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    1. There was a gauze left on the bed, but he thought it was Ava's

    2. The room drifted through gauze to resume its

    3. Faces blur in the remembering, an image of a dream-state seen through brilliantly laundered gauze

    4. that tumbled through the glowing gauze

    5. ’ I said, dropping the soiled bandage in the basin and throwing the bloodstained gauze away

    6. The words become a blur in his head, as if they are being sung through a layer of damp gauze, but the melody stays with him

    7. Trying not to chuckle, he looked back at his arm as Garrett removed the needle from his skin, only brushing the surface of the puncture with a dry piece of gauze

    8. short skirts of silken gauze, in which golden sparkles appeared as they

    9. The idea frightened her, yet mindlessly, she took the route of least resistance and submitted to a lesson, wrapping gauze about the nurse’s hands when from a doorway emerged the doctor with Herminia swathed from the neck up in bandages, save for her eyes and mouth

    10. ” The swathes of gauze encasing Herminia’s head so camouflaged her that at first glance, Beth thought she had slipped out, but the movement of nuzzling into her pillow for another forty winks gave her away

    11. With a roll of tape in one hand and gauze in the other, Beth paused to share a look of surprise with Herminia’s image staring back at her in the mirror

    12. Doc had his back turned as he unrolled some gauze bandages

    13. Hadn’t he yet learned to consider the consequences of his actions, if not to himself, then to others? The final strip of tape was wound over gauze and given a satisfying slap by the woman, ending the torture

    14. Beneath, patches of creamy gauze, icing

    15. She groans, clutching at a roll of gauze that is pressed to the wound in her side

    16. Manda put a square of gauze over the cut, and secured it with medical tape

    17. Since Yazadril had seen it years before, and had happily removed it from Nemia’s giggling form, he knew that it was composed of a long white silk ribbon with hundreds of strips of almost-transparent white gauze sewn to it’s edge

    18. The ribbon was artfully wound around Talia’s torso from her armpits down to her hips and back up again, where the two ends were tied in a bow over the center of her collarbone, so that when she stood still the overlapping strips of gauze covered her from just below her shoulders to halfway down her thighs

    19. When she moved, the gauze strips moved in the breeze, revealing tantalizing glimpses of her nakedness beneath

    20. He also realized that the ‘dress’ of gauze strips was the entirety of her clothing

    21. “That’s a good point, but you still owe me one for the scare back there!” he laughed, and in a moment of spontaneous, mischievous temptation, he slid his hands up her torso, under the top row of gauze strips, to cup her small but perky and beautifully shaped breasts with his fingers

    22. While we spoke, Louella had brought out a first aid kit and had cleansed the bruised and swollen shin, then she wrapped it loosely with a gauze bandage for protection

    23. She was barefoot and dressed in a pure white robe made from gauze

    24. She has him half‐bound in gauze from the look of it

    25. like a life sized strip of gauze with zippers

    26. What I could see of my skin was a gross rainbow of black, purplish blue and sickly green with a 4X4 gauze pad in the center

    27. She unhooked me from the lines and pulled out the needle, slapped gauze and a Band-Aid on both sites, smiled and closed the curtain

    28. They reached her porch an hour later and she took him into her still room to carefully snip away the gauze shreds and study the exquisite work of microsurgery

    29. They were as tall as I, floor to ceiling covered with heavy silk drapes in deep maroon with thinner white gauze liners

    30. “Yes? Can I help you?” Walter peered through the gauze at the man’s face

    31. He held the book up against the security gauze

    32. After returning everything back to its proper place and flushing the used gauze down the toilet I moved on to the next step

    33. Each of the search crews will be carrying a bottle of chloroform and gauze

    34. around the edges of the gauze

    35. He put his hand there and felt the gauze that covered it

    36. masks, and three rolls of gauze

    37. my arm and then covered the punctured skin with gauze and tape

    38. Ingrid gently applied her bandage on the head wound, but also covered on purpose the eyes of the Chinese in the process of wrapping the gauze around his head to fix the bandage in place

    39. He was wearing what they would discover was his standard outfit--loose-fitting white gauze shirts and trousers, like someone would wear in the tropics

    40. ” He removed the gauze and revealed a new tattoo of the numbers 222 clustered like a cloverleaf on his shoulder

    41. wrapping the white gauze around his arm

    42. Soak a cotton ball or gauze pad in this mixture and rub it over the painful tooth and gum

    43. The Doctor paused, ran his fingers through his hair, took a pad of gauze out of his smock pocket and wiped the perspiration from his forehead

    44. He packed the wound with the same Chinese herbal medicine that Brother Francis had directed the women to use on his wound, Yun Nan Bai Yao, and taped a clean piece of gauze over the wound

    45. " Then, a hand gnarled with age and tipped with blackened fingers, slipped from between the gauze like material that hung from the bed's canopy and rested upon the boy's head but despite its appearance of a talon, it was gentle upon his crown

    46. cloth or gauze in the liquid and applying it to the injured area for at least 15 minutes four

    47. We pottered around the shop for a few minutes more, hands scrupulously in pockets to avoid the temptation of stroking the rolls of gauze and fingering the fine lace

    48. “What would this better world have?” KG asked from a growing dissonance, under a noise spinning holes in the brown gauze

    49. Maybe a dressing with some gauze

    50. My mom had somehow managed to stop most of the bleeding with gauze and bandages

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