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    1. ‘It seems stupid to lug it around

    2. Does the big lug know how lucky he is?”

    3. Two laborers were needed to lug that crate that held them, for there were many observations

    4. The washing is dry … drowsy with sun, I fold it and put it into the basket, pile my poems and all the other bits on top ready to be carried and, having put away the sunbed, lug it all slowly into the house

    5. "You're going to have to lug that in and out of here when you go play

    6. "You'd probably want us to lug it down to Parmu's for the party wouldn't you?" Desa asked

    7. They spent the day on the highest outdoor footpaths they could find and sampled the tiny exotic delicacies toasted over the lab-sized grills cooks would lug up this high

    8. Josh had to lug you back

    9. “They’re not the lightest of objects to lug around, but it’s a good idea

    10. She got the jack and lug wrench and tossed them next to the spare

    11. “Nice view,” he said, his gaze resting on her rear, which was still pointed skyward as she bent to push the lug wrench into place

    12. But he stepped forward, taking her place and loosening the last few lug nuts with quick, efficient motions

    13. He spun the lug nuts and slid the bolts out one at a time, handing them to Harper without a comment

    14. the women felt they could lug around a forty pounds of drinking

    15. On the ear lug

    16. Kevin showed us where the lug wrench was

    17. lug bolts that held the pulley in place

    18. I would say prayers to Lug for fertility, and place the small bundles where our heads would lie

    19. I slept with mistletoe under my head, and making a sacrifice to the god Lug often crossed my mind

    20. struggling to lug their cases forward with their knees

    21. Stu and Fatima thanked the two men who had helped them lug their gear and boarded the ships

    22. Beats trying to lug a giant block of concrete around and dropping it over the side” Max smiled again, a smile of warm sincerity

    23. “We may as well dump this thing, but it would have been good to know what was so important that they had to lug it around the North Island with them?” He pushed a package across the table

    24. hike through snow, lug wood, and build a fire here in California when I

    25. The travelers got out of the van and began, once again, to lug their luggage into another hotel

    26. The big lug responded with a loud snore

    27. Much though I had a soft spot for him, the giant lug that he was, I was a little annoyed

    28. The night hadn’t started well when Milk revealed he couldn’t come because of a cold, forcing the band to lug the equipment about and set it up themselves

    29. Net auctions! They are thrilled that they don’t have to pack and lug around heavy boxes loaded with heavy pottery

    30. “I’ve had plenty of practice,” Don answered as he tightened the last lug nut, “with the kind of cars I’ve driven over the years

    31. Then he tied a solid rope around the safe and made Bess lug it up a ramp onto the wagon

    32. Pon never listened as he threw his Glave, which whistled past Ca’s head, removing his ear and impaling it to the wall behind him, Ca wimped in pain from his lost lug

    33. “Come here you big lug,” said Susan, opening up her arms

    34. There was a spare tire, a jack, and a lug wrench

    35. He had already stopped grilling, and had finally asked Joseph to help his brother lug the massive beast of a barbecue pit to Luke’s place a few blocks away

    36. I'll lug the guts into the neighbour room

    37. Has the wrong sow by the lug

    38. Matt was a big lug of a guy, built like a linebacker, his reddish-brown hair curling softly over his ears and glinting golden on his gargantuan legs

    39. We want to lug this h-yer money up stairs and count it before everybody— then ther' ain't noth'n suspicious

    40. Much as I wanted to open it that night on the trail, I wasn’t willing to lug the empty bottle all the way to Timberline Lodge

    41. But you’d have to lug a scale up to the top of Mount Everest to prove it, which would suck

    42. Once the baskets were full, the bearers were ordered to lug the loads off the barge and up the shore to a railroad car, where they wobbled up a narrow, steep ramp, dumped the coal into the car, and returned to have their baskets refilled

    43. So that, when I heard him address me in such a memorializing manner, I was inclined and tempted to set him off with a flea in his lug

    44. A prevalent feature in these compositions was a nursed and petted melancholy; another was a wasteful and opulent gush of "fine language"; another was a tendency to lug in by the ears particularly prized words and phrases until they were worn entirely out; and a peculiarity that conspicuously marked and marred them was the inveterate and intolerable sermon that wagged its crippled tail at the end of each and every one of them

    45. I could hear him loud and clear as I helped lug in the flowers and place the table for the wedding cake and count the cheap champagne in cases along the wall

    46. It was a car Zelda, in her joy at visiting silent-movie theaters, had bought to lug herself around in while she wrote about the past, always the past, and steaming into Cecil B

    47. Dug her up to lug her off to Elgin, Illinois

    48. He just stood there, a big lug of a man, so unpleasant and unsupportive,” said one person who worked on the movie’s production team

    49. "Blast ye, Captain Bildad, if I had followed thy advice in these matters, I would afore now had a conscience to lug about that would be heavy enough to founder the largest ship that ever sailed round Cape Horn

    50. He'd better hang the brutes round his neck and lug them about with him! But no fear: he'd rather ride on horseback himself

    1. ‘Maybe they lugged a rubbish bag in for some reason

    2. He’s the keyboard player and has lots of cables which have to be lugged around

    3. When Hazen-Rikeye was over and they'd lugged the gear off to the tour-cart again, she retreated for Noonsleep to a hall guesthouse where they had been granted stay

    4. " Two other girls brought out the ice chests filled with milk cartons they had carefully lugged around and kept cool for the five days since they had left the States

    5. Each of them had lugged along a big wooden sea-box -- the only thing, other than weapons, that they were allowed to bring on board -- holding clothes, blankets, pillows, snacks, jars of booze, combs, jewellery, face-paint, musical instruments, chess-boards and idols

    6. Sarah sat on the wooden box the preacher had lugged up the

    7. For years I’d lugged it around the world as I traveled with my dad

    8. Then, an ancient ferry lugged the few travellers and locals

    9. Jon drove the ute away while Rory and I lugged McFife into the house and dumped him in the cage

    10. The others waved sadly and lugged their bags home, leaving Jarek with a euphoric Principal who had been kept abreast of everything Jarek thought he should know with nightly phone calls

    11. They had lugged the kit on their backs for nearly a mile into the forest before they had found the section that was due to be re-planted

    12. They grabbed the folds of the bag and lugged it off the cot and out the door

    13. Star parked the van in a less conspicuous place while he lugged the corpse over his shoulder, to the grave

    14. Once, Zeph and I lugged supplies up there three days in a row

    15. Stacey could hear the man grunt as he lugged it out

    16. Moments later, she grabbed the pot and lugged it into the house

    17. The next morning, the value of having lugged the boats became evident

    18. “Well, where is he?” Cai said, lumbering along at my side as I lugged my horse gear into the hall; here I gave orders to Gwydre to billet our new recruits, unload the wain, stable and care for the horses and find out what the current status of the land was: any Saxon attacks since we had been gone

    19. The two women lugged the bomb to the pool, rolled back the cover over the deep end and dropped the plastic-wrapped package into the water, watching it settle to the bottom of the pool, covered by eight feet of water

    20. Claire leveraged the heavy box off the shelf and lugged it up to the office

    21. The sailor lugged out from a case he had a pair of greenish goggles which he

    22. I lugged the heater to my outdoor “workbench,” and hooked it to Hab power

    23. But Harry had lugged in a woodstove, and it was at least warm and dry inside

    24. But in the end he lugged a dirty canvas bag out of the depths of his trouser pocket, and counted out six shillings and sixpence into Toad's paw

    25. He went to the machine shop, cut a thick metal slab, lugged it to Super Man, and plunked it down in the greenhouse in hopes that it would protect him from ground fire

    26. Before I could think what I was doing, I left my suitcases by the front door and lugged the box out to the pool house, where I tucked it among the bric-a-brac one accumulates over many years in a place

    27. `We have lugged up your blankets as well

    28. As his car pulled away, Mercer lugged his thick briefcase in one hand and threw his tan raincoat over his shoulder with the other

    29. Older kids took them off to college, or lugged them in special carrying cases when they went looking for work

    30. They shouldn’t have a problem protecting this ship—that’s why the Coalition had lugged it out of the museum

    31. Now a procession of ants appeared, from nowhere in particular, and went about their labors; one struggled manfully by with a dead spider five times as big as itself in its arms, and lugged it straight up a tree-trunk

    32. "You saw that poor guy they lugged out of the Nebbs's place a couple hours ago

    33. Some mysterious van and transfer company had lugged it all away

    34. So we snapped ourselves in weather-proofs, lugged a hamper of sandwiches and red wine, and plunged into the forest on a drear Sunday

    35. And she lugged a gallon can of yellow paint across the field to where, at that moment a trolley car was pulling up, with a fresh-painted sign on its front, TO THE WHITE MAN’S LANDING, full of talking people who got off and ran across the meadow, stumbling, looking up

    36. He turned hopelessly on his heel and lugged himself out of the cabin

    37. "Get him out of the road," said he; and, clutching the man's collar with his free hand, my brother lugged him sideways

    38. B—— saw me last week’ (I lugged him in again), ‘and my hash is quite settled; pardon me-’ I took hold of the door-handle again

    39. But suppose, instead of that change having taken place in the relations between Great Britain and Spain, Bonaparte had quietly succeeded in putting King Joseph on the throne of Spain and the Indies, and applications had then been made; or suppose that the application had been deferred until now, and the power of the House of Bonaparte was as complete over the colonies in South America as we have every reason to believe it is over the European possessions of the mother country, would the British subjects in that case have been released? It is an unfortunate circumstance that no question can be agitated in this House and tried upon its own merits; that every thing which is, has been, or may be, is to be lugged in on the question before us, to the total exclusion of the merits of the case, and in this way, instead of a session of three and six months for doing the business of the nation, if every question is to be tried in the manner in which it appears to me this has been, we may sit to all eternity and never get through it

    40. Some stale circumstances connected with the British treaty have been very unnecessarily lugged in to increase the prejudices against this bill

    1. ‘Can you cope with your stuff?’ he asked, lugging Joris’ bag through into his cabin

    2. Lugging the heavy bags across the empty terminal building

    3. Still lugging his stoney body around, 8 became Chairman of the Board and immediately began to issue orders designed to fast track needed projects that had been delayed by the pervasive fear of superiors created by the conspirators

    4. I trailed her up the stairs to the kitchen, lugging a couple of supermarket bags and two boxes

    5. Matthew had arranged for the police to interview Glaze at eleven o"clock, so we had to get our skates on! Lugging a half-dead body out the gate and hoisting him into the back of the ute might have raised a few local eyebrows, so I changed into a pair of MacFife"s trousers and a blazer, wandered down the hill to Glaze"s place, drove the ute back to the car park and swapped it for the Porsche, which carried me rather more firmly than I"d expected, back to MacFife"s villa

    6. A couple of hunky waiters in brief leather waist-coats, torn-off jeans and work boots were pushing tables and chairs together, lugging boxes of bottles across to the bar, washing glasses and getting things ready

    7. So there I was lugging sacks of her Majesty's Royal Mail from

    8. It was hard work with a lot of dragging and lugging

    9. Murray and Mr Hawk hurried from the house and drove the truck and panel van up to the front door, then they took their coats off and began lugging the heavy equipment inside to a room two doors away from the kitchen, the door was locked, using his picks again it was soon open, and there in the centre of the room was the Wilson, Murray covered the barred window with the blackout curtain using a nail gun, next he poured a liberal amount of super epoxy glue over the combination dial, he then set about anchoring the box with builders acrow screws, these extended a further three metres and when braced against the walls stopped the box from moving, next he set up the extractor hood over the area he was about to cut, he then ran the exhaust pipe to the ornate fireplace, he began then to measure the end plate of the box, using a steel scribe he marked a cross, each line fifteen centimetres long, then he laid out the components to set up the thermic lance, these were two metre long steel pipes filled with carbon, attached at one end, which was threaded, by tubing to an oxygen bottle, when you heat up one end of the tube with the oxyacetylene torch you slowly open the oxygen valve on the other end and you have a lance that will melt any metal, the noise is similar to a jet engine ten mile away and the amount of smoke it gives off is similar to the steam from a steam train, needless to say you need an industrial extractor to deal with it

    10. No harm in that; saves me lugging them around, she thought

    11. Rose didn’t miss also the fact that Gershon was lugging a bulging kit bag that he didn’t have when he had left

    12. As the others nodded in agreement, Nancy fetched one of the heavy purses she had been lugging around and threw it at d’Artagnan

    13. ‘Where’s the luggage?’ enquired Roopa, lugging at Sandhya, as she tried to move towards the door

    14. Lugging his cases inside, he dragged them to the bedroom

    15. ” Sophie replied, finally deigning to smile and kiss him lightly before lugging her stuff to the waiting car

    16. That standard any-street-corner’s shopping-cart-equipped, toothless hag of a bag lady suddenly turned into a host of mommies bravely lugging baby bottles and Pampers while wiping runny noses and teary faces and still trying to not let the little ones see how scared spitless they really are

    17. As if he’d struggle lugging a wheelchair to Tesco for fun, and having kids throwing stones at him, just to claim a pittance from the government in hand-outs

    18. It was unlikely he was headed there on foot, lugging two suitcases

    19. At his size, lugging his middle around is not done on a whim

    20. And the kidnapper wasn’t moving all that fast, what with lugging a 75-pound girl

    21. Without hesitation Sigyn runs out, lugging Thor’s hammer

    22. and paid, he even left a tip, soon lugging the heavy containers

    23. The second man, now lugging the suitcase, checked the area

    24. When he came out, Massie was lugging boxes into her car

    25. (“If I’m lugging this freakin’ refrigerator back down these stairs in six months’ time, then I’ll—” her brother had said

    26. No point in lugging it back outside

    27. The crowd suddenly gave a lane for a careening carriage hurried with straining faces, lugging packages and sacks and boxes of food—more food and through the lane came the frail and elegant Mrs

    28. There are still other levels, you’re becoming aware, whole echelons of activity beyond those you’ve encountered: the milk-crates, the foil, the whispers in honeycombed rooms; the heavy-looking duffelbag you saw Sol and Nicky lugging through the dusk toward the little house out back; the changes under way out there, where only the two of them go, plus wherever they’ve all been disappearing to in the van … but you know that you are here tonight for a reason, locking into your fate

    29. She wasn’t totally repulsive, she didn’t think—she’d shaved her legs; her new antiperspirant was holding its own against the ninety-degree heat—and if she could just not have had so damn many opinions … but why futz around with counterfactuals? What the Jenny in the window was doing was lugging a totebag full of grant applications back to her un-air-conditioned apartment to order in Chinese and spend another hour working, and then, maybe, as a treat, allow herself a couple more pages of her dead neighbor’s manuscript before sleeping, waking, doing it all over again

    30. Susannah ran up the Stair, lugging the Portmanteau, and reappear’d a Moment or two later, the Portmanteau now stuff’d unto the Bursting Point

    31. “And you know how clumsy these police goons can be when they’re lugging heavy evidence…

    32. Soon two of the black men who’d been concealed along the fence line appeared, lugging a prone, struggling Raider they had lassoed and hog-tied

    33. He kicked the door open with a big foot and, laden with weapons, stepped out, lugging them across the airport meadow

    34. But at that moment the guard renewed his grip and continued his original purpose of lugging his prisoners to the airlock

    35. My brother and I worked through the morning carrying cases of Coca-Cola, in real glass bottles, instead of plastic, so that lugging one of those cases meant carrying fifty pounds

    36. Then my brother's attention was distracted by a bearded, eagle-faced man lugging a small handbag, which split even as my brother's eyes rested on it and disgorged a mass of sovereigns that seemed to break up into separate coins as it struck the ground

    1. She watches as he systematically unplugs the lead and winds it up, following him as he carries the mower and cable to the tiny shed and holding the door open for him as he lugs the awkward mechanism through the doorway

    2. “Attention stand still, shut up and pin your lugs back and listen to what the O

    3. “Strain yer lugs and listen

    4. Turk and Bert were pretty big lugs

    5. "I'd rayther, by the 'haulf, hev 'em swearing i' my lugs fro'h morn to neeght, nor hearken ye, hahsiver!" said the tenant of the kitchen, in answer to an unheard speech of Nelly's

    6. Cowley's red lugs and bulging apple in the door of the sheriff's office

    7. He walks, runs, zigzags, gallops, lugs laid back

    8. In the boat Bobby Moch took a look at the four lengths between his bow and California’s stern, and hollered to his crew, “OK, you lugs! We’re one length behind

    9. Does he niver say nowt of his fine living amang us, when he goes to t’ Grange? This is t’ way on ’t:—up at sun-down: dice, brandy, cloised shutters, und can’le-light till next day at noon: then, t’fooil gangs banning und raving to his cham’er, makking dacent fowks dig thur fingers i’ thur lugs fur varry shame; un’ the knave, why he can caint his brass, un’ ate, un’ sleep, un’ off to his neighbour’s to gossip wi’ t’ wife

    10. ‘I’d rayther, by th’ haulf, hev’ ’em swearing i’ my lugs fro’h morn to neeght, nor hearken ye hahsiver!’ said the tenant of the kitchen, in answer to an unheard speech of Nelly’s

    11. Loosen car's wheel lugs:

    12. We had evidently caught the household stripped of “lugs,” and sunk in the down-at-the-heel slovenliness which it called “comfort

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