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    1. For small investors the Mutual Funds is a safe avenue to play this game from sideline with very much reduced risk

    2. Even with considerable research the managers of Mutual Funds are not always able to take correct decisions about entering or exiting a particular script as the share price movements usually defy all logics at least in the short run

    3. When you invest in a mutual fund, you do not have to work hard in rotating your money from one scheme to another

    4. Instead a new scheme is likely to be introduced soon wherein one can but Gold Mutual Fund

    5. an opportunity to do both him and his aged aunt a mutual favour

    6. Their loathing of each other was not merely mutual, it was severe and genuine

    7. This afternoon my sister and Antony finally decided to take a divorce by mutual consent, after ten years of misery and irresolution

    8. I feel wonderful as I respond spontaneously to this mutual love attraction; it's something I've never experienced before

    9. But this, too, is best done a mutual exchange basis

    10. We resigned ourselves to playing a waiting game, during which Menachem told me about the vagaries of his life, about how he never quite made any decisions, but through a word here and a mutual friend there, he had just gone with the flow

    11. We are intrigued by the phrase ‘matters of mutual interest’ and keen to learn what it might denote! Until tomorrow - Liesse Yare

    12. wrapped in earth and arms and mutual blinding

    13. In tacit mutual agreement, Berndt and I stop a few yards into the wood, hiding behind trees, and look back to see what is going on

    14. All was silent now except for the screaming of the swifts and our mutual embarrassment

    15. When I first saw it I was terrified but now, with a little mutual consideration, I think we get along rather well

    16. I think it would be much better if we asked our mutual friend for bit more help

    17. Unfortunately, the mood was broken when, over a large cognac, his wife revealed that she had phoned their mutual friend, had told him about her husband’s terminal illness and had persuaded him to make her poor spouse’s final year or two truly comfortable

    18. Our mutual friend is opening a fish processing factory just down the road in St Austell, which might come in handy now that we’ve run out of cash”

    19. After twenty minutes of driving, during which the fisherman’s wife gradually lost the will to fight and bawl, the car pulled up at the head of the cliffs that rose up above the beach where the fisherman, his wife and their mutual friend had first bumped into one another

    20. In the bottom of the envelope was a set of keys to a brand new second hand caravan that was parked on top of the cliffs in exactly the same spot where the fisherman and his wife had lived before they had met their no longer mutual friend

    21. Terry retired from the beautiful game amid a welter of accusations, of public rows with Bling and general feelings of mutual betrayal

    22. Of course, if a willing young lady fluttered her come-to-bed eyes at him he was still game, but on the whole his thoughts were crystallising into shapes that combined the simplicity of out and out lust with the complexities of mutual respect and life-long friendship

    23. Without that, it is mutual masturbation is it not? I've read enough of the Bible to know the only virtuous use of the organs is to produce children

    24. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the mutual fascination that the high and the low of the land have for the world of television

    25. They took pride in their home and without the expense of youngsters nipping at their heels they were able to fill their lives with activities designed to displace their mutual sense of loss and longing

    26. our mutual friend for bit more help

    27. his wife revealed that she had phoned their mutual friend, had told

    28. The meal had been pleasant … we discovered a mutual liking for Italian food, amongst other things

    29. fisherman, his wife and their mutual friend had first bumped into

    30. rather gratifyingly, it appears to be mutual

    31. lust with the complexities of mutual respect and life-long

    32. than in the mutual fascination that the high and the low of the land

    33. mutual sense of loss and longing

    34. It seemed to Tom that there might have been some flash of mutual

    35. “It was very mutual

    36. We have an arrangement with a certain gentleman, a mutual acquaintance if I remember correctly, who will supply us with as much of this shit as we can shift

    37. A partnership forged out of mutual suffering

    38. Connor smiled, “That will be grand; I'll leave that up to you and himself then,” he answered, satisfied of their mutual understanding

    39. When I last had word from a mutual acquaintance of ours as to the current rates of tuition, books, uniforms, room and board, and travel for an English education

    40. They’d bumped into each other in the bar one day, discovered a mutual interest in music and the band had been born

    41. “Believe me, the feeling’s mutual

    42. They discussed their mutual fondness for the work itself and of Harold's being able to call upon Lawrence for any assistance he might be able to advance on his friend's behalf

    43. The evening was approaching too soon for either of their tastes and they agreed to continue their intercourse, mutual schedules permitting

    44. Till this stipulation was made, mutual emulation, and the desire of greater gain, frequently prompted them to overwork themselves, and to hurt their health by excessive labour

    45. When the stocks of many rich merchants are turned into the same trade, their mutual competition naturally tends to lower its profit; and when there is a like increase of stock in all the different trades carried on in the same society, the same competition must produce the same effect in them all

    46. It seemed the only thing holding many marriages together was a mutual love for their offspring

    47. Of the mutual condition

    48. Couldn’t he see this was a time for joy, not sorrow? Was he so burdened by our mutual failure to save Euredon that he could never know happiness again? Didn’t he feel this bond between us, this promise that we’d always prosper side by side?

    49. The gains of both are mutual and reciprocal, and the division of labour is in this, as in all other cases, advantageous to all the different persons employed in the various occupations into which it is subdivided

    50. Those whom the law could not protect, and who were not strong enough to defend themselves, were obliged either to have recourse to the protection of some great lord, and in order to obtain it, to become either his slaves or vassals; or to enter into a league of mutual defence for the common protection of one another

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    mutual reciprocal common communal community collective conjoint shared public joint