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    1. Monday and Tuesday morning she had made it out of bed early and done her make-up at home

    2. quantities of dark eye make-up

    3. The girl's make-up is stark and brutal; greys, browns and blacks

    4. A bit of make-up, her nails painted and she started a batch of cookies, which she deliberately burned, so he wouldn't think a thing had changed

    5. seconds, took in her lack of make-up, her mass of dark hair, then inspected Danny and seemed to

    6. So they dressed up in Shelagh's finery and applied a little make-up

    7. With the lack of sleep new mothers are bound to get, cover-up for under the eyes is an important make-up solution

    8. She wore make-up too, something he had not seen in a long time

    9. She returned a few minutes later, with too much make-up on, a skimpy outfit and high

    10. She had her hair all piled up on her head, beautiful make-up, a short pink miniskirt that showed five miles of great legs, and a neat tube top that showed off the rest of her body and her tan

    11. Dawn loved stuff, all sorts of stuff - clothes, shoes, make-up, CDs

    12. Tauntingly, she told of her evening with George Dearling, describing in detail her new outfit and the make-up she had worn

    13. They expect blue hair, wrinkled lips and mortician’s make-up, but what else from women who stop fucking at the first sight of gray hair? Preposterous! I was a women’s activist in the sixties, so you can imagine how I feel about that

    14. But I have often wondered if the intimidation of class-conscious British society was a factor in his psychological make-up

    15. With that in mind, I’d picked a small make-up

    16. Realising that his real face was still hidden he began to pull of the prosthetics and the remains of his make-up off his face

    17. That explained why she started putting tan make-up all over her neck

    18. Sally rolled her eyes and checked her make-up in the mirror

    19. “You need to go over to the make-up trailer now

    20. She did her best to try to persuade me to visit the make-up trailer, but I knew I’d never hear the end of it from Shamansky or his cronies on future cases

    21. Kurumi was re-touching her make-up while Taisei was frantically wiping something off his mouth with his sleeve

    22. Jock was amazed by this you mean no pain of an operation all she needs is this make-up

    23. Now hold on a minute it’s not that simple first you need to test her skin for allergies, then she needs to be taught how to apply the make-up properly, oh that’s nothing

    24. An operation is inadvisable because of the length of time since the burns occurred, although there is a special make-up that covers up scars from burns

    25. The main picture is of a pale girl with heavy black eye make-up and straight, dirty blond hair

    26. Crazy Make-Up Lady, aka Mrs

    27. “Lucky this is Lillian McKay, she’s a celebrity hair and make-up stylist

    28. I took off my dress and got into my pajamas, I began to remove my make-up and the tears streaming down my face made the process quicker

    29. He picked up his sword from the weapons closet and sat down in one of the wide window sills to watch the make-up artists do their work on the other members of the cast

    30. Beads of sweat had already ruined some of his make-up, but this wasn’t the time to touch it up

    31. He had to relax somehow just to keep the sweat from ruining his make-up if nothing else

    32. After the curtain calls he hurried to his dressing room and changed clothes quickly but removing the make-up with cold cream was a slow job

    33. Wild hair, no make-up, eyes that are always seeing something

    34. There was no bother with make-up, because she

    35. I loved that she never wears make-up a lot

    36. Her hair was up with little curls coming down at the sides and she had more make-up on then what she would normally ware

    37. Obedience to the castle Lord was part of the make-up of the land, but Ralph should have been allowed to take his seat first

    38. She had a peaches and cream complexion that really didn't need make-up

    39. In addition she was striking in looks—dark, willowy, tall and graceful, immaculately groomed—her hair sleek, make-up lightly but glamorously applied, her large eyes delicately accented—and well-dressed in addition, often in expensive dark suits

    40. Amongst the items left were a number of articles of female clothing and some make-up

    41. Her make-up blotches her pale complexion

    42. She is still plain, her hair always pulled back, and she never uses make-up of any sort

    43. This is an important case study on the psychological make-up of this specific group of sufferers

    44. She was devoid of make-up, wearing a skimpy white sun frock with nothing underneath

    45. She runs upstairs to look at herself in the mirror, glad she doesn’t have on make-up because of the way she’s crying

    46. A redheaded waitress with ten layers of make-up on her face and her boobs about squeezed out of her blouse comes over to your table just as the other men wander in from the parking lot

    47. Without make-up and attire, they could be easily faded

    48. If you have been having trouble in your relationship, this is the “make-up” card and will bring harmony and understanding

    49. Sanjay completed his mental picture with rimless glasses, no make-up, hair scraped tightly into a bun and heavy legs disappearing into sensible, lace-up shoes

    50. She was checking her make-up in a tiny mirror when the door slammed

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