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    1. A narrow vision is divisive

    2. First he changed the wheels on the rockasaur because wider wheels put more surface on the soil than the huge but narrow wheels of the rough ground rig

    3. None of his dollies could fit thru the narrow aisle to the space Ilumvi was storing these

    4. He squeezed the Range Rover through the narrow gate, jumped out to close

    5. Hamo pours drinks for everyone as his driver cruises the narrow, crowded streets of Jedana

    6. He took some pictures with his camera phone, then crossed the road and entered the narrow little premises that was the bane of Darklow's new debtor classes

    7. Like a walkie-talkie, you know? Scan the frequency but it's such a narrow band and such a low range, you would have to be pretty close

    8. the narrow opening in the arrow-slit high above him, its outline drawn in pitch

    9. was low and narrow, forcing Danton to move forward with his knees bent, crouched

    10. thought, as he ascended a flight of narrow, pinched steps

    11. Under the bare, low-wattage bulb hanging from the ceiling in the outer corridor, I had glimpsed a narrow passage running away from me as I knelt at the foot of the ladder

    12. The real profit from the excursion: As the coach was passing through the village of Kranidi, I recognized the narrow street and the old houses I had dreamt of on the 26th of July; a little later I saw a blue car with the number 2504

    13. The region of ‘other dimensional’ space that manifested between star systems as a hypermass transit was always narrow

    14. That would not narrow down the techs, none of the techs worked for the Haadij, were on the council, or worked for the council

    15. Looking out at the skyline through a narrow slit of window left unboarded in his room so that he could have a little natural daylight, he thought that he recognised the hills of Bath

    16. With Byram Hermosa from the shop, he cruised down the narrow canal between the thick roots of towering apartment trees and into the open lake, bound for the Yakhan, determined to cover the fifteen hundred miles in a native week

    17. He led the two women through a doorway into a darkish hallway leading towards the back of the building then, just before they reached the door at the end, he turned and started climbing a narrow, uncarpeted staircase lit by a window halfway up

    18. The ceiling was low and narrow, forcing Danton to move forward with his knees bent, crouched down beneath the mountain

    19. God alone knew who dreamt up this vision of Hell, he thought, as he ascended a flight of narrow, pinched steps

    20. In front of them, a vast expanse of sand stretched towards the distant waters and just round to the left was the aforementioned pier … a long narrow construction reaching far out across the sands towards the sea

    21. from the youth’s narrow shoulders,

    22. The far shore was a narrow spit of land with brushy marsh on either side

    23. So back they went, repeating the process with more trouble with the pack since the spit of land was so narrow

    24. Before long, we are through the narrow mouth of the harbour and heading out into the open sea

    25. It was narrow enough that they hit the far shore while falling

    26. My knees almost touching the seat in front, I tried to make myself as narrow as possible so as not to disturb either of them

    27. I crossed the road to the Flea Market in Avissinias square and wandered around, snatching occasional glimpses of the awesome floodlit Acropolis at the end of narrow interlocking streets but it was too early to visit

    28. Our procession toured the narrow passageways before we laid the coffin, drowning in flowers, amongst the yellow-headed parsley in the valley

    29. I stare at Berndt’s back as I follow him along the narrow pathway … concentrating on trying to ignore the growing soreness I feel in my thighs

    30. The rows were a little narrow and Nightday is very dark

    31. Through the narrow paths I trailed my fingers over her stubborn old walls just like I do at home, feeling for connection and warmth

    32. The high plateaux are impenetrable except by way of the narrow gorge and they say you can still see the ruins of houses and the chapel looking down onto the beach, a perfect watching place

    33. Then we turned out of the narrow alleyway into the square where, to my complete amazement, I saw it absolutely crammed with hundreds of pilgrims who had flocked there for the next part of the festival, all craning and straining to see what they could of the annual procession and the ritual on the plateia

    34. We stepped over the threshold and through the doorway with its weathered wooden uprights and down a short, narrow passage that opened into the usual general-purpose space

    35. In the narrow,

    36. “They are well within the cone of the transmitter, even though it is a very narrow beam

    37. There is a small area called Capo di Sorrento – a collection of hotels, small shops and private houses set amongst the olive and lemon groves strung along narrow roads leading off the main road towards the sea

    38. The canisters had a narrow neck and the kerosene wouldn't flow out

    39. is yes, you can narrow it down further in this same

    40. The woman looked both ways on the hallway and then lead her down another narrow flight of stairs

    41. The stairs were narrow and wooden, they creaked lustily, but seemed solid enough

    42. “I shouldn’t be doing this,” Yellelle whispered as they snuck thru the narrow door, “especially after the way you treated me in your universe

    43. They passed a cut thru an older wall, then squeezed thru a narrow passage into an even narrower passageway

    44. There was a narrow window that overlooked the roofs of some stalls on the market square below

    45. He sent a message on a narrow band and was answered almost immediately by the

    46. 14Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leads unto life, and few there

    47. I immediately found that I was in a very confined area, nothing more than a box, a very low, narrow box, about the size of a coffin

    48. The path was narrow and

    49. of the street, and the narrow open space in between so crowded that

    50. They were sailing in lines of traffic in lanes as narrow as a mile wide between horizon-spanning fields of lon

    1. He stared at me in silence then gradually narrowed his eyes, 'My God you're right

    2. emotion is in, you have narrowed the list by half

    3. narrowed the list of emotions to five possibilities

    4. As I narrowed the list of emotions, what turned

    5. He leans back against the back of the sofa, watching me through narrowed eyes

    6. the other man through narrowed eyes

    7. He narrowed his eyes seeing again the reports he’d read through earlier – from what he recalled, this one wasn’t terribly bright

    8. Roman had deliberately set it up where the Hollow narrowed, forcing Johnny’s

    9. Beyond that their lot narrowed to just a path for three hundred feet or so, shared with the next two houses north, with kedas in the fields on both sides

    10. had narrowed themselves down during his wife’s story,

    11. She hadn't been out on the Great Kimoneea in years, at least that part of the river before it narrowed down to just what the current needs by the relentless dredging and filling that goes on closer to the city

    12. By the time this basin narrowed to just a huge valley between mountain ramparts tens of thousands of feet high where they entered the Elven Highlands, he was already four times as far from Zhlindu as he was in Wescarp

    13. That arm of the lake gradually narrowed between gentle hills on the north and south and ran toward a flat infinity to the east

    14. Savannah’s eyes narrowed in suspicion

    15. “And you’re sure nothing in there will hurt me?” She narrowed her eyes

    16. Her eyes narrowed; though she was not surprised by the man’s words, they slightly rankled her all the same

    17. “It was you, wasn’t it…it was you who bewitched me out there in the marshes! Why?! And how did I not see you all that time?!” The Guild Master chuckled, eyes narrowed incredulously

    18. The way she fixed upon the creature, eyes narrowed in res-olution…it was wholly unexpected and unnatural

    19. " Griffiths's eyes narrowed

    20. Those eyes narrowed and his teeth clenched as he glared at it, letting slip a small hiss

    21. Jista grinned, “I've narrowed the path in search of Tenrith to a band of systems that aren't too far off the track suggested by our Guild contract

    22. ” The region of space to which she'd narrowed the search sprang up on the main screen, and she pointed

    23. Dena's eyes narrowed even tighter

    24. Penelope narrowed her eyes at the statement

    25. Gray eyes narrowed nearly to slits as he watched the broad-shouldered Nord approach the counter and strike up a conver-DRAFT

    26. He stood at the top of the steps leading to Understone Keep, his arms crossed and his dark yellow eyes narrowed

    27. The Elf's eyes narrowed, “There are more than just you two?”

    28. Rikke’s eyes narrowed with renewed focus and intrigue

    29. Dane’s eyes narrowed as an earlier thought crept into his mind, still muddled

    30. Tzgarr’s eyes narrowed and he swished his wings

    31. His eyes narrowed at her

    32. As continued along the trail it narrowed but was still solid even though the tiny crushed stone was moist and gave with his footsteps

    33. The valley narrowed and gave them a feeling of being less exposed to the cold

    34. Russell’s eyes narrowed as he glanced down the darkened hallway

    35. The expense of transporting all heavy goods from one part of the country to another, would soon be so much increased, the market for all such goods, consequently, would soon be so much narrowed, that their production would be in a great measure discouraged, and the most important branches of the domestic industry of the country annihilated altogether

    36. the end of the street where the road narrowed to a single carriageway, between ancient houses built with no anticipation of the motor car

    37. Near the top, its walls narrowed and sloped in

    38. The chasm narrowed

    39. narrowed as he looked right into mine

    40. Regarding me critically with narrowed eyes

    41. She stood ramrod straight and narrowed her eyes at her

    42. I narrowed my search to locations within driving distance of my home

    43. Raven’s eyes narrowed with hatred as he watched Khan walk through the crowd towards a velvet seat elevated above the spectator pit

    44. “Are you saying that because you genuinely think that’s what I want, or is it what you want?” he asked with narrowed eyes

    45. But as the Confederation narrowed the gap between it and the transit

    46. His dark eyes narrowed, and once again Amaranthe remembered his knack for sensing deception

    47. The narrowed eyes and head tilt Books gave her said he saw through her manipulation, but his expression suddenly grew thoughtful, and he tugged his beard

    48. Almost like one of the dejected slaves in the pit, his chest narrowed, and his shoulders sagged

    49. For a moment, Mitsy was nodding and listening, but then her eyes narrowed and she snorted

    50. In the doorway, the captain’s eyes narrowed

    1. ’ Joris said, his eyes narrowing as he considers the map

    2. ‘D’you want some sauce on that?’ Ozzie asked, his eyes narrowing as he considered the same innuendo

    3. Ducroix, narrowing his eyes and leaning forward

    4. There were many more small cities along the Cutaiaa River as they followed Kyeb's narrowing basin many more thousands of miles to the northwest

    5. These causes seem to be other monopolies of different kinds: the degradation of the value of gold and silver below what it is in most other countries ; the exclusion from foreign markets by improper taxes upon exportation, and the narrowing of the home market, by still more improper taxes upon the transportation of goods from one part of the country to another ; but above all, that irregular and partial administration of justice which often protects the rich and powerful debtor from the pursuit of his injured creditor, and which makes the industrious part of the nation afraid to prepare goods for the consumption of those haughty and great men, to whom they dare not refuse to sell upon credit, and from whom they are altogether uncertain of repayment

    6. ” She took another step, her eyes narrowing

    7. Pat and Nobby were still running strands of wire along the angled wire at the front and back this wire was sited at an angle narrowing down

    8. He struck the stone in various locations, narrowing down the area of interest

    9. Narrowing his eyes, he studied the guards carefully

    10. Cherva stood to one side, his eyes narrowing as he studied the black apparition

    11. He turned to look at her again, eyes narrowing as he checked her out

    12. Claire walked deeper into the forest, narrowing her eyes to focus on the way ahead

    13. Indeed Rewe quickened his pace and soon they were walking rather briskly through a series of turns and twists through widening and narrowing tunnels, some crudely cut into the rock and others finely bored with care and precision

    14. She turned to him, her eyes narrowing, “It’s all worked out, Jim,” she said in English

    15. Serendipitously it would seem, additional information came to his attention from other oil-well drilling test cores in the Gulf of Mexico further narrowing a beginning investigation

    16. “How did you get Dauntless without using the knife?” says Will, narrowing his eyes at me

    17. “How long have you known this?” he says, narrowing his eyes

    18. “What about Corneo?” asked Reno, his lips narrowing as he

    19. “Yes, security reasons for the agency and its agents, that’s how they can keep our identities a secret” he said, his eyes narrowing in thought

    20. “And how is she going to go about this?” he asked, his eyes narrowing

    21. ” She said her eyes narrowing

    22. “It will relax the muscle tissue of his arteries and prevent the narrowing of the affected blood tissue

    23. I can tell you hundreds of thinks I like no love about you' she said narrowing her eyes at me

    24. “Well we all know how bad the gossips are around here” I said narrowing my eyes at my Nan trying to make her remember what happened in the past without me having to say it out loud

    25. ” Eyes narrowing Morgan knew that this had been the instigator of the entire mess that had transpired

    26. there is a narrowing in our territories

    27. been gradually narrowing through this part of the City and took on a more prosaic look

    28. "This is not the time nor the place,” Harry repeated, narrowing his eyes

    29. Toivo, who had spent the brainstorm narrowing his eyes

    30. They forged on, coming nearly to our bows before some danger or narrowing ahead caught their attention

    31. removes excess tissues that cause the narrowing of the throat, including

    32. Boglehob’s sack head turned right round to follow the Captain, those hollow eyes narrowing as he listened

    33. She froze, her eyes narrowing

    34. Her impatient sigh was the audio equivalent of tightly pursed lips, stiffening neck tendons and a narrowing of impatient, glittering eyes

    35. The police officer listened calmly to Sanjay’s story of his son’s incarceration and near immolation, face expressionless apart from a slight narrowing of the eyes when Sanjay mentioned his suspicions about Lance

    36. `Really?' he asked her narrowing his eyes at her

    37. the road a narrowing sliver

    38. Another benefit of narrowing your focus is that you will have a structured search

    39. By narrowing the markets’ view and use of the relevant technology, the value is being

    40. Joey scowled across at him, and then looked ahead at the narrowing path before him

    41. Donna turned, narrowing her eyes at John

    42. He glanced at the subject and the sender, narrowing his eyes

    43. They had to answer the question of what traits make hominids human, narrowing it down to language, tool making and walking upright

    44. “Is that so?” Feltus mumbled to himself, his eyes narrowing as he focused his complete attention on the subject

    45. Eventually, they would unleash their fury on the coast, but he only hoped his plans would be completed by then, for any interruptions could ruin that which he had in store for the suspects, one of whom was the murderer, though as he studied the situation and the requirements of the individual who had managed to complete such an excursion, he found himself narrowing the list one by one

    46. “You devour much,” the Chinese man said, his eyes narrowing to

    47. Van Thorn,” said the judge, his eyes narrowing

    48. The monster looked down at her, narrowing his intense, yellow eyes

    49. He looked at Higgins and shook his head, narrowing his eyes as he listened intently to Del

    50. The gap between the gates was narrowing rapidly, and outside, Toyne caught a glimpse of what looked like two enormous missile launchers being prepared

    1. “We now know she’s a woman; that narrows it down to only half the population

    2. may still be what is left of my body in the narrows of the tidal drain

    3. The lane narrows as Alex and Billy approach the stand of cottages just before the Sillick farm gate

    4. To follow your passion is to have an intensity of purpose that narrows your field of focus, organizes your life, and gives you a sense of both control and self-esteem

    5. He could recall occasions when the tide was so low that the cutter barely slipped through the narrows, and sure enough, just after she cleared, a tug entered with a barge

    6. Eric narrows his eyes at Four

    7. Lynn narrows her eyes at me, but Marlene grins

    8. My list of options narrows, and I see the path I must take

    9. Cigarette smoking narrows and blocks blood vessels which reduce blood and oxygen supply to one's extremities (feet, legs, hands, arms)

    10. He narrows his eyes and speaks in a raspy voice

    11. Her research showed at least sixty-three people, maybe more over the years, drowned at Thunder Inlet narrows, simply because they miscalculated the tide

    12. Neither man nor beast can withstand the fantastic energy generated in the narrows

    13. The Alliford Bay lurched forward as Travis and Curran stood at Reed's side watching the spectacle of the white gillnetter enter the Thunder Inlet narrows

    14. Turning to Travis, he said: "The dark one -- Dracos? -- he surfaced but became caught in the narrows

    15. Swimming further along the inlet, he neglected to estimate the power of the tide returning to the sea through the narrows and for several minutes he battled for his life against a multitude of cross-currents, whirlpools and the massive power of rushing water

    16. The surprised customer turns around and meets David’s face while the security guard says loudly, “You should be more careful,” and narrows his eyes at David in an exaggerated fashion

    17. We need to blast material from the channel wall; the best place is where it narrows

    18. He leans up onto his elbows and narrows his eyes at me trying to read my face or maybe my thoughts

    19. narrows and it becomes less risky

    20. As the search for these terrorist suspects narrows down, all travel in this area is prohibited at this time

    21. There are a couple of miles of dead water between Narrows Dam and Falls Dam

    22. “They say that there’s a waterfall up near the Narrows Dam spillway, close to where we used to jump off that rock cliff, but I’ve never been able to find it

    23. When you choose to stay inside a comfort zone and not reach for more in favor of comfort, your life narrows

    24. It narrows because your life is constantly evolving in one direction or another

    25. Amy grips the steering wheel and narrows her eyes

    26. Thor narrows his eyes and his hands ball into fists

    27. ” He narrows his eyes

    28. Rapunzel spends the evening tracing the lines of Eugene's back – the strong curve of his shoulder blades, the rise of his vertebrae, the way he narrows at the waist, the way his muscles roll beneath her fingers

    29. His instructor narrows his eyes

    30. " She narrows her eyes up at the ceiling in thought, absently tracing the lines across the palm of his free hand, sending tingling ripples through the bones in his arm

    31. It's more like…" She narrows her eyes at him in contemplation

    32. The horse turns to Rapunzel and narrows his eyes to inspect her, but she makes a kissy face and scratches his ears, so Max turns his glare back on Eugene

    33. Eugene crosses his arms over his chest and narrows his eyes

    34. “Well that narrows it down to a few tens of thousands probably,” said the officer at the front

    35. The point is the use of tools, including the use of fire dulls human awareness and narrows it

    36. "Not you," she says and narrows her eyes

    37. Mantra slowly narrows down the living space of mind until it is forced to be undisturbed and calm

    38. Concentration narrows downs our thoughts to a culmination point, where thought begins to evaporate in its own heat and speed – in that thought-free moment consciousness sees its own reality

    39. This kind of racism can be seen as it selectively narrows down to including those only of your own nation, or province, or state, or city, or neighborhood, or clique, or gang, or profession, or activity, or interest, or family, or friends, etc… the inability to have anything in common with others of another culture-race-religion stems from separateness and fear: not hatred

    40. Which narrows the field

    41. At once the pavement narrows, the chasm deepens

    42. " Farther on, at a spot where the building narrows, the confessional forms a pendant to a statuette of the Virgin, clothed in a satin robe, coifed with a tulle veil sprinkled with silver stars, and with red cheeks, like an idol of the Sandwich Islands; and, finally, a copy of the "Holy Family, presented by the Minister of the Interior,"

    43. navigated the narrows of the Strait of Magellan

    44. Just as the day dawned, they entered the narrows of the lake*, and stole swiftly and cautiously among their numberless little islands

    45. “And what are they doing here?” She narrows her eyes at the princes who hiss and posture aggressively

    46. Kiall narrows his eyes

    47. “If they need him, then it certainly narrows our search considerably

    48. It was a hot, bright morning, a far cry from the blustery cold Dreadnought had left behind in Chisholm, although the northwesterly wind—what seamen called a topsail breeze—gusting down the Kyznetzov Narrows at twenty miles per hour made it seem cooler

    49. Dreadnought, the bombardment ships Vortex and Firestorm, and the transport Tellesberg Bride, escorted by ten unarmored galleons and five schooners of the Imperial Charisian Navy, were over a hundred and fifty miles from the open sea, just passing Symov Island at the halfway point of the Narrows

    50. It also happened to be the narrowest point of the passage linking the Bay of Alexov to the Sea of Harchong, and while “narrow” was a purely relative term—the Narrows were better than twenty-five miles across, even here,—they had another six hundred miles to go to their objective

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    narrow constrict constringe contract narrow down specialise specialize nail down peg down pin down specify narrow-minded minute biased parochial prejudiced intolerant bigoted opinionated dogmatic confined cramped close small tight compressed precarious dangerous perilous near endangered unsafe slender thin tapered slim fine spare restricted meagre scant scanty