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    1. I have debated with myself several times whether I should ring him but I couldn’t bear it if he hung up on me and there’s no reason for him not to after my jibe about solicitors

    2. that it was the jibe about his accent and nationality that

    3. missed the sarcastic jibe and moved on to a more

    4. Henri ignored the jibe, but Francois couldn’t resist giving

    5. ’ Grossin recognised the jibe, but didn’t bother to

    6. He couldn’t resist Jean’s jibe and

    7. Ignoring her jibe, Slikit picked up some leaves and began cleaning the fur around Brock's mouth

    8. Ignoring the jibe, Slikit pushed on

    9. What didn’t jibe, was the spider web that went with it

    10. What they did jibe on, was the cashmere coat,

    11. Gianni just had to jibe at that comment, “You've been away from home way too long, boy! Cal-

    12. Remembering Jarek’s response to his own jibe that morning, Melvin spread his arms in surprise and stared down at his erection in bewilderment, frowned and said innocently, ‘What’s disgusting?’ Turning to Zeno he asked in wide-eyed astonishment, apparently on the verge of tears

    13. After the jibe about executives playing solitaire I’d stopped caring, even though the rational part of my mind kept trying to tell me that it was wrong to blame the entire HR staff for one person’s silly practical joke gone wrong

    14. ’ and all but Siri laughed at the jibe

    15. asked, ignoring the jibe

    16. ‘Very funny, Handyman,’ Heath said, not appearing to mind the jibe

    17. Apparently his gentle jibe didn’t translate well

    18. ” He stressed the word “real” to mockingly cast a jibe at Corrine’s unfriendly inference that Kathy was merely a poorly rated fan of the band

    19. I had planned to ask him the essence of hiring weapon-wielding criminals to participate in our democratic process through which leaders are elected, but he was gone before I could jibe the question at him

    20. mejoreo: another jibe at Mendaña, cf

    21. anticipating her jibe would elicit an offended counter-

    22. The article ended with a repeat of the Iron Lady-Rusty Lady jibe

    23. But what Graham was saying didn’t seem to jibe with what Callie had told me

    24. In response to my jibe Topps said, ‘Actually Stacey, I do believe what my dad says

    25. this in the way of a jibe, as well

    26. ignored the jibe aimed at the ruler of his realm about his lack of etiquette

    27. his jibe and had prodded him to add more by asking, „how do you know of this historical fact? to

    28. “This is the only part that doesn’t jibe with the history I know,” the Colonel said

    29. It was an unworthy jibe, and Philippa had the grace to ignore it

    30. That jibe went home

    31. It was not an unfair jibe, and Merthin acknowledged it with a nod

    32. It took a while before he noticed that her message contained two questions, the first one a friendly little jibe which perhaps regrettably contained a grain of truth

    33. “Thank you,” she said sweetly, deliberately misunderstanding his jibe

    34. “When several counts jibe so perfectly we have the ideal setup for a sharp decline immediately

    35. Raise or lower your goals to make them jibe with reality, but don’t give up altogether or you’ll be doing yourself a disservice in the long run

    36. According to the chief today, the confession didn’t jibe with the facts

    37. A jibe meant to drive home the fact that I was a neglectful husband and father

    1. Like two Auld Wans in a city pub, Rosemary had jibed

    2. if that spire was real y the first part of creation, or how that myth jibed with the Big Bang, or with God creating the world in seven days, or whatever

    3. "What happened to the postman?" he jibed as she turned to go

    4. The voice sang slightly, it jibed and joked as Abellio stood in the caves shadow listening quietly

    5. “You’ve said it,” jibed Meera with her beau

    6. ‘I love you,’ she jibed with him joyously

    7. “Eavesdroppers often hear Scarlett felt her heart begin its mad racing again and she clutched her hand against it highly instructive things,” jibed a memory

    8. That jibed with what he’d been told but unless things went very wrong, he and his team would be long gone before visibility got much over a mile

    1. respect for this holy site - leave such jibes for the streets

    2. Jibes at his fellow staff officer aside, MACV J-3 Operations was not a sarcastic man who enjoyed pillorying his peers

    3. Prepared for jibes about how long he’d been, he knocked loudly on the front door

    4. Apart from a few jibes about her accent she told him it was fine


    6. Ben felt his face seer from the heat of humiliation, the jibes pushing him towards tears

    7. These jibes may have been a sort of tit for tat for all the horrible things that ‘straights’ say

    8. Where are your jibes of being now?

    9. Malachi's praise of that beast the unicorn how once in the millennium he cometh by his horn, the other all this while, pricked forward with their jibes wherewith they did malice him, witnessing all and several by saint Foutinus his engines that he was able to do any manner of thing that lay in man to do

    10. But Scarlett, abrim with pride and happiness and full of plans for the entertainments playfully and said: “Fiddledee-dee! How you do run on!” she would give when they were thoroughly settled in the house, only pinched his ear She knew, by now, that Rhett loved to take her down a peg, and would spoil her fun whenever he could, if she lent an attentive ear to his jibes

    11. Clearing my throat, I said, “I’m trying to see if what you believe is real jibes with what I know to be real

    12. That is what the descamisados have brought us to! To deliberate on the citizen artillery! To go and jabber in the open air over the jibes of the National Guard! And with whom are they to meet there? Just see whither Jacobinism leads

    13. The papers had printed that the jibes and jeers were cruel and sometimes obscene, and so they were, but this was not the big show

    14. My schoolfellows met me with spiteful and merciless jibes because I was not like any of them

    1. They stood there, when they were supposed to be at attention, goofing and jibing and elbowing each other

    2. “I never quite understood about jibing,” she remarked

    3. The note was still there the next afternoon when, jibing our sail, we came abruptly on an unexpected scene

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