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    1. Having sat down to consider the excellent fair on offer – dried

    2. Life isn't really fair that way

    3. It wasn't fair that she alone would know about James's affliction

    4. He supported rights of individual ownership and fair interaction with people of other ethnic groups

    5. ‘Of course, I’d been widowed a fair while by then

    6. Do you understand that? That's only fair enough, isn't it?"

    7. Why is that fair? Just because they were born at different times?

    8. Yet again, I come back to the question of whether it is fair to any man to deprive him of fatherhood …

    9. It is neither fair to the preacher or the congregation to let such happen

    10. This morning, as soon as she stepped into my office with some new texts in hand, the screen suddenly went black with a ''system error'', without my pressing a single key! What the heck, has she got a magnet or something? We called for a technician, as usual, but in the meanwhile the fair lady fumed and fretted at me and started shouting about my incompetence

    11. Alan got her to divulge that she also knew a fair amount of biochemistry and it's practical application

    12. ‘By the standards of Earth technology, life is certainly a lot simpler on Errd … slower in some ways … no, that’s not accurate, less frenzied would be better … but we have a high standard of living … and I think it’s fair to say that our culture is more ecologically sound

    13. "I've been down to Lastriss twice before, but once was fair weather all the way, a few weeks earlier in the year than this, and once I came overland and weathered two different storms in two different inns

    14. ‘Don’t know … regardless of what Karal said, my uncle seems to have had a fair bit of dosh … I’d hate for anyone to think I’m just after his money

    15. She too was a fair and just ruler

    16. Already there was a fair bit of activity in the streets – people wandering around in what she could only assume was special holiday attire for men of brightly coloured shorts and tops, some women in absurdly brief skirts, others in long muslin affairs that wouldn’t look out of place on Errd, most of them carrying bags of towels and dragging small noisy children laden with buckets and spades

    17. To be fair, the weather forecasters had

    18. evidence I have heard on a fair basis

    19. To be fair, they thought the set up look good, but that

    20. But it has been a while now and it is fair to say that we,

    21. “Well, if the dragon comes, it wouldn’t be fair to leave it out on

    22. but curse fair winds and skies for nothing will grow at all

    23. Mists in March brings frosts in May, but winds set fair the year,

    24. I don’t want this one, it’s not fair,

    25. The Queen will ensure that all is fair” said Lardyme

    26. of the Alderfolk in the fair corner

    27. ROBERT: Is it fair to say your experience of dealing with rape victims is limited to only two cases?

    28. This is not fair

    29. that remains a fair indication of the north

    30. ) You thought the work here was done? Justice was done? Perhaps your justice was done… But not mine… NOT MINE! You’d like me to give up this gun and turn myself in, wouldn’t you? Go ahead and tell me you’d give me a fair trial before you hanged me

    31. Berndt brings up the rear – I spend a fair bit of my time checking he is still there; a fact which does not escape his notice

    32. Maybe this wasn't fair to Alan, they hadn't really talked about his feelings for Nuran, but Desa knew they weren't much more than friendship

    33. Diagnosed or not, it is fair to say that any brain not in contact with the environment is ill

    34. He moved straight back into the Ritz, bought new clothes, bought a brand new sports car and almost immediately found that his fair weather friends, now that the rain had ceased to fall in the soldier’s life, all suddenly had sunny windows in their diaries

    35. Bringing others into a fight is not a fair way to fight

    36. In a fair fight it is also important to not bring up old issues

    37. A fair fight will remain focused and bringing up the past distracts from the current issues and also sends the message that the past

    38. A fair fight however incorporates the key elements of focus,

    39. A fair fight is also left in the past after resolution

    40. Fair fighting leads to resolution in most cases

    41. It was deserted, which was just as well since Sophia had more than its fair share of ear-wiggers during the festival

    42. Would you say that is a fair comment?’

    43. With an effort, I manage to throw one arm round her neck, swallowing a fair amount of water in the process, but once there, it means she can support me as she swims strongly towards land

    44. I got into a fair old state and ended up with the mother and father of a migraine last night – all the bells and whistles

    45. The blind at the window is pretty manky too – not surprising I suppose with the amount of steam which gets generated in here sometimes and the fire in the range creates a fair amount of soot

    46. In particular she asked each fair maid if she would wash her son’s crinkly boxer shorts and diamond pattern ankle socks

    47. It was so fair you could see three veins running

    48. However, the brown was more prominent on her fair face

    49. I’d knocked myself out and was sprawled on the ground – the lucky thing about it was that because I was feverish I didn’t try to save myself at all, so landed fair and square in the middle of a bush which broke my fall’

    50. It is precisely because of these ancient traditions of fair play and

    1. Stu hadn’t faired so well, Tar was a martial arts specialist and a commando and struck Stu with a high knee to the face, which made Stu lose his balance and fell with Tar straddled on top of him

    2. This would be his first real contact with the faired sex and he didn’t want to make a fool of himself so he was glad Darlene was available for a price

    3. The city hadn’t faired so well, there were mostly ruins covered over with vines, trees and thousands of years of accumulated debris from neglect and the weather

    4. ‘When you think that half of the voting population were women who owned at least half of the wealth, and all of the pussy, pretty dumb eh? Ironically though, in the event, the abandoned Brits have faired better than their counterparts in mainland Europe where the establishment saved themselves and the abandoned, unwanted bulk of the population have been hunted down like rats

    5. Certain their skin was peeling, but nothing faired to prove their suffering

    6. Scott's delving faired no better

    1. Chloe continued, “How is your Harold fairing in his enterprises?”

    2. Two, you want to know how Wendy is fairing on regardless of everything that went on and three

    3. She opted to start with how Alice was fairing on with her task

    4. He wasn’t fairing too well when I saw him

    5. “How are you all fairing?” The beast spoke out loud, which was shocking and Eleanor in her typical brashness of character responded

    1. “No fairs fair, it was a draw, however I propose my boy Clipear to take on the goat boys cousin

    2. The ancient policy of Europe was, over and above all this, unfavourable to the improvement and cultivation of land, whether carried on by the proprietor or by the farmer ; first, by the general prohibition of the exportation of corn, without a special licence, which seems to have been a very universal regulation ; and, secondly, by the restraints which were laid upon the inland commerce, not only of corn, but of almost every other part of the produce of the farm, by the absurd laws against engrossers, regraters, and forestallers, and by the privileges of fairs and markets

    3. antiques exchange as the town hosted six massive fairs every year

    4. While still a freshman, he became active in country fairs and with programs run by Jesuit priests and farmers’ cooperatives, bringing new ideas to rural areas

    5. COMMUNICATION OF THE PROJECT: All the institutional sponsors or social investors will have its names transmitted in all the events that occur, such as: lectures, courses, congress, forums, conclaves, fairs, articles and other events

    6. Tarshish was your merchant by reason of the multitude of all kind of riches; with silver, iron, tin, and lead, they traded in your fairs

    7. They of the house of Togarmah traded in your fairs with horses and horsemen and mules

    8. by reason of the multitude of the wares of your making: they occupied in your fairs with emeralds, purple, and broidered work, and

    9. of Sheba and Raamah, they were your merchants: they occupied in your fairs with chief of all spices, and with all precious stones, and

    10. While a child, he savored as anyone else in El Bierzo, the delicious “botillo” that the mother of the family used to stuff, cure and prepare in the house, and when he used to accompany his dad to winter livestock fairs

    11. In fairs and in dealings, with malice they deceived him,

    12. The mayor also said that "one of the best fairs of Andalusia as is the Alhaurín el

    13. Career fairs and on-campus recruiting are also ways to expose recruiters, who are more familiar with full-time students, to the value of Executive MBA students

    14. Most Japanese see through the ruse, but others enjoy the occasional handouts and street fairs they hold in poorer neighborhoods and rural communities to bolster support

    15. Now ten years on, he could cope under any situation, as he had been left in charge many times in the past, when Matthew had gone away to the numerous antique fairs

    16. Now that Megan was there all the time, she had given over to Freddy the full responsibility of attending antique fairs and for the buying of the items at auction

    17. The FTDL fairs better than most other Lemur species

    18. Some spiritualist groups have psychic fairs to raise funds for their church or organization

    19. For the same reason she continued giving concerts at church fairs and school parties, even though the requests were less and less frequent

    20. It’s not form lack of belief in the realities awaiting realization, but my laziness – A pilgrim may ardently long to reach the golden city and yet loiter on the way, making unnecessary night stops, because he is tired of plodding thru clinging mud or lingering at village fairs because, although their tawdry attractions fall far short of the jeweled splendors awaiting him, they are to be had now, whereas the golden city lies scores of leagues away

    21. But she'll have her friend that runs those psychic fairs in Seattle looking for a replacement for me, just in case

    22. There are events that bring exposure to the church such as fairs and flea markets

    23. This chapter includes many unique ways to reach out at fairs and over 40 ideas for community events

    24. fairs of the community and the surrounding area of Sure Hill Valley

    25. In the 1800’s families gathered in parks for community fairs to display what they had made; in the 1930’s they went to theaters to watch movies as a new type of social gathering to escape the depression suffocating them; in the 1950’s the television separated us into our own homes of Happy Days, communist spies, and beatniks, and by 1990 there was one in every room where every member could find a TV family to their own liking

    26. fairs, interview processes he had never even con-

    27. She had never been to fairs as a child apart from one occasion, with family, on Anu’s birthday

    28. Did she do her shopping at Renaissance fairs, or something?

    29. Fairs: Wares; something received or purchased, referring to exports

    30. However, most of them are predisposed to neglect job fairs

    31. That is why job fairs are the best places to find a job because many companies will be participating in the event

    32. Job fairs are not really that bustling

    33. I see the picturesque crowds at the fairs of Khiva and those of Herat, I see Teheran, I see Muscat and Medina and the intervening sands,

    34. visit two separate wool fairs in this part of the country

    35. When she recalled the Fleece Fairs of her childhood, it seemed to her that they had been busier and more crowded

    36. fairs had not been as bustling as those he remembered from childhood

    37. In this family she had become a commodity, to be sold at city fairs

    38. Nor were sports wanting, such as the colonists had witnessed, and shared in, long ago, at the country fairs and on the village-greens of England; and which it was thought well to keep alive on this new soil, for the sake of the courage and manliness that were essential in them

    39. And all fairs were held in summer

    40. services with dogged but unimaginative efficiency – a trait he illustrated by giving a tedious sermon on why God was more important than Money, an odd note on which to open one of England’s great commercial fairs

    41. She had also observed that certain kinds of illness – stomach upsets, coughs and colds, and poxes of all sorts –seemed to flare up during fairs and markets; so it seemed obvious that they were passed from one person to another by some means

    42. {217} And as in other fairs of less moment, there are the several rows and streets, under their proper names, where such and such wares are vended; so here likewise you have the proper places, rows, streets, (viz

    43. But, as in other fairs, some one commodity is as the chief of all the fair, so the ware of Rome and her merchandise is greatly promoted in this fair; only our English nation, with some others, have taken a dislike thereat

    44. For a time, he frequented the fairs, where a showman exhibited him as the "living corpse

    45. Casaubon's will had yet reached Ladislaw: the air seemed to be filled with the dissolution of Parliament and the coming election, as the old wakes and fairs were filled with the rival clatter of itinerant shows; and more private noises were taken little notice of

    46. lad, don't forget Gildor's saying -- the one Sam used to quote: Do not meddle in the at Fairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and quick to anger

    47. Doggett, was a Famous Actor who had abandon’d his Calling in order to grow rich off the Rabble that attended sundry Fairs about the Countryside

    48. The newspapers became excitable about the possibility of a winter cold enough for frost fairs, although he had his doubts

    49. These teachers go to the fairs

    50. crouching woman had stood upright, her lofty stature and her frame of a perambulating colossus suitable for fairs, might have frightened the traveller at the outset, troubled her confidence, and disturbed what caused what we have to relate to vanish

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    carnival fair funfair bazaar bonnie bonny comely sightly fairish just honest clean reasonable average mediocre middling evenhandedly fairly ordinary passable tolerable impartial even-handed disinterested righteous candid equitable objective dispassionate promising favourable hopeful likely rainless bright placid clarion cloudless calm pleasant fine distinct clear frank open plain unencumbered unobstructed principled sincere pure above-board spotless pale pallid light sallow milky white flaxen blond fair-skinned charming beautiful handsome lovely pleasing courteous civil amiable decent gracious honourable polite virtuous