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    fishing gear

    1. manage with all of that expensive fishing gear you keep buying

    2. When he awoke each morning, he headed to the Park, fishing gear in hand

    3. Not while we packed up the fishing gear and

    4. The commander and crew were suspicious of the tiny boat 100 miles off shore in the Pacific and a crew dressed in jewelry and polo shirts without standard fishing gear

    5. fall? Was he setting up the fishing gear? What happened?”

    6. I walked back to where Pascal was busily readying the fishing gear

    7. The intrepid fishermen and bodyguards to the defender of the monarch of Thailand had been falling and stumbling around some rocks, with their fishing gear and hesky, following Spocks shortcut

    8. “ I remember speaking to Strat and both of us coming back in a tuk-tuk, but nothing else, so it must have been that bloody pizza, I felt sure that I put the fishing gear in my room, but it’s not there now, and neither is my hat” said a puzzled Spock

    9. As he swam up the stairway, swerving around the fallen fishing gear that was

    10. It was five hours later that a Holden Ute loaded down with fishing gear pulled up outside number twelve, Murray had his binoculars trained on the two men as they entered number twelve, his shoulders slumped when it was apparent that neither of them were Mr Hawk, the disappointment showed for a split second on Murray’s face then he thought of the positive aspect, two eliminated four to go, I’ll find him tomorrow, with that thought he drove away from the Highway Motel and went to see if Shirl had had better luck but when he drove into the golf course car park there was no sign of Shirl’s car, arriving back at the Glenmore Hotel Murray noticed that Shirl’s car was not yet in the car park so he went into the bar ordered a beer and sat by the door watching the people coming and going through the hotel lobby, it was close to six o’clock when Shirl came skipping up the hotel steps she spotted Murray sitting near the door and went over to him

    11. Two combis laden with fishing gear, beer and the technical cream of the glass and

    12. Daddy pulled out his fishing gear and beamed at me

    13. the loss of his net and of all his fishing gear had not posed that big of a problem, that of his

    14. about the lack of fishing gear and the presence of fish on Mars that he thought he would go overboard and over order on fishing gear

    15. customer and a pretty good selection but they had sold out of fishing gear

    16. and buy all the fishing gear they would sel them

    17. fishing gear on Mars she leased the lot built the building in the square at The Company cavern and hung out her shingle

    18. He took fishing gear with him, telling people the small cove was the best fishing spot he’d found

    19. Through time, several other companies have developed the bass fishing tools such as the lures, bass boats, lines, rods, and a lot other fishing gears

    20. Finally, keep your fishing gear well maintained

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