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    1. We have managed to destroy the pack of black devils that were entrenched on the west coast creating havoc throughout the country

    2. She went through the entrenched movement with her free hand and the staff glanced harmlessly aside

    3. Her own Great Great Grandmother Emme, was the only one she’d found a marriage record for, but that didn't mean much in an area entrenched in Mormonism

    4. Soon she got so entrenched in his descriptive recital of the history of the house she forgot all about it

    5. If she hadn't been so entrenched in thought, she might have seen the large white pick up before she did

    6. If more than words had been exchanged, she’d have to wait to ask someone who wasn't entrenched in Mr

    7. entrenched in the business of finding this so-called John Smith

    8. entrenched in the art of war

    9. When the newly enfranchised illegals and the entrenched Latinos, along with the disenfranchised Africanos took over power, there was a shell of a old country remaining

    10. She was trying to pull away from him gently, hoping to spare him some pain, worried by how seriously he was entrenched in their relationship

    11. General Rubin entrenched his forces in a disused Bacardi distillery, with rough trenches built at an angle obtuse to the approaches

    12. Pouring in heavy volleys from their carbines, the cavalry then surged forward, the enemy's right flank falling back in good order before the Rough Riders, who were now enfiladed by Rubin's mountain artillery, and the infantry supports entrenched along the ridge

    13. Siege had to be laid to a considerable city, well garrisoned, naturally entrenched with steep ridges, and with a powerful fleet to assist in its defence

    14. This citadel resembled a French chateau rather than the Moresque forts of Spain; but the guns made little impression upon it, and I rode back to El Pozo, where Battery A, Captain Grimes, was entrenched on a ridge opposing San Juan

    15. The configuration of the ground seldom admits guns remaining far in rear of the advance, but there is no justifiable hope in advancing strong masses of troops against an entrenched position without preparatory artillery action, and no assault should be ordered until the artillery duel has silenced the enemy's guns and shaken the defending forces

    16. Carefully entrenched, and hardly touched by our artillery fire, this small force, aided by machine guns and two nine-pounders, had torn up their assailants in the valley below with no appreciable loss

    17. The eager soldiers then fell back to the ridge they had captured, and entrenched themselves along the crest

    18. As they hurriedly entrenched, the enemy poured from the woods, and finding cover behind rocks and along hedges, fired steady volleys that would have proved terribly effectual when the troopers were beyond the hill, and probably have driven the American lines back demoralised

    19. Major Dillonback's batteries opened well, but every Spanish rifle was soon directed against the guns, which were barely entrenched, and in great confusion the pieces were dragged from the ridges, that were absolutely untenable at such a range

    20. Three times they entrenched, though without tools, and cheerfully relinquished the result of their labour to the Americans, when the lines extended to the right

    21. But more and more, slave owners became more entrenched in their defense of slavery

    22. He knew that one lone cop, a hair’s breadth shy of five feet tall couldn’t single-handedly clean up the corruption entrenched in the OIJ, or so much as slow the increase in trafficking by removing an occasional smuggler

    23. You stand up against an entrenched system, struggling for basic human rights and a sense of belonging to a country that would rather you and your people didn’t even exist!” The idealistic zeal of college days spurred her on

    24. As a modern young woman, she was not deeply entrenched in any faith, though she accompanied friends to church sometimes

    25. Further, upon his review of the treaties, he concluded they all had been violated and a very deceptive practice had become entrenched which would not reflect well on Washington’s

    26. There were two guards, firmly entrenched behind a partial shield wall with wands at the ready, scanning the corridor in both directions

    27. In implementing its newly invented Liberty of Contract theory, and in similar decisions as well, the Court claimed and entrenched for itself a veto power for which there is no justification in the Constitution

    28. The Supreme Court, entrenched at the leading edge of the Civil War, has begun to fabricate a weapon capable of even more catastrophic devastation

    29. The wall was strong and had glass pieces entrenched in it so that nobody could climb on it

    30. The common response of entrenched believers—theists and atheists

    31. It is likely, if you do succeed in purposefully manifesting intentional directedness in one of these entrenched situations, you will experience some change in your moral stance

    32. They are so incredibly entrenched with the idea that they are

    33. To rid ourselves of the entrenched, voracious type of capitalism that is in this country that perpetuates sexism and racism, I don’t think that can come nonviolently…I’m talking

    34. It is important to read quotes from other sources because misinformation about India is deeply entrenched in the history books and minds of most Western educated people

    35. But the Genie, entrenched as he was under the blanket of denial, still reused undergoing my desires

    36. Ah! But Beatrice, entrenched in her reality, in those moments, the well of her patience was also dry and did not see with good eyes my outbursts of altruism, thus also she verbally attacked me:

    37. He wanted to try and sort things out with her before positions became too entrenched, but Alice was busy on the phone herself

    38. He saw that, while some features of the idea of a spiritual kingdom were being grasped by the twelve, they steadfastly persisted in attaching these new spiritual teachings directly onto their old and entrenched literal concepts of the kingdom of heaven as a restoration of David's throne and the re-establishment of Israel as a temporal power on earth

    39. Also, many binding, deeply entrenched beliefs are being blasted away

    40. As the Germans pushed forward the Americans destroyed bridges at Trois-Ponts and Stoumont where the US troops entrenched and waited to attack the enemy

    41. “To be honest he is probably entrenched in hundreds of cases so I doubt he would have the time to listen to us

    42. The Americans were so entrenched in the Islamic situation that they didn’t see this coming

    43. All are related, all are in a cycle that is entrenched in their own creation

    44. Over the four days that the aggressors laid siege to the complex, the resistance within the station became more resolute and entrenched

    45. It is not necessary to be entrenched in any specific dogma because they are all true to some degree and at various times are what specific individuals will need

    46. Although Carey fathered modern missions and rejected slavery in England, in 1792 the movement that he began became divided racially, geographically, and spiritually in America as slavery quickly grew more entrenched here in the following few decades

    47. Looking back it is now clear to me that two strata of blacks in America had been solidly entrenched

    48. Yet to this day, black families continue to suffer from poverty in Norfolk while still being rejected by these entrenched churches

    49. He didn’t gain objectivity with this distance, but rather became entrenched in subjectivity through serving self-indulgence and self-interest

    50. As soon as my paws were firmly entrenched on the tiled

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