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    line of work

    1. ‘Much in the same line of work as mine

    2. These are connections, Billy, circumstantial, but in my line of work most things are

    3. in our line of work

    4. Image has great importance in this line of work

    5. ’ ‘Disagreements are common in your line of work

    6. And he, of all men in his line of work, was nothing if not powerful,

    7. line of work? That was a bribe

    8. He personally had to go to San José to contact an expert in the line of work required

    9. Terry was trying to be careful about keeping quiet, but I guess he was in the wrong line of work

    10. It was a necessity in her line of work

    11. with, I was interested in getting into the childcare line of work

    12. the children that I began to wonder whether I was in the right line of work

    13. wasn’t pleased with being in that line of work, to which Major said, ‘Isn’t it so typical of you

    14. “What is his line of work?”

    15. She had apparently never gone back to her previous line of work and lived in a dingy flat, finding employment as a hairdresser, dreaming all the while of travelling the world

    16. It was an interesting line of work that involved liaison with the factory floor and evolved around compiling information that informed the company about its various costs of production

    17. Sarah’s future mother in law Catherine was to do the catering with help from colleges who were in the same line of work as her

    18. Michael nodded taking a sip “Yes, but it was the only saviour in my line of work

    19. After a lengthy discussion James agreed to take over the Drug Investigation case on which Rory had been working, stressing the fact that he was inexperienced in this line of work – with the proviso, that he still continued the running of his film studio

    20. in a certain line of work is commendable but what

    21. In Carol’s line of work she had received promises from the pros and had come to know a line of bull pretty well when she heard it

    22. tance of psychological factors in his special line of work he had selected men of

    23. Do we really believe that the company we work for is going to just pay those constant increases yearly? Absolutely not ,they will not and I see it every day in the line of work I do as a Benefits consultant for companies

    24. Lastly preexisting conditions are asked of me almost everyday in my line of work

    25. still doing this line of work

    26. but the point is that Gary had had an extremely successful business for years in my line of work

    27. must in this line of work, it was a disaster

    28. Because you are in a line of work where

    29. However the next guy who from what I could tell was a top player in whatever line of work he� was in, looking at the top of the range German car he rolled in

    30. “What line of work is he in?” Thomas asked

    31. ‘line of work’ - there was always the possibility of becoming a civilian employee of a private

    32. my line of work

    33. You will definitely have to keep your emotions in check at times in this line of work

    34. that would place many teachers in another line of work

    35. far worse in their line of work

    36. Professionals in their chosen line of Work

    37. our success in any line of work is the result of this super power

    38. careful in this line of work

    39. “I had no idea that you were into this line of work

    40. “Oh, they’re not cheap, I assure you, little one…But, they’re the best for those in our line of work

    41. Duncan represented that most valuable of punters for someone in Britta’s line of work: pleasant to serve, repeat business, and most of all, a generous tipper

    42. In his line of work, she was used to washing blood on a regular basis

    43. “In our line of work, it’s an unfortunate necessity

    44. With Kim, Ca and Tuong locked away, it was now just a waiting game, which Grimes was used to in his line of work and had found many things to pass his time, like planning the rest of his life around beach resorts and casinos across the world

    45. particular line of work, you should select that work as the ultimate end at which

    46. When you ask a youth what line of work he

    47. These were large-scale projects that neither helped nor hindered us in our line of work

    48. There is plenty of activity in our line of work

    49. in his line of work

    50. occupational hazard, I asked the driver how long he had been in this line of work

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