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    king john

    1. “Are you listening to me?” Ackers said, breaking Johnny out of his focus

    2. Now he was just ordinary wood working John Smith,

    3. King John of England, for example, appears to have been a most munificent benefactor to his towns

    4. When king John of France,{See Du Cange Glossary, voce Moneta; the Benedictine Edition

    5. "And here's a new frock for you, Katey," old Ann went on, after making John happy with his treasures, "a real bright one, and a pair of shoes,

    6. Nor is it a promise of limited rights wrested from a reluctant King John, such as the Magna Carta in England in the year 1215, crucial though that document is in the growth of liberty

    7. Children ran and played on the paved street making John's route a little precarious

    8. “I’m taking John to the hospital,” Lisa said carrying him over her shoulder

    9. “All men have lust,” said Caesar, poking Johnny with a piece of kindling

    10. He succeeded in talking John out of it but I

    11. Later I would remember thanking John for stopping me making more of a fool of myself than I already had

    12. Director John Ford, who gained fame making John Wayne Westerns such as Stagecoach, stepped forward to say that he would testify on Kramer’s behalf

    13. Asking John or any of her children to assist her with this in any way was not an option

    14. Hubert, in King John, presents us with an unvarnished picture of the common people receiving the news of Prince Arthur's death:

    15. The first and last of Shakespeare's English historical plays, "King John" and "Henry VIII

    16. , and in the drama of that name Shakespeare might have balanced the indignity forced upon King John, but now he is silent

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