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    1. There are some key points that you need to pay attention to and implement in your business so that you can ensure the further success of your business

    2.  Practice means to live out, to implement, and to put into effect, to exercise, to put into action, and

    3. "It is your plan, why should it be my expense and trouble to implement it?" Herndon asked

    4. Gilla, pursing her lips at the lack of warning, dashes off to implement crisis plans for the meal while I go back to my room to continue the packing which I have been half-heartedly attacking on and off since we got back from Lyme

    5. ‘We write on the back of the message with an implement called a pen

    6. NET to implement repository pattern Controller would have 2 constructors on

    7. ’ I said, suiting the action to the word, carefully opening the envelope with my letter opener and prising out the sheet of paper with the pointed end of the implement, touching it as little as possible with my fingers

    8. A sly look appeared on his face as he stomped into the quarters of his sleeping men and woke them with shouts of ‘to arms’ and ‘wake up!’ He worked up a hasty plan and sent his men on their way to implement it

    9. tool in the hands of your outsourced workers to implement for you

    10. He set off to dispose of the fruit, no longer useful as food, and to return the fireplace implement to its normal perch next to the fire screen---no one to be the wiser for its most recent use

    11. If you can implement this, a much faster speed of communication can be

    12. they could implement? Ask them if they liked how it was structured?

    13. strategies that are quick to implement that can drive traffic quickly to your

    14. The quicker you implement what works the quicker you will create a

    15. While you cannot expect to implement the exact same

    16. more effective? What referral programs could you implement? There is

    17. Next, implement them

    18. Find at least three ways to reduce you time in the business and implement

    19. He set the implement down on the side of his plate

    20. It's not a question of whether or not we're going to use this idea, it's whether or not we know how to implement it

    21. The reason why we implement this action now is to protect you

    22. They were doing something to him; one of the dark figures held a sharp implement – moving it slowly towards his head

    23. This stopped when the creature pulled the implement away

    24. After all it had been his idea and conception to call for and implement a volunteer army when things had been at there worse for our country and now he led in a watery grave

    25. The season of peace and goodwill… What better time could there be to implement your best Foul-ups – with bells on!

    26. …where you can then implement Festive Foul-up number two:

    27. “You are needed to implement the final phase of the plan

    28. “Akstyr, you can’t suggest a plan of action that’s impossible to implement,” Amaranthe said

    29. He hung on to the edge of the kitchen table, swaying slightly, watching through dazed eyes as Hunter removed the knuckleduster from his fingers and slid the heavy brass implement back into his pocket

    30. dog for very far, they came up with a plan they could implement

    31. implement and feed store

    32. Pity breweries don't implement your system of delivery

    33. effective if you then implement it by interacting with others and

    34. Indeed, one way in which people could get familiar with the mechanism would be for states or cities to implement it first

    35. the states to implement

    36. been to implement administrative matters relating to the presidential office

    37. rejected them but unless a specific action is taken the President can issue the order and then implement

    38. Joshua, as did the disciples of Jesus, the apostles, modeled how the Word affects those who implement it in their lives

    39. agreement between the three leaders of those countries to implement the Security and Prosperity

    40. Under the cover of the Great Depression FDR started to implement the plan that had been developed by

    41. Therefore, any country, it can be rich or poor, can implement our proposal and to invest in itself or in other countries because resources originating from outturn and financial amount of aid or international loan result already exist

    42. The payment can be made at sight or to be paid for stages, that is, to implement 1 Bank3Sector per time along the 5 foreseen years for total implantation of the new model, according to the determinations of the approved budget for the sponsor

    43. Therefore, the necessary money in real already exists to implement our solution, without needing of external loans because the country already spent in the service of the public debt more than 450 billion of real in interests, in other words, 30% of GDP, without considering the expenses with safety against illicit acts that involve the search for the money, so much for the public sector as of the private initiative, reaching more than 10% of GDP

    44. If so, then he could implement his threat

    45. She talked to her oldest supplier about the best way to implement a new system and he

    46. software systems which need armies of consultants to implement, and with

    47. There was not an attempt to subvert these attacks because it was necessary for them to take place, to implement more control within the country and abroad

    48. 2) Implement the vision they have created

    49. What have we done to implement this vision?

    50. What do we have to in order to implement this vision? And what else?

    1. The new regulations are a chaotic patchwork of the labeling laws that states are currently using or want implemented

    2. Standard behavior for a houri but Bahkmar had seen and optimized the code that implemented that also

    3. It's implemented with block move cells using three quanta redundancy technology

    4. The problem was, he knew enough to be very sure there could be no way out if the virtuality horizon was properly implemented

    5. The most common leak left uncovered was mail, but mail didn't seem to be implemented in this universe

    6. minutes—another interrogation factor the warden implemented, designed to make

    7. He implemented the

    8. Mainly though she listened to all of their suggestions, and when they were feasible, she implemented them

    9. Ava never thought she would miss the services, she believed almost none of it, after all, she knew how it was really implemented

    10. All of these precautions had been implemented in order to prevent roving gangs of outsiders draining the meager stocks of the village

    11. implemented immediately on the earth, then we must

    12. Christianity was thought in Greece and implemented

    13. education system that was implemented,

    14. Why have I not implemented the specific action

    15. Think about the high ranking executives at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack who earned (or embezzled) millions while, thanks to Chris Dodd in the senate and Barney Frank in the House, the two government-backed corporations were taking a nosedive due to the strict (Democrat) implementation of the Community Reinvestment Act, passed under the egregious Jimmy Carter, and expanded and implemented under the equally egregious Bill Clinton

    16. If ever the progressive/liberal agenda is implemented in its entirety in this country, we will be well on the way to the „Road to Serfdom," for the first rule of liberalism is that government failure always justifies more government

    17. With the range fixed, shrapnel was implemented

    18. as implemented by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as well

    19. Kato warned a senior government official that, if maintenance continued to be reduced, and the latest technology was not implemented in transformers throughout the country, the whole power supply system would fail when a perfect solar storm reaches Earth like the one of 1859

    20. “Well, for concreteness, let’s think about the national elections, although what I have in mind might be more easily implemented at state or local levels

    21. “This is why the mechanism might be easier to get implemented in a parliamentary system, like England’s in which the majority party appoints the Prime Minister

    22. "” That directive was not fully implemented but we are now looking

    23. If deemed necessary, sanctions meant to isolate supporters of each new understanding would be issued and implemented up to the point of severity

    24. v High national and international prestige for the public managers and participant organizations for the implemented solution, besides passing for the history as precursors when adopting XUSING Project

    25. After a few generations, when your city didn’t tear itself apart and the others did, the Bureau implemented the faction components in the newer cities—Saint Louis, Detroit, and Minneapolis—using the relatively new Indianapolis experiment as a control group

    26. If implemented, it would take us one step closer to the Soviet model of state-controlled “news

    27. knew that they had recently implemented one of the two chosen end-to-end systems,

    28. experiences of other companies that had implemented similar systems, Beauty in

    29. system and implemented it properly then it’s liable to be better than whatever the

    30. implemented packaged end-to-end software can be an enormous help with

    31. You probably have implemented

    32. Rest assured no-one who implemented a good off-the-shelf end-to-end system,

    33. By local vision I mean a vision that is in line with the global vision, created and implemented by local leaders and their people

    34. implemented without the support and responsibility of the local people

    35.  C++ is one of the most popular programming languages and is implemented on a wide variety of

    36. Fear, an emotion, sets the tone, but the actual flight response is concocted in and implemented by the intellectual division

    37. The Change request can be of standard change request, which is pre approved in nature, and changes are implemented and the change request is closed

    38. In case of emergency change request the change approval board with emergency team with relevant protocol approves it and the changes are implemented and then changes are moved to production

    39. An audit is expected to check, does the Quality System meet the requirements of the relevant Quality System Standard/model or Contract? Does the organization do what the Quality System specifies? Is the Quality System, as implemented, effective in ensuring maintenance and improvement of the quality of products and services?

    40. Management Reviews shall be conducted at regular intervals (with Management Representative), which identifies changes needed in QMS, Policy and objectives, with consideration of Audit results, customer feedback, Non conformities in product, preventive and corrective action, follow up points from previous meeting, improvement proposals as inputs and could provide outputs like improvements implemented in QMS, product related improvements/changes, resource needs addressed, etc with all the activities and including the Management Review is recorded and maintained

    41. To approach ISO 9001 Certification the QMS should be established and implemented for a period of more than 3 months (minimum), because 3 management review cycles and 2 Internal quality audits should be demonstrated to the auditors

    42. Statement of Applicability shall be prepared based on the threats and controls implemented for them and to be maintained

    43. · Information Security Audits shall verify the Risk Assessment method, Statement of applicability, control objectives implemented and the operational level security checks

    44. Management Security Reviews shall be conducted at regular intervals (with Information Security officer), which identifies changes needed in ISMS, Policy and objectives, with consideration of Audit results, customer feedback, threats to Information Security, Security incidents and events, preventive and corrective action, follow up points from previous meeting, improvement proposals as inputs and could provide outputs like improvements implemented in ISMS, Control related improvements/changes, resource needs addressed, etc with all the activities and including the Management Security Review is recorded and maintained

    45. Based on this Statement of Applicability is generated and relevant controls are implemented

    46. government implemented the Federal Grain

    47. the Panhandle as a whole was implemented

    48. Programs that cannot be enacted through Congress can more quietly be implemented in the shadows of these invisible Czars

    49. This is probably a truth, but is implemented so that people conform and have a better physical life

    50. fully implemented attacks is classified as an exploitable vulnerability: a vulnerability for which an exploit exists

    1. Implementing what you heard from the Holy Spirit, is a

    2. Lady Kate spoke to Lady Emily and asked for her help in implementing an idea she had

    3. With proper training and guidance, and with implementing what the kid has

    4. Implementing one simple change that you discovered from a split test could

    5. My most recent experience was implementing English Through Drama workshops for use with corporate clients

    6. This isn't the end of the world and you needn't be downhearted at your temporary loss of Canine-ness: implementing the afore-mentioned Training Class Foul-ups at such events should be enough to set you back on the right path

    7. Quebec is presently implementing plans to have legal guidelines in place

    8. That statement might indicate some direction in implementing the law

    9. After some years of continuous application of this innovative Project, the country that implementing will become self-sufficient and model for the rest of the world

    10. This facilitates the choice for the sponsor or the interested country in implementing our proposal

    11. expensive to cut CO2 emissions radically than to pay the costs of adaptation to increased temperatures,” and “Since the Kyoto Protocol will have negligible effects on climate change and the exorbitant cost of implementing it ($150 billion/year) represents a

    12. • Companies that are focused on implementing the software (for a fee) are often

    13. Implementing the software involves all the steps from initial planning and selection

    14. Let benefits drive your scoping decisions, implementing areas with the greatest

    15. had spoken to before about implementing this new software system

    16. You are either about to embark on selecting and implementing a new

    17. There is money, power, and control by implementing the use of the Army

    18. Both representations provide ways of implementing process improvement to achieve business goals

    19. ed Harrington Cancer Center is implementing

    20. In implementing its newly invented Liberty of Contract theory, and in similar decisions as well, the Court claimed and entrenched for itself a veto power for which there is no justification in the Constitution

    21. had gained the respect of prisoners by implementing courses for prisoners in

    22. The President --- his administration --- today (2013) --- demonstrates --- daily, an increasing contempt for the Constitution and is ignoring / fighting the process of implementing laws:

    23. , for ‘social engineering’, such as permitting women in combat, implementing medical and marriage regulations where Doctors / Nurses / Chaplains cannot comply with their oaths and / or ‘religious oath’ and hence can’t serve in the military

    24. from coal mining, about issuing new standards on arsenic, about attempting to institute a new tax, about being sued by the state of Texas, and about implementing CAP and TRADE

    25. Moses had taught the people what was written in the law, they were familiar with the greater vision and the direction in which they were moving and upon Jethro’s advice, Moses chose leaders of different rank to judge different cases, depending upon importance, and then set the newly appointed judges to work listening to the problems and implementing the law, freeing himself up to do his divinely appointed tasks

    26. Sticking to it, effectively implementing, sustaining and if actual fact, in essence ‘using’ it is the ultimate goal and achievement

    27. I know that those of you who have duties implementing the military and judicial actions that Emeroth outlined must rush off after the meeting

    28. But that does not include most of us, and implementing Mark’s suggestions can wait at least an hour or three, so I hope we can remain and mingle for a while after the meeting

    29. The payment will cover my government’s recent extraordinary expenditures, and much of our costs in implementing Prince Mark’s suggestions besides

    30. We’ll govern our nations as we always have, and implementing the suggestions you’ve made already will take quite a while

    31. By implementing practical applications of ideals and beginning to realize each one’s immediate duty, you became a participant and furthered your world

    32. In January, 2008, Nuke gave a progress report about the deployment of security forces in implementing the Creator’s will

    33. At the end, I leave you with a parting thought and a personal goal sheet for implementing what you have read

    34. When I work with a sales team implementing the Sales Mapping system, they resist the changes needed to ensure 86

    35. Implementing a working shift that transferred flow as if everybody stood on an escalator and the stairs vanished

    36. By implementing Socialutions as a management strategy, organizations can capitalize on the relationships and relationship connections of the people

    37. In keeping with my motto of reading the book before judging, I started implementing some of the FBF techniques

    38. (implementing plans) and teleology (fulfilling destiny)

    39. strategizing a management approach, implementing this

    40.  Test the process out before implementing a full-scale

    41. implementing preparations as they came in from the capitol

    42. IN TOUCH WITH TEENS CURRICULUM Curriculum Summary In order to help youth develop and maintain healthy, violence-free relationships, Peace Over Violence has been implementing the In Touch With Teens Violence Prevention curriculum in junior high and high schools and other community based youth organizations




    46. and grievances and find out ways and means of implementing them

    47. The time for implementing these things will come shortly, but the important thing is to decide what you want

    48. reason for the implementing the change

    49. while implementing the change team

    50. There are two ways of implementing

    1. Use an object that implements IRouteConstraint interface

    2. year old muggers with their assortment of knitting implements and

    3. The stuff in the shed, mainly garden implements, along with some car-related bits and pieces in the garage, can stay put – the tenants might find them useful

    4. George smiled and indicated a rack of rods inconspicuously set between a shelf of painting supplies and a rack of gardening implements

    5. ) Proceeds from said funds shall be utilized for the maintenance of the school house, furniture and implements of instruction therein contained and affiliated, textbooks, and the annual salary of a teacher

    6. He commented on the artistry of the kitchen implements

    7. He eyed the cleaning implements with the enthusiasm of a child debating a plate of spinach and liver

    8. Guns are merely the disinterested implements of latent or pre-existing conditions that need to be dealt with openly and honestly rather than holding inanimate objects up to the standards that our society should otherwise be holding its citizens up to

    9. ( user15, user16) e) Unique Task is instrument that implements and accomplishes the activity with its dynamicalally aggregate resources

    10. The Mind is the tool the Soul uses to create the plan to achieve what you truly desire, and the Body is the vehicle, held together with Discipline, that implements your plans into actions

    11. The walls of the restaurant were decorated with old farming implements, and the menus were made from two thin pieces of wood, held together by a metal ring

    12. It is to despise logic, deprecate reason, and disparage law and morality as implements of white male oppression

    13. Curved work benches of elven size lined the walls, below racks and shelves of neatly arrayed tools, implements and materials, the nature of most of which was a complete mystery to Mark

    14. Then he had got to work, using his hands and the hoeing implements to turn the soil around each sprig of corn in order to encourage its growth

    15. Nevertheless, the grease was not part of the implements that I packed in my small trip rucksack

    16. Minutes later, the shift came to the caravel philter bottle, which spilled on the thick concoction began to throw sickening bubbles for the sides, other implements were added carelessly, without many ceremonies

    17. electricity at the same time that Curly implements his diversion?”

    18. With her hands, the appearance rolled the cap that covered the niche and pulled out the bones, placing them on the floor in the shape of a circle; then pulled out some implements from the gray bag and placed them on the paved floor; also throwing a kind of white powder from the palm of her hand, which were dropped on some of the figures on the ground

    19. Cleaning implements were stored in one corner

    20. There were sacks of compost stacked against one wall, and a row of rusting gardening implements along another

    21. must consider the implements you'l need for the job; where they are and how to

    22. In that chamber, where a gaunt, hairy beast of a man in leather breeks squatted gnawing a beef-bone voraciously, stood the machines of torture—racks, boots, hooks and all the implements that the human mind devises to tear flesh, break bones and rend and rupture veins and ligaments

    23. Among the forest- covered hills of the northwest exist wandering bands of ape-men, without human speech, or the knowledge of fire or the use of implements

    24. He found that there were vast deposits of iron ore in the Pictish hills, and he taught the natives to mine, smelt and work it into implements—agricultural implements, as he fondly believed

    25. The ranch was large and cluttered with the rusted remains of tractors, trailers, wagons and various weird ranching implements that gave lie to the adage that form follows function; their esoteric forms gave not the slightest inkling of arcane utility

    26. Of all the people in the community, Orville was perhaps the most excited to see the tractors and farm implements

    27. jettison some of the heavier cooking implements and possibly his spare pair of

    28. Linked to this was a large garage that housed the farm vehicles, a tractor with a trailer and other implements, two quad bikes and an old Land Rover

    29. Even before the times of David and Goliath, who picked up their implements of battle, it has been common for enemies to inflict damage on each other until a victor is declared

    30. Some of the older boys attacked the soldiers with farm implements, but after the soldiers made examples of some of the more belligerent youngsters, the rest surrendered quietly

    31. Crates of fruits, chests of valuables and gardening implements were packed in the back of the cart

    32. Mono implements the ECMA standards of the CLI and C# which Microsoft, Intel and HP have

    33. With the need to weed out bad cells and/or individuals from government and to recall elected officials in all branches on behalf of the people there should be some representative, outside the 3 branches, who implements the orders of the people for recall

    34. Exposure to clear thinking, to new ideas and to possible solutions should be our duty and privilege, not something to consider an annoyance! I would bet any money you are a curfew breaking Creationist! You dribbling ninny! Your license to breathe should be revoked without further hesitation! They should sterilize you with rusty garden implements before you have the chance to share your genes! Is there a pull string in your back that gets you to say such unconsecrated drivel? You should be flogged with dead horse cocks in front of a laundry! You should be gagged with cow patties and pissed on by yaks! What is this world coming to?”

    35. proper implements, I heaved it upon my shoulders and away I

    36. of the storage shed, that held a small tractor, along with some tools and implements

    37. This home decorating idea implements 109

    38. The power of good holds and implements the intelligence done under wisdom

    39. The expedition proceeded with its officers, implements and heavy-armament headed by one of the French leaders who unveiled his brutal reality and was fully determined to bomb the whole country on the pretext of attacking the terrorist rebels in their sites and shelters

    40. Cerian said nothing and the girl gathered together the implements and

    41. A smart culture whose ideal cultural attractor is love designs a shareconomy system which implements a military whose Game's End is to evolve out of existence, not conquer and secure all

    42. The State's Ministry of Music implements invariant punctuating rhythm in its war anthems to generate uniformity, unity, and aggressive defiance

    43. These are the implements of war and subjugation; the last arguments

    44. with torches and sharp farming implements

    45. and that all implements have been lowered

    46. The rudimentary wood spears were only the first of many weapons and implements that would grow in workmanship and expectation as the hours of labour passed

    47. Implements would be decided by the feathers

    48. The full details of the injuries still had been kept from the public but that knives or other cutting implements had been used was known

    49. He had the tray with his implements on it

    50. And repeating his previous movements he carefully laid out the implements

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    implement carry out follow out follow through follow up go through with put through apply enforce fulfil achieve execute complete realise realize make good resolve instrument mechanism device utensil gadget equipment apparatus