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    1. fruquently, too, by cultivating all those arts which best deserve, and which are therefore most likely to gain them, the esteem of people of rank and fortune; by their knowledge in all the different branches of useful and ornamental learning, by the decent liberality of their manners, by the social good humour of their conversation, and by their avowed contempt of those absurd and hypocritical austerities which fanatics inculcate and pretend to practise, in order to draw upon themselves the veneration, and upon the greater part of men of rank and fortune, who avow that they do not practise them, the abhorrence of the common people

    2. The most pompous ass ever to have held the office of Vice President, as well as perhaps the most hypocritical

    3. Fillmore's stated, if hypocritical, goal of claiming to run for compromise on the slavery issue failed

    4. It is dishonest, hypocritical, ultimately useless and obscuring of any attempt at honest judgment of the good or evil of presidents

    5. Many of the Founding Fathers were ambivalent and hypocritical about slavery, often sharply critical and opposed in theory, but continuing to own many slaves and live off slavery profits

    6. The second claim is false, and hypocritical since Jackson did virtually the same

    7. Apartheid in South Africa may last longer, and Reagan's failed and ultimately hypocritical and insincere policy of constructive engagement may not even be attempted as it was in the 1980s

    8. 16 With hypocritical mockers in feasts, they gnashed on me with their teeth

    9. I would tell him how hypocritical "so and so" was for saying this was wrong while doing that

    10. In fact that would be hypocritical

    11. Churches have a hypocritical foundation as the congregation pays the preacher and provides income for the church

    12. They use profanity extensively to display their desire to not be a part of a hypocritical society governed by organized crime

    13. Christians are trained to be hypocritical

    14. " "On this account" he said "have these repentance because they did not blaspheme their Lord nor become betrayers of the servants of God; but on account of their desire of possessions they became hypocritical and each one taught according to the desires of men that were sinners

    15. in need is hypocritical

    16. it is generally acknowledged that the members are hypocritical and selfish

    17. She looked at me with her characteristic and hypocritical smile, lengthening the arms about my neck and rubbing a deceitful kiss on my cheeks, as a greeting

    18. Hypocritical horses! Disagreeable animals! Evil and intolerant mares! That in view of the authority they became as meek as lambs and as sweet as pigeons

    19. Then, Zoroastro, acting in his capacity as judge and executioner of the judgment, took from his pocket a wrinkled and old paper sheet and using that tone of voice so tyrannical and authoritarian that dictators use when targeting people, he recited a few hypocritical words of encouragement; and once he had spoken, gave the order to the bodyguards and staff to embark the boat again

    20. When this hypocritical, deadly cynical

    21. The hypocritical midget with a gun

    22. For me, in all my illustrious educational splendor, to sit back and not allow the black veil to be cast aside from that house, to not convey a hint to the masses as to the inexplicable horrors of which I have seen, would be hypocritical and an injustice to the all of us

    23. How is it that you so well know how to discern the face of the heavens but are so utterly unable to discern the signs of the times? To those who would know the truth, already has a sign been given; but to an evil-minded and hypocritical generation no sign shall be given

    24. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul? What would a man give in exchange for eternal life? Be not ashamed of me and my words in this sinful and hypocritical generation, even as I will not be ashamed to acknowledge you when in glory I appear before my Father in the presence of all the celestial hosts

    25. ' And this hypocritical and unfaithful son answered, `Yes, my father, I will go

    26. And even now would my Father receive these blinded teachers and these hypocritical leaders if they would only turn to him and accept his mercy

    27. As for ethics, the word’s not in her vocabulary unless she’s being hypocritical

    28. It is more hypocritical to speak on true things and then use idleness to allow them to continue to exist

    29. Many of the rapists in this conflict were hypocritical;

    30. It seemed a bit hypocritical for them to eat

    31. The shameful and hypocritical treatment handed to Nancy Laplante by their own government, which had 259

    32. The fears some have about us planning to produce nuclear bombs are unjustified and, if I may say so, quite hypocritical, considering that Israel already has plenty of nuclear weapons and has not signed the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, contrary to Iran

    33. A moment of thought followed by a sip of the champagne inspired Matthews to answer, “Yes, it is when you can’t have it because of political pundits of elected officials and hypocritical religious groups

    34. “Don’t be hypocritical, Mr

    35. Many churches had secretly brewed their own white lightning, which he found quite hypocritical, then sold their goods to the social elites throughout the countryside, but Preacher Cooper didn’t seemed the type to conduct such activities, especially if he was traveling as much as he apparently had been

    36. “Is there anything I can do for you?” he continued with his helpful but hypocritical offers, since it was apparent he was expecting his assistance to be declined

    37. The feeling was almost hypocritical in nature, these

    38. Patronizing them seemed somewhat hypocritical at this point

    39. Max suddenly realized how hypocritical he had become, wondering what the young girl was doing with an old man!

    40. Now he discovered that he was being quite hypocritical, and he cursed himself for his own errors both with daydreaming and fumbling in his jacket pocket

    41. Unfortunately, both the Soviets and the Chinese were very much playing hardball, while being rather hypocritical about their involvement in Indochina, and Ingrid had no choice but to stop their invasion plans

    42. ‘’A picture that could be, uh, quite controversial in the United States, no? Those Americans are so prudish and hypocritical on the subject of sex

    43. Wickland frowned with contempt at what he considered both flippant and hypocritical

    44. ‘’Indeed! Taking down and disgracing some of those hypocritical churchmen was something I particularly appreciated, Delicia

    45. The whole sorry episode about the use by the CIA of so-called ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’, an hypocritical euphemism for torture, during the ‘War on Terror’, had made him uneasy, while he had verbally clashed a few times with some CIA agents whom he found a bit too enthusiastic about using those ‘techniques’

    46. hypocritical stance is what isn’t fair

    47. It was both futile and hypocritical to expect that men stuck for months in a dangerous, inhospitable environment, would forget their male drive, or that women in similar circumstances would forget their own nature

    48. Her own opposition to the bombardment of German civilians suddenly felt hypocritical to her

    49. Public morality and mores in this time period are however very different from those of the Imperium, even if you may find some of the actual customs a bit hypocritical

    50. ‘’The British! Those hypocritical bastards! It isn’t enough for them to push the Arabs in putting in place an embargo on oil exports to the United States?’’

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    hypocritical deceitful deceptive deceiving false misleading pretending sanctimonious