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    1. The creation process as enunciated in our religious scriptures matches to a great extent with the evolving scientific hypothesis of Big Bang and expanding and contracting universe

    2. No scientific hypothesis had been banned or suppressed by religious teachers or kings in India

    3. As against this in the west many scientists were killed or jailed or forced to change their hypothesis simply because the religious leaders did not accept them

    4. First: We accept the hypothesis that there is a soul, and that that soul can be cognised by the person who can train and control the mind

    5. Hammaker has extended this hypothesis to explain what is currently occurring on earth right now

    6. Alistair nodded slowly, appearing to agree with the hypothesis

    7. the first hypothesis, I am not the man to chat over this

    8. identical with the initial hypothesis

    9. hypothesis: that the Vlahs spoke a language

    10. This hypothesis is already

    11. A palaeontologist advanced the hypothesis the

    12. Most of the formulas for lightweight concrete strength are based on the hypothesis of stresses distribution between components of lightweight concrete under their destruction

    13. He wanted to test a hypothesis; he knew someone who would be willing to subject himself to such a test

    14. How do you identify the one belief that is the most accurate, with all of these creationist views discounting spontaneous generation of life? How can we identify the truth, if we cannot unequivocally prove through normal experimentation and confirm that the timelines suggested by either Evolution or Creationism are factual? Is there any way in which the scientific method can be applied to this issue to establish with more clarity, which of these views are the most accurate? Where would we begin and what methods would we apply to test our hypotheses? I would like to propose a hypothesis that will assist us in better understanding the subject as we move forward; should we be able to provide some provable facts to support the hypothesis

    15. Before I state the hypothesis, let us discuss this subject in a little more detail to provide a better understanding of my arguments in this respect

    16. My hypothesis is this: Knowing that the Evolution Theory does not correspond to the evidence that is found, and that Darwin and others realised that his Theory was flawed and even expressed the reasons for their doubts, we need to investigate the alternative

    17. Also, when people of the Jewish faith claim that Jesus could not be the Messiah, but that “the servant” refers to Israel, does this view conform to the rest of the evidence that is provided in the Bible? Does this view match aspects found in the Bible Codes and the evidence of similar supernatural design qualities found in the New Testament that are also observed in the Old Testament? Being objective, one would once again need to consider the scientific method and remember that a theory is disproven whenever evidence to the contrary of a hypothesis comes to light

    18. Brunner says the following: „The shrewd guess, the fertile hypothesis, the courageous leap to a tentative conclusion – these are the most valuable coin of the thinker at work

    19. Also implied by my hypothesis is the fact that all the energy in the system also ‘happened’ at the same time

    20. The tightening of a knot, the sudden ache in Clive’s stomach confirmed this general hypothesis

    21. or hypothesis of how things were

    22. It seemed to me that the whole religion/theology thing was set up to be immune to disproof…hence it was not even a scientific hypothesis

    23. A scientific hypothesis has to be at least potentially refutable with reference to data,” said Charles somewhat cryptically

    24. But hypothesis is a long way from proof, and there were no identifiable craters of an age consistent with, and at or near to the original site of his discovery

    25. An hypothesis is a scientific statement of belief

    26. The “Age of Deliberate Discovery” was upon us, whereupon an hypothesis, an insightful guess, was filled out with replicable experiments, leading to a “theory,” which seems to be an hypothesis with an increasing number of proofs pointing toward the correctness of its reading of reality

    27. There is a good argument that modern human did not come from Africa, but developed differently in different places from a common source such as Homo Erectus (Ancient types that walked, had modern type hands but a small brain), or as some say, we were planted here from another planet or, or as some say placed here by a God The point is the evolutionary hypothesis is little more than speculation, complicated with doubtful DNA studies

    28. § 4th - In the hypothesis of a corporation to lose the

    29. The sun-climate hypothesis said that tiny variations in the sun’s irradiance were amplified into major climate changes on Earth by at least two factors: 1) cosmic rays creating more or fewer of the low, cooling clouds in the Earth’s atmosphere; and 2) solar-driven ozone changes in the stratosphere

    30. ” Stroyer placed the sweeping statement in the present tense, but to support his hypothesis he harped on past adventures

    31. One way to approach the question of rebirth is suggested by Thanissaro Bhikkhu, who says, "You don't have to believe in rebirth, you just have to take it as a working hypothesis

    32. Ezekiel was Andrew’s assistants taking notes, and making accurate an accurate hypothesis and conclusion when needed

    33. The final changes in the actual outcome can be checked for improvement using hypothesis tests

    34. Hypothesis testing consists of a null and alternative hypothesis:

    35. • The null hypothesis states that the members of the comparison are equal; there is no difference (a concrete, default position)

    36. • The alternative hypothesis states that there is difference; it is supported when the null hypothesis is rejected

    37. The conclusion either rejects or fails to reject the null hypothesis

    38. Remember the basis of this test is only based on null hypothesis and it’s always the data are equal (sample belong to same population), and when a null hypothesis fails automatically we select alternate hypothesis

    39. P-value is the one based on which we can simply draw conclusion on the hypothesis test results

    40. 05 (considering significance level of 5), then we reject null hypothesis as it’s in the lowest probability region which is an error region (alpha)

    41. 05 than we reject Null Hypothesis

    42. Hypothesis test is mainly used in software to infer if the sample values we have drawn are representing the population, like productivity of 15 projects can be taken for hypothesis test to check do they represent the Organizational average 1

    43. Similarly when a process is changed for improvement the results can be tested using hypothesis test to prove that statistically the new results are significant enough to claim the improvement

    44. For example, Code review rate is 100 lines/hour and after change in process and introduction of tools, when we plot in control chart, we identify many points are going beyond the control limits and we would like to see if there is improvement in process behavior, so we select two sample hypothesis test to test if there is significant change, and if the null hypothesis is rejected (P value is less than 0

    45. Hypothesis test selection is based on type of data, Normal distribution (parametric) or Non Normal Distribution (non parametric) and the number of samples to compare

    46. Null Hypothesis: Both samples are equal

    47. 05 which means reject null hypothesis, so the sample are not equal and it means there is significant change in process

    48. Control Charts, histograms and hypothesis tests along with statistical models (regression, logistic regression, dummy variable regression, etc) are highly used in software industry now a day, hence it’s recommended for readers to spend time in this topic in researching and improving knowledge in this area

    49. He proposed a theory, his famous hypothesis that E=mc2: energy equals mass times the velocity of light (the constant “c”) squared

    50. presented this hypothesis, Clinton Davisson at the Bell Telephone Laboratories verified the

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