselves; me standing here preparing snacks and enjoying the chatter

    48. I don’t often potter round the shops and I’m quite enjoying myself this morning

    49. Watching Alessandra enjoying the clouds as she strode on in front made me ignore any further nonsense from my calves and concentrate on that stepped and steady climb

    50. No matter what the weather, the season or the time of day, the house rang with the laughter of happy young people enjoying each other’s company

    1. ‘It’s great having you in the house … and I know Mum enjoys having another woman around

    2. What's going on? The sonic war against me is getting more and more unbearable day by day and I just can't stand it any more! For some strange reason, I am surrounded by all kinds of noise pollution: Every morning, at 7:30 am, my father gets out to the yard and keeps himself busy with meaningless tinkering and hammering at pieces of wood or metal for hours! When I return from work at 4:00 in the afternoon and lie in bed so as to have a brief nap, dad goes upstairs, to Alice's half-built penthouse, and starts hammering at stuff again till 5:30 that I leave for the gym! He doesn't really repair anything, he just enjoys the noise! The yard and the penthouse are full of rusty tools, old dilapidated furniture and all kinds of junk dad finds on the road and carries home! I often complain about the noise and the piggery but he never listens; on the contrary, he swears like a trooper!

    3. Poor old Bunty! She's got a job where she's valued and respected, a home and life which she enjoys and has to ditch the lot to go home to look after her parents … but it is what she was brought up to see as her duty and, as an unmarried daughter, an automatic process

    4. He enjoys your company on every level, as you must know because he’s saving a late Duskmeal for you

    5. Although he is seen as a pianist more often than not, his roots lie with the church organ and he enjoys it when he’s asked to play for this sort of concert

    6. The usual tenants were respectable and the establishment itself enjoys a favorable reputation among the villagers

    7. “I've invited him for a round at a course I know he enjoys, that should let you off the hook

    8. Free at last, free at last: Hankins enjoys her life after many years of incarceration

    9. The one enjoys the whole produce of his own industry, the other shares it with his master

    10. The fruit-wall frequently surrounds the kitchen garden, which thus enjoys the benefit of an inclosure which its own produce could seldom pay for

    11. But in my heart, he enjoys the burial chamber of the greatest prince

    12. That this monopoly of the home market frequently gives great encouragement to that particular species of industry which enjoys it, and frequently turns towards that employment a greater share of both the labour and stock of the society than would otherwise have gone to it, cannot be doubted

    13. A person who can focus attention at will, and thereby control the content of consciousness, and who can concentrate on a task for as long as it takes to complete it, usually enjoys everyday life

    14. This advantage, however, will, perhaps, be found to be rather what may be called a relative than an absolute advantage, and to give a superiority to the country which enjoys it, rather by depressing the industry and produce of other countries, than by raising those of that particular country above what they would naturally rise to in the case of a free trade

    15. The tobacco of Maryland and Virginia, for example, by means of the monopoly which England enjoys of it, certainly comes cheaper to England than it can do to France to whom England commonly sells a considerable part of it

    16. But the share which Great Britain at present enjoys of that trade could not support any such great naval power

    17. It enables them both to enjoy more and to produce more, in proportion to what she enjoys and produces

    18. All the purposes of this trade being, in this manner, answered by a much smaller capital, there would have been a large spare capital to apply to other purposes; to improve the lands, to increase the manufactures, and to extend the commerce of Great Britain; to come into competition at least with the other British capitals employed in all those different ways, to reduce the rate of profit in them all, and thereby to give to Great Britain, in all of them, a superiority over other countries, still greater than what she at present enjoys

    19. If it was adopted, however, Great Britain would not only be immediately freed from the whole annual expense of the peace establishment of the colonies, but might settle with them such a treaty of commerce as would effectually secure to her a free trade, more advantageous to the great body of the people, though less so to the merchants, than the monopoly which she at present enjoys

    20. And as they are eating the pizza, a deep sense of satisfaction fills the air of that home, and Dad reflects on the events of the past few days, the close family relations he enjoys, and the good fortune that has came his way, and, in his thoughts, he says, “Thanks God

    21. He is tall and strong and he enjoys using his fists to maintain what he calls “My sovereignty

    22. It is now onto the theater where our group of twenty-six travelers enjoys the musical comedy “My House, My Rules

    23. The first of these formularies, which, by way of eminence, he peculiarly distinguishes by the name of the Economical Table, represents the manner in which he supposes this distribution takes place, in a state of the most perfect liberty, and, therefore, of the highest prosperity; in a state where the annual produce is such as to afford the greatest possible neat produce, and where each class enjoys its proper share of the whole annual produce

    24. Both ground-rents, and the ordinary rent of land, are a species of revenue which the owner, in many cases, enjoys without any care or attention of his own

    25. France, however, is certainly the great empire in Europe, which, after that of Great Britain, enjoys the mildest and most indulgent government

    26. This scruffy, long-haired tabby enjoys sitting behind chairs or lying in the middle of the kitchen so he can hook your sock with his claws as you walk past

    27. I think it is our stumbling and swearing he enjoys, because he also has an internal alarm clock that wakes him up every morning at 4:00

    28. Phuket enjoys a beautiful setting off the west coast of the Malay Peninsula

    29. Hope he enjoys my books

    30. Unlike the Beast, however, Humankind enjoys the singular advantages of native reasoning to promote its survival

    31. Income disparities are not troubling per se, nor should they be, provided that increases in marginal family income(s) (based on performance) are comprehensive and that every (qualified) individual enjoys fair and equal access to market opportunities as they present themselves

    32. everyone enjoys a good show every now and then……however delivered in a manner that oftentimes resonated with the uninitiated

    33. The same principle holds that ―all men are created equal‖; that is to say, that each enjoys Equal (Natural) Rights as ordained by God, (however problematical in practice)

    34. It may be reasoned that an individual who enjoys more of something is more successful than someone who has less of that same

    35. A journalist who enjoys a First Amendment right to obtain certain information as it relates to his or her pursuit of a ―storyline‖ should properly consider the sensibilities of the individual being interviewed; that questions raised should be fair and balanced and not intended to either harass, embarrass or otherwise offend that individual and that the highest (professional) standards should be (properly) observed at all times and that that journalist should neither conceal some hidden agenda nor interpose pre-conceived biases that purposely seek to discredit, distract or place that individual in a compromising position and that answers to stated questions should never be taken out of context or pre-determined and that, (most importantly), privacy rights should be observed at all times

    36. It is axiomatic that every individual who properly enjoys life, gives (reflective) pause to all that is meaningful and of certain value; held motionless by uncertain forms that have yet to take shape however aroused by such notions that (necessarily) compel he or she to probe deeper into their essential nature notwithstanding how they (may) oftentimes exceed the capacious limits of that individual‘s (private) understanding that nevertheless continues to intrigue inquiring minds cognizant of intuitive impressions part real / part imaginary yet real in the real sense of being One in All; (however separated) whose underlying presence, however, conveys a (higher) spiritual or moral standing…that the young, conditioned by the expectancies of youth united with the old seeking redemption for unfulfilled promises or missed opportunities; each converging toward the same starting/ending point, the one embarking on life and the other approaching its end, in some manner, however, occasioning a (new) beginning, a jubilee, an extension of life which becomes younger (while growing older), brought together, youth/age, childlike in all its manly/womanly innocence while the middle years patiently bide their appointed time

    37. He tends his sheep, for he knows no other trade, and enjoys doing so

    38. Although the choices that we oftentimes make are the inevitable outcome of Free Will, such decisions, however, are not…inevitable! Unlike the Beast, that lacks a moral directory, Humankind enjoys a variety of moral templates derived from an eternal source

    39. It enjoys the capacity to ―Know Itself‖ which is the highest precept of Wisdom

    40. That Humankind enjoys a certain capacity to contemplate eternal designs represents (the) cornerstone of its (potential) immortality

    41. The ―peace‖ that our society (presently) enjoys neither came cheap nor without personal sacrifice

    42. Nevertheless, she enjoys the continued support of a corps of hard-core admirers who seem willing to offer her a free-pass regardless of any wrong-doing

    43. She is very young and enjoys a certain amount of mischief

    44. As the other islands just mentioned, Ponson enjoys very luxurious and pleasant green vegetation, and it is almost uninhabited

    45. and enjoys their amity

    46. He told me he was a chef who had a restaurant somewhere in Italy before moving here three years ago simply because he enjoys the lifestyle

    47. She enjoys fitness, tennis and travel

    48. Leftist and Conservatives may both like the same single malt scotch, but it is likely only the Conservative enjoys a good cigar

    49. “Arrogant to the core, oblivious to everyone except herself, enjoys lavishing expensive adornments on herself, despises everyone in Anahuac, especially the Khan and all his relatives

    50. She enjoys the last year that Pierre lives at home with them as well

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