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    1. For all his laid-back indolence, there is a tautness about him which is obvious once you look for it

    2. beaches, the clear seawater, and the laid-back atmosphere

    3. Although I firmly agree that professionalism is a function of character rather than appearance, I am equally inclined to support the notion that many individuals (including yours truly) require (some) structure in their lives and that the degree an employee adopts a more casual approach to his or her personal appearance, he or she will likely to adopt similar (laid-back) attitudes as they relate to work; that is to say, that the one arguably feeds off the other

    4. There was a wonderful lodge with a laid-back atmosphere whose attraction Truman couldn’t resist

    5. But once he got the job, he became quite laid-back, and his cavalier attitude gave me fits

    6. seemed appropriate while the two of them took Maddox to someplace a little more laid-back

    7. He poured himself the long- anticipated Bell’s and switched on the CD player to listen to the smooth, dulcet-toned voice of Timothy Moloi, whose laid-back presentation always helped him to relax……

    8. By talking to him afterwards, Terence realized that he was quite sharp and managed to cleverly conceal his intelligence behind his laid-back façade

    9. The gentle breeze that rustled the leaves of the magnificent oaks seemed to be heralding his arrival while also adding to the laid-back, calm atmosphere surrounding the rather intimidating yet inviting mansion house

    10. Barker was usually soft-spoken, laid-back

    11. His calmness, which originally she saw as being laid-back, she now translated as non-ambitious

    12. Whenever she saw those cool, laid-back dudes interviewed on TV about their latest BASE-jumping/rock-climbing/how-can-we-do-our-best-to-kill-ourselves adventure, she thought, There’s Fred

    13. On top of all this, in the summer of 1993, my laid-back therapist on a quiet street in Providence, Rhode Island, became an overnight bestselling author at the center of an incredibly harsh debate about the past and future of mental healthcare

    14. He was followed by Tom Insel, the current head of NIMH and a much more laid-back person, who looked at me and said, “I like being called an astronaut

    15. “I’m a little more laid-back, I guess,” I said

    16. But behind the relaxed, laid-back atmosphere is a complex moneymaking operation

    17. “Hey, Darcy, what’s happening?” said Jake in his usual laid-back tone

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