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    1. There were only fifty million males in the whole urban universe of the Yakahn, and practically all of them that he had ever met, knew Venna intimately

    2. I'll invite some of the guys I've met there out to point beach sometime

    3. Since I first went north I met many guys that might have turned me into a farmer or a sailor or a financier, and I was infatuated with them partly for the romance of being someone new

    4. think this conversation is wise?” as I had images of being met by friendly armed police units at the station

    5. What a very strange man he was, apparently he insists on wearing hats indoors and would only answer to the name “Famous Author” even though nobody I have met has ever heard of him!

    6. But yeah, we’ve met

    7. "I never met Ava but I knew Tdeshi

    8. The first day he had ever met Kira, she had been wearing a pair of large clown trousers and a combat jacket, hair having been cropped off with scissors in a fit of self-protective misery after being the victim of yet another sexual assault

    9. He kept pining away for a blond girl he spent only one sleep with who was only passing thru Sinbara didn't he? The one he met just before Ava

    10. He hadn't met her yet, but she was practical and could cook and helped a little with the garden and had a nice enough body and wanted to play with his

    11. When we met in secret, he confessed to me that Sarah did not want him to associate with me anymore

    12. It was already getting warm as the rays of Kortrax met them full in the face

    13. The 'magic wand' principal was all I knew about starship engines before I met you

    14. That girl Ava you met, was born in Sinbara at the end of the 55th

    15. "I'll say I met your ex, you've told me more about him in the past year than you have about yourself

    16. I feel like I've met him anyway

    17. Were he a native he would have caressed her bottom also, she had not yet met one who wouldn't if they were a former lover or even applying to be a lover

    18. I met Vera in the fish section of the market while staring at the slack-jaw face of a salmon

    19. When she lived with Herndon, she had met Kulai only professionally

    20. "Yeah, some redhead we met on the way down here with a sexual appetite much more in line with Jorma's

    21. "But what would she want with an iron a year? She was on a nice passenger ship when we met, that voyage was close to copper by the time all was said and done

    22. "I can't very well go up to them, this man Jorma has never even met me

    23. The waters rose above the chimney and the man drowned and went to heaven where he met God

    24. Though it met its mark, he'd not tightened the drawstring the full amount

    25. The physical, social and spiritual needs of the children were to be met by the entire community with values inculcated by the elders

    26. "No," she said, "I've been in touch with one of the guys I met while migrating north, actually he's been in touch with me

    27. ’ He said, ‘Never met it before

    28. During lunch she met his current partner, a lithe, orchre-skinned Elf woman who was fascinated with his alien culture

    29. The waters rose above the chimney and the man was drowned and went to heaven where he met God

    30. doostEr knew of the immigrants from a far-away star, had even met and done business with a couple of them

    31. I met a Sikh gentleman over the summer who said something to this effect about religion

    32. I never knew she was sort-of famous when I met her, she found that refreshing

    33. I’ve never met her, though we have spoken on the phone … and I thought it might help if I could go round and perhaps talk to her

    34. He met my mother there when they were both in their twenties

    35. A bit shocked, Al Snafu peers with concern at John, trying to remember where they might have met

    36. Personally doostEr was more comfortable with the Brazilians he had met than some who lived out here on the sear plains

    37. So far this particular establishment was fine, but he'd been put off by some herdsmen he'd met in the past

    38. There it would be too obvious if he met someone

    39. When we first met in Kiev, he said: “I

    40. "No doubt, I've met some who are better than me but somehow I bet Juleel is not one of them and neither were the two we met

    41. I could have sworn Molly told me that she met his father somewhere in Dorset

    42. "The day before we met," Estwig said

    43. He was not one of the two Brazilians he had met, but he was big and barrel-chested like them

    44. He hadn't met her yet

    45. He had always met her in company and just missed engaging, somehow, for the whole 9 months of his study term

    46. In this data system she had met people five thousand Earth years old

    47. They met when they were

    48. It was a long time, an epoch or more, since they had last met, this

    49. Wates when I first met him in the

    50. "My son Rocco met Sammy only recently

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