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    1. To my utter surprise and absolute delight, Menachem simply took my outstretched hand in his, shook it vigorously and said in a strong and jovial voice, “Marwan

    2. He tried to sound as light and as jovial as he could but his eyes spoke a different language, revealing a mix of concern and tiredness in the face of so many disappointments

    3. At the evening meal she was jovial and engaging telling Mistress Sera all about her plans with the young Hausa

    4. He tried to sound as light and as jovial as he could but his eyes

    5. On the surface, the other man was more jovial and

    6. free with their hands and comments as the girls poured wine, but they did it in a jovial spirit

    7. He is a Sikh, a jovial

    8. impressed Pappi, who, however jovial he might be on the subject

    9. else can a student do in front of his professor, however jovial he

    10. ” This was the not-so-jovial side of the otherwise jovial

    11. jovial sort of fellow, and that’s exactly how the photo depicted

    12. being the jovial Pappi again

    13. But it was not a game, as her all too jovial brother Heron seemed to conceive of it

    14. Though just as heavy as the other farmer, this one was jovial, not dour

    15. I looked at Frank who had aged quite a bit over the last few months and it was hard to relate him to the jovial quite man who had joined up with us at the Town Hall

    16. The Nimrod captain was long remembered by the entire crew for his colorful, high-spirited and jovial nature

    17. This was no longer the jovial Bosco, a Thimble Down lad who used to tease Forgo in public

    18. Roy was in his usual jovial mood, and Grits was there as well, along with his dog

    19. she could hear some one laughing loudly, and talking in a big, jovial

    20. Browers are home for Christmas, and the Browers were ever a jovial

    21. As they talked they grew jovial, and laughed often

    22. Then he grinned at me, and what I saw behind that grin was a friendly-looking, jovial, well-mannered, half-Austrian, half-German gentleman that could become the wiliest son of a bitch with the flip of a switch

    23. “Okay, then,” she replied in a jovial tone that Truman suspected was strictly for his benefit

    24. He was a short but sturdy man, thick red mustache and a slightly bald scalp that gave off a friendly, jovial image

    25. He was now looking at the ever jovial machine with a hint of worry, completely ignoring the machine’s comment on his personal hygiene:

    26. The owner, a guy called Terry, from Plymouth, England was quite a jovial fellow with a real West Country burr

    27. Also, he made jovial remarks all through the performance

    28. Some of them may go to the relatives home for a visit and some of the others can go to a local hotel or bar where they can really have a jovial time and “catch-up”, drinks and all

    29. Jock walked in to see stains of the tears on Hamish’s face; they did their normal jovial greeting about him not giving the nurses a hard time

    30. ogist, was the jovial workhorse who

    31. Even the usually jovial

    32. “Yes,” Gorton replied, without turning towards the sound of the jovial voice bursting with energy

    33. “Hello, young fellow!” was his jovial greeting

    34. They thoroughly enjoyed the food, wine and jovial company and were only bothered a few of times for Warren"s autograph

    35. " And with a jovial smile he motioned for her to leave

    36. the less jovial moments

    37. He was jovial, cheerful,

    38. “That, young sir, don’t really matter a good old-fashioned country mile, does it, now?” The man’s accent had begun to change, becoming less jovial and more unpleasant, bordering on metallic

    39. A bit of a cloud hung over the Christmas celebrations that year but everybody was as jovial as they could be

    40. “Wheel them in,” said Roger in a jovial way

    41. Soon the music started, the drink began to flow and merriment and jovial conversation ensued

    42. Matthew remembered his pleasant jovial personality that contrasted with the firebrand sermons he used to deliver

    43. Tighe had never seen a foreigner before and turned to face the jovial looking professor

    44. jovial man wearing a white lab coat came into the room and hugged both Drake and I

    45. Captain John McGee was a jovial man with a definite preference for off color humor and bad puns

    46. He always had a jovial personality, in and out of the program

    47. “Sarah? Sarah?” she called down the hall and her eldest daughter came chattering from around the corner, lighthearted and jovial as ever

    48. All the local muggers seemed to know Stan and hailed him with jovial greetings from the shadows

    49. Jan Bella, a man with a jovial character, shouted with joy as he spread the books and magazines on his desk, which was set up in a corner of the original time laboratory since their future headquarters was still under construction

    50. The bearded man was much older, maybe in his early forties, and had a jovial face

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    gay jocund jolly jovial merry mirthful blithe convivial jocose jocular joyful cordial amiable congenial companionable