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    1. In the villages, while the old do have a place in the community, but the infrastructure and care available is unsatisfactory and insufficient

    2. As a technician, he provided infrastructure, not oversight

    3. Despite the halt on the missile project, South Africa still has space infrastructure knowledge and experience from the successful missile project

    4. Then two weekends ago I came across valuable data about the working design and infrastructure of the Aquifer System

    5. of the IT infrastructure of one of the world's

    6. Of course, there was still a basic infrastructure to maintain: land management and food production for example, though since so much of this was automated it seemed the same automation could apply to just about every other aspect

    7. I believe it had something to do with a modification to the stasis infrastructure

    8. Enclaves existed in the searing desert heat without the kind of infrastructure for food production or even a water supply; such a squalid existence only maintained by the occasional aid supply drop

    9. The European currency was currently in a state of free-fall, its plummeting value owing to the nascent economic infrastructure; a misalignment with their new credit issuing system

    10. Yes we have our poor which are very poor indeed but we also have lawyers, doctors, universities and infrastructure which in some fields are better than yours

    11. The finer details of the network's infrastructure had been kept from him

    12. A good idea to be sure, but it also meant that white males in South Africa cannot legally be hired into 97% of available jobs, which simply means whites are not employable, and since skill plays no role in hiring, the whole country’s infrastructure is rapidly collapsing causing widespread rioting

    13. What you want is to kill the terrorist and his infrastructure and keep on doing so with no loss to yourself

    14. Africans feel they are only taking our minerals and not giving enough back in infrastructure whilst paying lip service to the masses because they have the (unpopular) corrupt governments bribed

    15. With regard to the village principle it must be remembered it is very expensive to build tens of thousands small villages with accompanying infrastructure

    16. Whatever the world said, South Africa spend billions on infrastructure in Namibia and was not about to withdraw just because of world opinion

    17. Why is this take so seriously? Africa wants infrastructure and your development creates it and jobs which is nice

    18. " Then they buy new cars or infrastructure for own use (since they live here and you don’t they need it and not you) with whatever profit remains so that there is nothing left to share with you

    19. All the foreigners’ war had gained for Nicaragua was total ruination of her infrastructure and poverty, deeper and more desperate than before

    20. employment, environmental protection, and infrastructure needs in the United States

    21. Unlike many developing economies Thailand is attractive to foreign investors because it encourages free enterprise and has a good infrastructure

    22. The problems of the economic scarcity, the lack of money and infrastructure lack only exist due to the countless structural faults in the current system

    23. infrastructure, without solving in definitive the

    24. This action eliminates the fixed infrastructure that consumes unnecessarily more than 80% of the applied resources

    25. Nowadays, millions of companies burn billion dollars in secondary activities because they have to create or to incorporate diverse support departments (accounting, buys, controller, documentation, informatics, treasury, personnel, marketing and other) with all its infrastructure and resources to execute those tasks

    26. Bank3Sector acts through Usuarist Projects, without the need of fixed infrastructure and without high operating expense that nowadays occurs in the Banks or Administrators of Cards

    27. It is easier and rapid with obtainment of immediate results, even if the country is considered poor or in development, because each country already has abundance of products and services that it can turn it available immediately, without the need of high investments, for instance: the wide built infrastructure, developed technology and the conquered wealth

    28. Generation of Income for Totality of the People, Organizations and Countries The new systematics guarantees that 100% of the investment in our Project will never be swindled, withdrawn in cash, wasted or deviated of the proposed ends, either it will let the resources to be totally consumed in infrastructure or in personal definitive possessions

    29. This investment is very little in relation to the immense social cost that each country spends annually, including all state-owned and operational infrastructure, service of the national debt and foreign debt

    30. Also, the country has the gain of other monetary billion because they will economize with the reduction of the heavy state-owned infrastructure

    31. The rendered services can be the following items: cab, telephony, hotel, food, trips, road transport or air, events, administration of cards; social infrastructure (energy, water, habitation, paving, communication, transport, health, education and basic sanitation), inclusive covering of taxes in the cases in that there is not exemption and others

    32. Also, the unique task eliminates the infrastructure weight of the State with its ministries and autarchies that burn billions of monetary resources in repetitive activities that in spite of the efforts always let its unsatisfied customers and they cause the social injustice, besides not satisfying most of its beneficiaries condignly

    33. Cost estimations are derived by using the resource cost and infrastructure cost and contribution margin/profit margins and total cost is derived

    34. Infrastructure and resources to be reviewed for appropriateness and for security

    35. trillion US on essential infrastructure, of which an estimated $400-billion

    36. The very infrastructure is crumbling for want of

    37. Supported by good infrastructure and an interesting mix of

    38. robust state-of-the-art infrastructure that

    39. and technical ability, as well as the infrastructure, to compete

    40. "In a very real sense, if a reasonable standard is not adopted in this matter, we anticipate that substantial cement capacity may move overseas to the detriment of industrial employment, environmental protection, and infrastructure needs in the United States

    41. NPR-5 would add the oil flow needed to solve that problem and since NPR-5 is almost adjacent to the pipeline it would require very little infrastructure to join to the pipeline

    42. Infrastructure set up to make sure that where municipality or private animal shelters

    43. “Do you swear to enact and install the rules and infrastructure of The Game of Status, exactly as you’ve described it to me, including the oaths you described to protect non-players and to live by the spirit of your oaths, and to swear those oaths and abide by those rules yourself?”

    44. The complexity of guarding the national infrastructure against terrorism was illustrated by U

    45. Great Lakes port infrastructure like nuclear power plants and strategic Sault Ste

    46. The Twin Ports grew in population and transportation infrastructure: highways, boats and ships, railroads and docks

    47. Port security and law enforcement is essential in many areas of the Great Lakes because of the presence of strategic infrastructure and the importance of commercial shipping through the Soo Locks and throughout the Great Lakes

    48. Critical infrastructure has been guarded and ships inspected

    49. Great Lakes port directors claimed they had to spend money on port security that was needed for infrastructure and technology

    50. neither one of these expanses of infrastructure, nor of palaces and

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