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    1. Teenagers usually exhibit the generation gap and question those views with which they are not convinced

    2. Have you considered displaying your paintings? They would certainly be of a sufficiently high standard to exhibit, I think

    3. 65 years, and have found that all things exhibit the

    4. He'd paid for half her yandrille, he'd supported all her plans, including the audio equipment history exhibit she'd helped him build for the department lobby

    5. I produce here, as an exhibit, the original specimen of my modus

    6. There was no danger that he’d exhibit her at festivals

    7. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you may exhibit some sadomasochistic desires

    8. This actually helps to explain why children within the same family may exhibit different behaviors and mannerism despite their sharing of the same parents

    9. I slid down near this abomination that had once been a comrade and my eyes were drawn to it again like it was an exhibit in some kind of freak show

    10. (The reader need only refer to the tasteless exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum of Art in order to catch my ―whiff!‖)

    11. durng the reproductive cycle because there are does that exhibit signs of

    12. There was little in the exhibit, that in comparison, he had not seen similar on Earth, whether it be real in a museum, or in an encyclopedia, online, or in a book

    13. ’ A person could have a fine attitude and be useless, or espouse a good attitude and exhibit a bad one

    14. Exasperation did not suit Hilderich’s face well but it was contorted in such a way as to exhibit it profoundly

    15. The meal was slowly but appreciatively consumed with Zoran imitating the noisy approval that Homulkar seemed to exhibit, accompanied by the hesitant, then more confident smile of the hostess as the meal progressed

    16. All the men laughed along in earnest, pointing at Ethan like a freak exhibit

    17. The convention included an exhibit

    18. Also, we utilized economic and political force of billion of excluded people to exhibit that everything is possible when we changed the systematics

    19. We will exhibit the process through fictitious example that involves the countries: Brazil and Japan

    20. See to follow the example of budget of Country Haiti to exhibit how the deposit of the investment in the XUSING Project occurs with intention of solving the socioeconomic problem of that country in a definitive way:

    21. Command hypnosis works only with people that exhibit a high level of suggestibility, and the hypnotist assumes authoritative control over the subject, imposing her or his domination and control over the subject’s mind

    22. b- They exhibit more attachment to their caregivers, but without good feelings of security

    23. ) a- More severe cases will exhibit early problems with speech, unusual gestures, diminished responsiveness and different vocal patterns

    24. Those who exhibit reward-seeking behavior have a large orbitofrontal cortex,” someone says

    25. When they found him, they asked if he’d seen the second Carson exhibit

    26. Otherwise the love couples who have lived on Earth for half a century wouldn't still like each other as clearly as in its youth, the fountains would be languishing in dismal parks without cause, and the ruins of an ancient castle would fail down to the underground and became an exhibit of the museum that is stored in the bowels of planet for millions and billions of years

    27. An operation may exhibit different behaviours in different instances

    28. The process of making an operator to exhibit different behaviours in different

    29. Residents across the Panhandle enter canned goods, textiles, and baked goods to be judged, and fair goers tour the exhibit halls to get a look at quilts, art, and photography as well

    30. can touch the empty manifestations they exhibit

    31. violence of the tyrant, and render void his wicked intentions, and exhibit the nobleness of faith! 3 For you, as a house bravely built

    32. ” The shows he talks about contain nothing strident and often exhibit no emotion at all

    33. The Atlantis sought to demonstrate this in its exhibit Body Parts by Germany’s Gunter von Hagens, whose name sounds like a character escaped from a Wagnerian opera

    34. The exhibit has since traveled to enlighten the world, though in San Francisco some of its elements began oozing liquid, suggesting the possibility of its early demise

    35. Gallery goers eager for a moment in the presence of evanescent fame, but who may wish to share only the presence, but not the essence, of this unique exhibit, beware

    36. The exhibit was to show how the pendulum knocks over long lines of pegs every once in a while the proof that

    37. In addition, that village can boast of an exhibit of old vehicles, Vintage Auto Barn, where visitors can admire more than ninety classical cars

    38. Then follows an exhibit of a war canoe, a large exposition of local green stone known as “mere pounamu”, all types of delicate and refined wood carvings among writings such as “women: the thread to continuity”

    39. The Historical Museum of Xian and the Shanghai Museum of Shanghai, both built not so long ago, figure among the best the group has seen in content, ornament and accommodation of the exhibit

    40. Corridors and wooden structures exhibit pictorial art and

    41. In Wuxi, however, they truly exhibit wealth and live in luxury houses at the outskirts of the city

    42. From that park one can observe the fascinating geological phenomenon of three islands that exhibit the shape of a green turtle in the water

    43. Exhibit with your God great harmony and devotion,

    44. The vertebrates that exhibit wounds apparently provoked by actions that are

    45. 16 But since it seemed good to you to exhibit your glory among your people Israel you did sanctify this place

    46. 2 O you mother who together with seven children did destroy the violence of the tyrant and render void his wicked intentions and exhibit the nobleness of faith! 3 For you as a house bravely built on the pillar of your children did bear without swaying the shock of tortures

    47. that everyone seemed to exhibit, as they raced to catch up

    48. Ed helps thousands of people every year while spending much of his time at the Crazy Horse exhibit and sculpture in South Dakota, just west of Mount Rushmore

    49. Let us direct our wives to that which is good; 7 let them show out the lovely habit of chastity and exhibit the pure disposition of meekness

    50. Some of the wives and girlfriends of the men chosen didn’t exhibit Sharon or Sallys’ courage

    1. Hacked WordPress sites have exhibited one or more of the following symptoms:

    2. The big man whirled just like a dancing bear Nerissa once saw exhibited in Smyrna on the Feast Day of Apollo

    3. Again Mark had typed just a couple of words when the Astronomicon replied, ‘Some subjects in the last 24 generations have exhibited signs of becoming aware of higher dimensions

    4. If we considered the elaborate and detailed design exhibited within the structure of the original texts in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, we quickly realise that it would take super-human efforts to obtain all of the interwoven information and tasks listed below:

    5. reply and a symptom of the lack of respect she exhibited more and

    6. Sharon had never exhibited symptoms of what I thought

    7. Not only did the TV news programs showed multitudes of demonstrators through the streets of the most important cities of the country, the newspapers exhibited them in the front pages

    8. He went for his bell in order to let his aide-de-camp know he wanted some uwe urgently but before he could do that, as if by a miracle or a mind-reading ability that the Major had not exhibited so far, he saw Guighan enter through the door in a hurried fashion, stand to one side, salute briskly and click the heels of his boots tucking his sword away with his free hand

    9. Ethan went on, his fists clenching instinctively, his eyes shining with a crystal clarity that he rarely exhibited:

    10. For a bunch of ragtag bandits, they exhibited quite the streak of a rather unexpected professionalism; stupid nervous people with guns would’ve shot him dead

    11. Bigger details are exhibited in book “XUSING: The Systemic Theory of Usuarism” by Pichael Sueckes, author’s edition with exclusive sale for Internet

    12. It already exhibited its effective union capacity and political wish of practicing the change when implanting the euro as unique coin to those countries

    13. who exhibited fever, inanition, and delirium

    14. A high charge exhibited, in God's name, against

    15. When there is very less data points the control limits derived will be only trail limits and as the data points increase (more than 27) the natural limits can be exhibited by the process

    16. are exhibited overhead and

    17. of excitement and laughter all exhibited his joy

    18. The ideas exhibited by quantum theory – once understood – should shock the

    19. exhibited behavioral traits appropriate for the previous life

    20. mechanical skills previously exhibited by Victor Vincent

    21. and exhibited a phobia of motorcycles

    22. The emotions were there, but the lack of expression that could be exhibited by her lower extremities, wasn't

    23. that exhibited enough unique proof to justify a belief in reincarnation, including the case of Doris

    24. Both of them exhibited steadfast stubbornness: Josie may have shown lack of tact and wisdom in her choice of words, and Roger may have shown lack of understanding of a troubled person who tried to save face in her struggles

    25. haughtiness he had exhibited before

    26. The significance of anti-pollution regulations and Coast Guard enforcement was exhibited in 1973 when the International Conference on Marine Pollution met in London

    27. Similar self sacrifice was exhibited by military and civilian personnel at the Pentagon, where casualties numbered in the hundreds, and in the Pennsylvania country side where brave airline passengers attacked the terrorists who commandeered their aircraft, and forced the plane into the ground, sparing the nation"s capital

    28. In retrospect they exhibited outstanding articling

    29. This device was a trillion trillion times larger than an atom – and yet exhibited quantum duality associated with waves

    30. He has given many such cases in his books which lead to the conclusion that the full spectrum of consciousness exhibited by the biochemical brain does not originate there

    31. I thought this was an extremely good example of the hopeless irrationality exhibited by many people

    32. state, a low degree of consciousness is exhibited Conversely, if a group of

    33. consciousness is exhibited a Q-ball of etheric particles which are in the

    34. is similar to the behavior exhibited by a computer-generated ‘cellular au-

    35. A peanut vendor exhibited his skills at transforming a page of newspaper into a paper bag which became skinnier with each magic wave of his hand

    36. The best floral arrangements of the region were exhibited there and my step grandmother had won unconquered the last three years; but judging by the events in full development and the voracious famine that was boasting in the vigorous movements of the jaw of the ruminant, this year the award would go to other hands

    37. ” He said softly; a glint of amusement in his eyes, the first natural human expression he’d exhibited, and asked, “Would you have let him?”

    38. The Art Gallery is very fine and exhibited a Renaissance St

    39. It is our opinion that most of the behaviors exhibited by an abuser have either been learned or were enabled at home

    40. she exhibited in her ability to put down a ‘weak’ male? What factors in

    41. fact that Angels of a certain type are evoked by the call, and it is their action which causes much of the enthusiasm which is exhibited

    42. first subcycle in the stories of the wonderful powers exhibited by the earlier

    43. mind I was something of a dangerous type, but the paradox of the shyness I exhibited, while she

    44. The crude idol exhibited in the enormous temple dedicated to her worship was reputed to have fallen from heaven

    45. 8 The difficulty in the evolution of political sovereignty from the family to all mankind, lies in the inertia-resistance exhibited on all intervening levels

    46. The repercussions of Jesus' teachings would have been much greater if the later Christian teachers who joined the Urmia faculty had exhibited more wisdom and exercised more tolerance

    47. Her armies’ ranks had swollen with each successive win, no one wanted to be on the losing side and from the power she now exhibited, no one had any doubt that she would annihilate her son, King Luke

    48. They were also somewhat frightened and disconcerted by the unexpected boldness and assertive determination exhibited by the Pharisees who had come down from Jerusalem

    49. 8 Jesus greatly enjoyed the keen sense of humor which these gentiles exhibited

    50. Not since the times when he had taught in Alexandria, Rome, and in the islands of the Mediterranean, had he exhibited such learning and shown such a grasp of the affairs of men, both secular and religious

    1. He had been exhibiting unusual

    2. what it was they were exhibiting, but I think it had

    3. She felt great relief that Tragus hadn’t revived his idea of exhibiting her at festivals as the bedmate of a beast

    4. “And what’s that, Winderiver?” asked Forgo, his voice exhibiting the kind of irritation that occurred when Dorro revealed a secret piece of information he’d been holding back from the Sheriff

    5. Your sister is exhibiting PTSD, or Post-traumatic stress disorder

    6. As Linda approached his desk with his coffee, she noticed that he was exhibiting an angry tone over the phone

    7. The focus of this evaluation is in the effectiveness, in other words, if the XUSING Project and the agreed organizations to Bank3Sector obtained the sustainability along the process, exhibiting the reached improvements in the quality of life of the population and of the planet

    8. This block will be example for the world, exhibiting its union force, putting an end to the social problems in first place and the countries with its officers will enter for the history of the humanity when giving this important step

    9. The history has been exhibiting that many countries were deceived by the economic growth; today they are in the misery

    10. The book obtains the feat of exhibiting to the reader whole operation of this theory and how all areas of the human activity act for production and service through Usuarist Projects to act in a dynamical way, without generating fixed cost

    11. years of exhibiting these qualities, this family

    12. do this on your terms, you are exhibiting a form

    13. Even though Joyce Kellogue was a master’s daughter, she took delight in exhibiting her obvious charms in a way that drove the masculine populace to distraction

    14. 19 And so exhibiting their enmity against us they alone among the nations lift up their heads against kings and benefactors as men unwilling to submit to any thing reasonable

    15. they were exhibiting their innate behaviour: hitting each other,

    16. Mariana placed her eyes on a big table that was exhibiting the most exquisite delicacies ever seen

    17. The last one could not conceal his nervousness, walking up and down with undecided and intensive steps with his hands hidden in his strange pants and exhibiting pouches after a long night without sleeping

    18. “The humanoids who have caused us so much trouble are exhibiting an ironic lack of interest in who may set foot in their principle stronghold

    19. I was hoping I could have a few words with you this morning about exhibiting some works

    20. “This is Officer Juarez,” he said, his tone a bit friendlier and exhibiting a subtle Spanish accent when saying his name

    21. 8 Jesus portrayed to all the worlds of his vast universe the folly of creating artificial situations for the purpose of exhibiting arbitrary authority or of indulging exceptional power for the purpose of enhancing moral values or accelerating spiritual progress

    22. As she remained steadfast in her refusal, exhibiting more of his insensitivity, he gave her a rosy picture of the film world

    23. It had been his consistent policy to refrain from exhibiting his creator prerogatives

    24. “Once he is broken to my will, I plan on exhibiting him in the arena games,” Conn shrugged

    25. Fifteen hundred years in the north country have made them a tall, tawny-haired, grey-eyed race, vigorous and warlike, and already exhibiting a well-defined artistry and poetism of nature

    26. Has she been exhibiting delusional or violent tendencies lately?”

    27. For the most part, Lippman recalls her son exhibiting the ex-

    28. He knew his true feelings were quite different from what his body was exhibiting

    29. “It’s a waste of time,” Mort said bluntly, exhibiting equal

    30. This time his father was exhibiting a bit of anger

    31. Vinny smiled exhibiting his pointy shark teeth

    32. plated name tag exhibiting his full name across the front of it:

    33. "I had no idea she was exhibiting new work anywhere in Manhattan

    34. As he ran it up the hill, exhibiting some male strength, I picked up the bag that had been left behind and followed

    35. I tell those who boast that they make no profession, that they are only exhibiting their own sorrowful ignorance of Holy Scripture

    36. A coward is incapable of exhibiting love; it is the prerogative of the brave

    37. Perhaps in an attempt to reassure its increasingly important African allies, China appears to be exhibiting more caution than it has in the past

    38. On this score, can it not be said that Islam, exhibiting its lack of concern for the female well-being, is inimical to the development of half of its believers? And yet, some hypocritical apologists of the burkha would have it that what the Muslim women are hiding from the public view is not their persona but their poverty exemplified by the rags they wear!

    39. Always be alert to the signs the client is exhibiting

    40. Maintaining eye contact, smiling frequently, and exhibiting confidence through his actions are the main ways

    41. Tina is in her mid-twenties when she was slowly exhibiting symptoms of low-self-worth

    42. trousers he delighted in exhibiting this beautiful young woman to the friends and enemies who

    43. His son knew where babies came from and was exhibiting an unhealthy interest in girls

    44. If certain situations always evoke fear then create new visualizations that show you conquering your fear and exhibiting courage in those types of situations

    45. The entire children joined her at that juncture, exhibiting our own dancing steps in celebration of our parents

    46. What is childish behavior? I've seen 70 year old ladies exhibiting what

    47. And as for the stout lady who had set her ablaze, she ate almonds and raisins with a sublime placidity, throwing the almonds down on to the stone floor, cracking them with the heel of her boot, and exhibiting an unexpected nimbleness in picking them up again

    48. He loved and respected her just as he had before, exhibiting remarkable understanding and intelligence for someone who was only 15 years old

    49. Olin knew that the longer he kept the can in the water the better so he did so until he sensed that the men were exhibiting impatience

    50. Olin made a point to himself to never underestimate the evil that groups of ignorant or panicked men were capable of exhibiting

    1. “This area exhibits strange properties unfound anywhere else in the universe

    2. They strolled the grounds and walked through the preview exhibits of the Manchester Museum, scheduled to open to the public in early Spring

    3. The hallway was wide and there were exhibits in it

    4. Among the exhibits – of a great variety - I found

    5. exhibits suitable behaviour on the job

    6. Can we scientifically prove that the Bible possesses qualities that would confirm that it had its origin from outside our dimensionality of space-time? Is there evidence of supernatural design contained within? Can we prove that no other book exhibits the qualities that are found in the Bible? Should we be able to do this, it naturally follows that an Intelligent Being, who is not limited to our physical constraints, guided its design and construction over approximately 1,600 years, employing about 40 different authors

    7. Please visit the websites below to see in detail what information is conveyed in the Mel Gibson code and how the Bible exhibits similar intricacies found within the DNA molecule:

    8. We also know that water exhibits diamagnetic properties - water is repelled when exposed to a magnetic field

    9. “They are wonderful exhibits of nature’s ability to create the most wondrous

    10. The church exhibits a modern look, with reinforcement columns in Y shape beams, open without walls, which were substituted by low railings made of steel

    11. Today, it exhibits, however, a chronicle of vertiginous rows of jewelry, textile, colors, sounds, aboriginal gastronomy, fragrances and above all flowers, which the Indians consider a symbol of prosperity

    12. The exhibits carried Sylvia to the history of the early 1800’s when the racial makeup of the province experienced its first changes, as black fishermen of turtles settled the coast and intermarried with the native Indians

    13. Wall Drug was actually pretty amusing, with a fascinating collection of western-themed paintings and other museum-like exhibits

    14. Therefore, there is need of change of the economic model, because the reality exhibits that the cause of the problem is systemic and structural in that the current system with base in the consumer society generates the myopia of the economic growth that needs to consume to generate employment and tributary revenue for state-owned need even causing the destruction of the planet

    15. The statistics always exhibits its cruel numbers and the press registers its misfortunes everyday

    16. It exhibits that rivers of money enter and they go out without solving the problems because everything thoroughly enters lost as the organizational resources (goods, products, money and voluntary donation of services) for the Third Sector or State in form of tributes, donations or financial resources

    17. Below, the Figure-07 exhibits how the definitive solution of problems happens anywhere in the world with the integrated actuation of Bank3Sectors

    18. This topic exhibits the evaluation way in 4 types of approaches in the form of figure below (Figures: 08, 09, 10 and 11) with its indicators and means of verification: process, result, impact and presuppositions

    19. This budget exhibits how is easy to solve the social and economic problems with only an innovative systematics that satisfies diverse countries that are ideologically united in a great community as it is the case of CPLP - Community of Portuguese Language Countries with the following lusophone countries: Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, San Tome and Principe and East Timor

    20. Also, this Project exhibits that the African continent has immense potential wealth, so much in the material form as human

    21. This budget exhibits as most of the economically lacking population of any country can solve its socioeconomic and financial problem immediately with unique symbolic contribution and availability of its resources to accomplish its activities through a new systematics, without discovering a saint to cover the other

    22. Its new organizational structure is mentioned in details in unique book, it exhibits innovative form of generation of continuous income for all people and organizations with new behavioural style to enjoy the wealth, without there to be need of the destruction of the planet to generate employment

    23. Two of them were quite impressed with the Science Fair and found several of the exhibits most interesting, particularly the back panels

    24. He influenced the exhibits of the other kids

    25. Canyon offers loaned exhibits and is home

    26. Indubitably, his book exhibits a rather selective distillation of historic and geographic details, not the minutely and exhaustive documentary of the American writer who includes in his books detailed

    27. Nowadays it serves as a museum that contains numerous exhibits related to Acapulco’s

    28. Historiographers can satisfy their taste for history even more, overseeing the Bahamas Historical Society Museum where an interesting collection of chronicles and anthropological artifacts exhibits an excellent depository of history, particularly that of the Lucayans, the first inhabitants of the archipelago

    29. However, sightseers interested in history and attracted by historic cities of great culture, will be delighted with a pleasurable walk through the Old San Juan, for, in spite of a century of independence from Spain, still exhibits with relish its unspoiled original colonial inheritance

    30. As such it exhibits an imposing

    31. Finally, in the Animal Attic gallery visitors are charmed by the marvelous world of wild life and stumble upon animal exhibits mounted after 19th and 20th centuries models

    32. The latter carries the name of the agricultural region that surrounds it and exhibits one of the most naturally scenic unharmed decorative arrangements in the world

    33. The lower part of Mount Wellington slopes is covered with thirty-two varieties of eucalyptus trees and exhibits dense and sappy vegetation

    34. It exhibits very old artifacts of great historic interest

    35. It exhibits the most portentous palettes on the face of the earth that elicit from tourists the deeply felt sigh “I wish I were a painter”

    36. They will be able to admire the various glaciers, the delightful gardens, the natural beauty of the port, the stunning views of Mendenhall Valley and stroll through the Museum of the State of Alaska, which contains fascinating art exhibits

    37. What better to do, then, than to stop at the world famous Butchart Gardens? That floral fantasy exhibits a splendid delight in summer when its buds and its florescence are at their peak

    38. exhibits and with Lynn Farr’s translating as/when needed

    39. serves herself of an animal for transportation ends, that exposes or exhibits them with a

    40. Segment #1 – Introduction of the guest; overview of the day’s topics with a brief look at footage and exhibits

    41. Now the point here is that because everyone is damaged, this means that everyone exhibits symptoms of

    42. an active substance that exhibits enormous inherent energy of its

    43. I ran through the exhibits and ducked behind a tour group

    44. By extreme moodiness I mean the child has unreasonable its of anger; is very disrespectful; exhibits hostility toward family members; is very withdrawn and barely communicative; wants to be left all alone most of the time; has a radical change in sleeping patterns

    45. Pink has that mischief which Barbara exhibits


    47. The Orthodox spiritual tradition has a legacy of holiness and, when followed authentical y, exhibits a

    48. The individual literally comes a part, so there is no me but only a collection of me's, who are, at the very same time not-me--a solution that exhibits both lack of control and attempts at control

    49. 4 Christianity exhibits a history of having originated out of the unintended transformation of the religion of Jesus into a religion about Jesus

    50. Man is a material fact of nature, but his life is a phenomenon which transcends the material levels of nature in that it exhibits the control attributes of mind and the creative qualities of spirit

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