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    1. There had been a time in his life when he wanted Tdeshi, when he wanted the nonstop party, the headlong rush

    2. Herndon cursed something unintelligible in Portuguese and went running up the dock headlong

    3. life!” And with that, they immediately want to dive headlong

    4. headlong into our deepest fears

    5. Nothing stops my headlong bumble to the bedroom door,

    6. ” She kissed him on the cheek and he watched as she left their cave and ran headlong towards the hatching grounds

    7. Their headlong charge

    8. car headlong into the windshield of the car you

    9. headlong towards the slowly closing doors, the

    10. He went headlong over his accomplice, off the edge of the boardwalk, and into the street carrying the smaller boy with him tangled in his feet

    11. The girl ran headlong into his arms and fainted

    12. It had been thrown headlong into a tree by the light attack

    13. Russell glanced back over his shoulder to wave as they left, running headlong into war

    14. …for pay they have rushed headlong into the error of

    15. When he had encountered Rosemary striding headlong, without a coat, in the middle of the night, he was not ignorant of her state of mind

    16. And I'm not a man who is inclined to rush headlong into things

    17. headlong panic to get out of the room, then out of Chester and

    18. She ran headlong up the aisle and into the wall next to the exit door

    19. Kay cried out in shock; it appeared the horses would run headlong into the entryway

    20. The mouse, though quick, had made the mistake of diving headlong for cover

    21. The ostrich squawked indignantly and in an effort to dislodge the two policemen, ran headlong through a nearby hedge

    22. With no one to tell it otherwise and having been kicked for speed, the beast took off, every muscle maximizing for a headlong dash up a rutted, inclined and twisting trail towards its comfortable stall where feed might possibly be waiting

    23. Doug wasn’t far behind: he came through the door fast and ran headlong into a logjam

    24. The boat was hurtling headlong into a narrow and cluttered channel

    25. 13 He takes the wise in their own craftiness, and the counsel of the perverse is carried headlong

    26. Their army had been routed by Henry’s forces and was fleeing headlong toward their capital with Henry in hot pursuit

    27. It was fully dark when I arrived, but I ran headlong until I reached Carlotta and drew her close to me

    28. values, the general direction of legislation is rushing headlong towards things the

    29. children; whom when they had openly led round about the city, the babes handing at their breasts, they throw them down headlong

    30. the line rushed headlong at the female and, with a great crash of

    31. door, running headlong into his little brother

    32. Haplessly, we slammed headlong into each other at

    33. We seem to be following headlong behind a leader and a philosophy that has failed in the past

    34. And rose up, and thrust him out of the city, and led him unto the brow of the hill whereon their city was built, that they might cast him down headlong

    35. The millions of evil spirits rushed headlong toward Ijyu while the witch and the other monsters with her walked briskly toward the group

    36. It was then that her body, her mind, all that she was tumbled headlong into the dark

    37. headlong flight to safety

    38. “They’re here! They’re here! They’re here!” shrilled a piercingly high-pitched excited voice, attached to a small body that hurled itself headlong at them from out of the setting sun

    39. 10 For there were two women brought who had circumcised their children; whom when they had openly led round about the city the babes handing at their breasts they throw them down headlong from the wall

    40. Briefly silhouetted over the next rise, a lone rider plunged headlong down into the partial shadow of the road ahead of them

    41. In a flying dismount he dove headlong into the shadowy interior shouting,

    42. attached to a small body that hurled itself headlong at them from out of the setting sun

    43. nightfall coupled with the exhaustion of the headlong flight that the events of the previous day

    44. Others must have vanished into the great void of the valley and been smashed to smaller fragments in their headlong tumble

    45. Johan’s fingers clung to the edge of his cloak, his body buffeted against Simon’s in the headlong tumble

    46. Finally the headlong tumble came to an end

    47. Before rushing headlong in to a ten or twenty year struggle to make your fortune, a wise man or woman would sit back for a while and think very carefully about whether or not they are willing to pay the price associated with this

    48. You let your body relax and fall headlong

    49. She pulls a donut and is back around heading headlong into traffic

    50. They fired their longbows and charged headlong into the Stalactite Orcs at the front

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    Sinônimos para "headlong"

    headfirst headlong hasty rashly precipitately blind uncontrolled rash unreasonable irrational undiscerning