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    1. You let the word germinate in you

    2. soil, in the darkness to germinate and freed itself

    3. decreed that each germinate according to its

    4. Dad would germinate the seeds in his greenhouse in

    5. If maize is insulted (by being wasted, for example) then it loses its power to protect itself against mice and weevils, and it won’t germinate when used for seed

    6. Most seeds germinate in darkness, but a few-such as the Wax

    7. After seeds germinate, remove the covering and allow air to circulate around the

    8. ingress subside in other words when the thoughts do not germinate in the mind or when the

    9. occurs when neither the thoughts of external world nor of internal world germinate in the mind,

    10. But all of these seeds were lacking the essence of life which helps them to come out of the soil and germinate

    11. We are thus thinking on the plane of the absolute and eliminating all consideration of conditions or limitation and are planting a seed which, if left undisturbed, will finally germinate into existing fact

    12. We are thinking on the plane of the absolute and planting a seed, which if left undisturbed will germinate into fruition

    13. It is love which imparts vitality to thought and thus enables it to germinate

    14. of the seed will germinate and produce fruit

    15. Without water, seeds will not germinate

    16. The broom was mostly out of bloom now, the seed pods hanging heavy on the branches, ready to germinate for next year’s crop of hateful plants

    17. What was the actual first evil tool? The ape hand reaching to pluck and kill a living fruit, the seed of Life, and instead of lettings that fruit drop to the ground and grow its seeds as it was intended to and meant to and designed to do… plucking that fruit before it was ready to drop, and let its seeds germinate sprout and live

    18. germinated, nor do they germinate in early life,' she pointed out

    19. Seeds generally take three weeks to germinate

    20. come, that has taught me how very distinct are the principles of virtue, from the casual feelings from which they germinate

    21. life before renouncing it, that to deprive her in advance, and in some sort without consulting her, of all joys, under the pretext of saving her from all trials, to take advantage of her ignorance of her isolation, in order to make an artificial vocation germinate in her, was to rob a human creature of its nature and to lie to God

    22. An unworthy thought can no more germinate in it, than a nettle on a glacier

    23. Habit is hereditary with plants, as in the period of flowering, in the time of sleep, in the amount of rain requisite for seeds to germinate, etc

    24. In Johnston's Physical Atlas, the average rate of the several Atlantic currents is thirty-three miles per diem (some currents running at the rate of sixty miles per diem); on this average, the seeds of 14/100 plants belonging to one country might be floated across 924 miles of sea to another country; and when stranded, if blown by an inland gale to a favourable spot, would germinate

    25. Therefore, it would perhaps be safer to assume that the seeds of about 10/100 plants of a flora, after having been dried, could be floated across a space of sea 900 miles in width, and would then germinate

    26. On almost bare land, with few or no destructive insects or birds living there, nearly every seed which chanced to arrive, if fitted for the climate, would germinate and survive

    27. The corruption of Christianity and its acceptance in its corrupt form by the majority of men was as necessary as it is that the seed should remain hidden for a certain time in the earth in order to germinate

    28. Nuttall is the following query: "Does this plant, with a lateral mode of growth and alternate leaves, germinate with two cotyledons?" The following observations were made in answer to this question

    1. It was very carefully sterilized to have no biological contaminants other than some human zygotes, of which only one was ever germinated," she told him

    2. The seed germinated, yes, but there were latter

    3. had planted and watered had germinated

    4. germinated, but they would still be edible, I guessed

    5. rabbited on, as my idea germinated from its little seed and grew larger by the

    6. They germinated the seeds they developed and grew a small patch of grass within a few days

    7. the embryo of their friendship and germinated the World Constitution, the brilliant

    8. For intellectually I heard, and received little, but when heard thru the Spirit, it all began to make sense, for then that seed that was planted, germinated, initiated into growth, until its’ sprout burst thru, that even in spite of the flesh, they grew through

    9. With the pages of the last week in May turning the avenues of opportunity had multiplied as one dead end after another was matched by vibrant responses that germinated more inquiry and appointments, none of which as yet had offered anything near a positive connection to Yvonne Barns’ disappearance

    10. Moist words germinated like the principle of life itself within the cosmic egg

    11. How the idea germinated

    12. would need to transplant them once they had germinated but for now they

    13. germinated, nor do they germinate in early life,' she pointed out

    14. The idea of the theatre quickly germinated in Bovary's head, for he at once communicated it to his wife, who at first refused, alleging the fatigue, the worry, the expense; but, for a wonder, Charles did not give in, so sure was he that this recreation would be good for her

    15. I have already related, at full length, many of the particulars anent the electing of the first set of volunteers; the which, by being germinated partly under the old system of public intromission, was done with more management and slight of art than the second

    16. One more or less, what does it matter? They may come into the world like evil flowers on a hotbed of rotten institutions; but the seed of this one has germinated in your brother's brain, and that will be enough for your devoted assent

    17. To my surprise I found that out of eighty-seven kinds, sixty-four germinated after an immersion of twenty-eight days, and a few survived an immersion of 137 days

    18. The majority sank quickly, but some which, whilst green, floated for a very short time, when dried floated much longer; for instance, ripe hazel-nuts sank immediately, but when dried they floated for ninety days, and afterwards when planted germinated; an asparagus plant with ripe berries floated for twenty-three days, when dried it floated for eighty-five days, and the seeds afterwards germinated: the ripe seeds of Helosciadium sank in two days, when dried they floated for above ninety days, and afterwards germinated

    19. So that as 64/87 kinds of seeds germinated after an immersion of twenty-eight days; and as 18/94 distinct species with ripe fruit (but not all the same species as in the foregoing experiment) floated, after being dried, for above twenty-eight days, we may conclude, as far as anything can be inferred from these scanty facts, that the seeds of 14/100 kinds of plants of any country might be floated by sea-currents during twenty-eight days, and would retain their power of germination

    20. I find that when irregularly shaped stones are embedded in the roots of trees, small parcels of earth are very frequently enclosed in their interstices and behind them, so perfectly that not a particle could be washed away during the longest transport: out of one small portion of earth thus COMPLETELY enclosed by the roots of an oak about fifty years old, three dicotyledonous plants germinated: I am certain of the accuracy of this observation

    21. Again, I can show that the carcasses of birds, when floating on the sea, sometimes escape being immediately devoured; and many kinds of seeds in the crops of floating birds long retain their vitality: peas and vetches, for instance, are killed by even a few days' immersion in sea-water; but some taken out of the crop of a pigeon, which had floated on artificial sea-water for thirty days, to my surprise nearly all germinated

    22. In the course of two months, I picked up in my garden twelve kinds of seeds, out of the excrement of small birds, and these seemed perfect, and some of them, which were tried, germinated

    23. Some seeds of the oat, wheat, millet, canary, hemp, clover, and beet germinated after having been from twelve to twenty-one hours in the stomachs of different birds of prey; and two seeds of beet grew after having been thus retained for two days and fourteen hours

    24. Here is a better case: the leg of a woodcock was sent to me by a friend, with a little cake of dry earth attached to the shank, weighing only nine grains; and this contained a seed of the toad-rush (Juncus bufonius) which germinated and flowered

    25. Where such a school has germinated, no matter how poor it be, it will throw out roots, and sooner or later the population will be able to read and write

    1. Nurture requires attention; compassion germinates from observation; healing is hand watering

    2. All of our hatred and anger originates and germinates on this unhealthy pillar and they damage life, ourselves and others on and on, into eternity

    3. ” Soon he found a better place for his germinates, in Åmmeberg in Askersund, next door to another friend of Frantzén and Lindeberg, Gustaf Söderfeldt, who delivers pigs, ducks, and chickens

    4. Thus the movement keeps accelerating and accelerating, expanding and expanding, like a snowball, until there germinates a public opinion which is in accord with the new truth, and the remaining mass of men no longer singly, but in a body, under the pressure of this force, passes over to the side of the new truth, and a new structure of life is established, which is in agreement with this truth

    1. conviction germinating under my skin, the delicate tendrils of its

    2. “You need to lighten up,” David Casteel sits with him, the cynicism of the 60’s germinating within, “He got shot

    3. Jazz Bryant heard all this and was saying nothing, but was thinking all the more, her eye contact with Rudolph germinating many unasked questions

    4. I read even more stunning information about its seeds: lotus seeds possess the extraordinary ability to retain their germinating power a few hundred (and sometimes even a few thousand) years

    5. germinating in his heart again

    6. Now a plot is germinating and, perhaps, I shall pepper it with my philosophy of life

    7. The seeds are then scattered +" to 1" apart over a flat plant box for germinating

    8. In his shadow could be seen germinating that future advocate-general of Broe, dedicated to the sarcasms of Paul-Louis Courier

    9. It may be that he had really seen some one through the bars of the window, and the insanity, germinating under excess of fear, had found shape and form in the delusion in question

    10. It is true, the structure of life in its main features remains as violent in nature as it was one hundred years ago, and not only the same, but in some relations, especially in the preparations for war and in the wars themselves, it appears to be even more cruel; but the germinating Christian public opinion, which at a certain stage of its development is to change the whole pagan structure of life, is beginning to be active

    11. "I did not understand him, but the older I became the better did I feel that there was a sad secret germinating in the bottom of his soul, where it grew like a spreading tree, the branches of which crept up to the castle and covered the walls, little by little overshadowed the sunlight, absorbed the air, and darkened everyone's heart

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