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    1. Priests, pastors and holy ones of all religions stood and opened their mouths to begin the first incantation

    2. mouths to begin the first incantation

    3. They watched as the man raised his hand for another spell and after a brief incantation, the bears ceased fighting and started growling

    4. He held the stone high over his head and repeated aloud an incantation he was certain he'd translated properly

    5. Instead he simply cast a pawful of fine dust over the badger's head and uttered an incantation

    6. Mistaken to be the effect of Crowleys ritual incantation, the banishment of the horrid creature came

    7. Incantation, hymn, an instrument of thought, ideal sounds visualized as

    8. ” He listens to my mother on the phone and recites her words, beginning the incantation

    9. Instead, she finished salving the cuts on his legs and began to murmur another incantation over them

    10. Grover trotted around with a full plate of tin cans and enchiladas, and his goblet was full of double-espresso latte, which he kept muttering over like an incantation: "Pan! Pan!"

    11. “My brother and I are busy with a new incantation that should drive away the frogs

    12. I tried not to think about the last time I’d heard this incantation

    13. The Key Mage uttered an incantation

    14. Gilead’s incantation was resilient, though, and prevented the ghosts from inhibiting the band of riders

    15. Gilead’s protective incantation held, though, and they were unable to approach the mounts

    16. Gilead and Alex uttered the same incantation

    17. He surrounded himself in an opaque sphere that blocked the attack and spoke another incantation

    18. The Dire Queen uttered the incantation of shielding

    19. The Director uttered a harnessing incantation

    20. The gorgons holding the incantation zoomed close to the affected soldiers

    21. “Reoren, is there any chance you can intensify the light of your incantation? This morass is wide

    22. Severa began to read it by placing her index finger on the first word and, as she was reciting out aloud the incantation, slipped her finger for each line

    23. The incantation passed through Sigrid’s shield and scorched Fangoz on the leg

    24. They issued an offensive incantation within the roiling barrier

    25. released her hand to say the incantation, she sucked on her finger

    26. finished the incantation, should have left no doubt to her honest

    27. whispered the incantation necessary to lock all the doors and

    28. He shouted an incantation that caused a band of light to wrap

    29. Against some spells it was weak, but against others it was strong, and a good knife is always a hearty incantation

    30. She paused and sat still before she uttered what I knew was an incantation as my body seized in a cramp, and I started sweating profusely

    31. But none looked aside from the mummy-case over which the man in the ermine-trimmed robe was now moving the great flaming jewel while he muttered an incantation that was old when Atlantis sank

    32. So men swung their boats wide and muttered an incantation as the dark craft slid past, and they never dreamed that they were thus assisting in the flight of their king and the Countess Albiona

    33. Lifting the great jewel, the speaker laid it on the withered breast of the mummy, and lifted his hand as he began an incantation

    34. But the incantation was never finished

    35. slowly as he continued his incantation

    36. powerful incantation and hurled a lighting bolt at the

    37. incantation, the shredded house

    38. Now I will be fore with my eyeglass, watching the fish, aye, talking to it a little maybe, trying to coax it nearer with every incantation I know

    39. It is refreshing when the sides earnestly agree that they each wish to bring about what they believe the deceased would have wanted, but it is more often the case in which that is merely the incantation recited to get what each opposing camp thinks is their due

    40. "Well, see, I read in a book that if I wanted to end the karmic connection between us, I should write this incantation and burn it with the chart, so I did

    41. bump or an incantation

    42. It in fact sounded like a kind of incantation, with Ingrid closing her eyes and apparently concentrating while muttering her mysterious words

    43. He heard Martha screeching an incantation behind him, and ran all the faster

    44. Her lips were moving in some silent incantation, and her hands swirled through the air in a complicated rhythm

    45. inspiring incantation was necessary

    46. lips formed one soundless incantation after another, but he no longer searched for a gap in the

    47. that faced east with another incantation, Tabitha had made it,

    48. somewhere?” Samantha was very satisfied with the success of her incantation

    49. ” As she spoke the incantation, she tossed the smoking

    50. You need blood for the incantation to work on him ”

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